I Would [a Tate Langdon imagine]

Request: Tate being told by his crush (who knows that he’s dead) that they were cheated on by their partner and while being comforted by him, they tell him that they wish their partner was as sweet as him. Please, Miss Julia

a/n: some sweet tater comin up; i’m sorry its short

Tears spill from your eyes when you come into your house. Your footsteps and sobs echo through the hallway. How dare they cheat on you?! Stomping in the living room, you fling yourself on the leather couch; arm huddling your face.

Thankfully nobody is home. Except the ghosts. Speaking of ghosts, Tate appears over you; a frown present on his face. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” He whispers, playing with his yellow sweater sleeves. He hates seeing you upset. If he wasn’t dead already, it would probably kill him. 

Starring up at him with red blotchy eyes, you sit on your legs, making room for him. “They cheated on me…” You sniffle as he carefully takes a seat. Those brown eyes fill with anger yet he somehow stays calm. Not normal for him. 

Tate scoops you in his arms, which makes you feel warm. You lay against his chest, crying more. He allows you to, stroking your soft hair. Sweet nothings whisper in your ears, calming you down. 

This goes on for minutes until you can’t produce any more tears. You wipe your cheeks, peering back at the blond. “Oh Tate, I wish I had someone as sweet as you…” You murmur into his sweater, inhaling the scent of the detergent. He always makes you feel better. 

“Y/N, that fucktard doesn’t deserve you.” He scoffs, kissing the side of your head. “You’re beautiful, nice, funny, caring. Nothing but good traits. Plus, you got a damn good music taste!” He smirks, pressing two fingers below your chin and tilting your head up. He blows a strand of hair off your forehead. “Anyone would be a lucky son of a bitch to have you… I would.”

You give him a sad grin. “Then why don’t you?” Not a second passes until his lips are on yours. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing.

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Being Tate's skater BFF but being polar opposites

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ok i’m doing headcanons bc i can can can

- meeting in school

- him seeing you skateboarding

- “you’re pretty good at that”“you skate?”*awkward laughter*

- him liking your neon colors

- despite wearing black 80% of the time

- you invite him to chill

- looking through your stuff

- and by stuff i mean music

- “got any Nirvana?”“nope not really into them”“i’m sorry i need to leave right now”

- he a c t u a l l y leaves

- but he forgives you the next day

- asking if you can dye his hair crazy colors

- teaching him  skateboarding

- not smoking when he does

- you’re outgoing

- he’s not

- “YOU WRITE POETRY?”“y/n no”“y/n yes gimme that”

- he helps you with school

- while trying to get you to like Nirvana

- giving him hip hop/rap music

- “this is garbage ew why am i friends with you”

- dragging him to parties

- “opposites attract”“shuT UP Y/N”

- you giggle and he’s just awkward

Housing, Langdon Hills, Basildon (1975) by Clive Plumb.

Langdon Hills estate consists of 550 homes on a sloping site, designed by Clive Plumb for Basildon Development Corp[oration. The houses are constructed of concrete blocks and prefab wooden sections, and feature solar panels and heating provided by a district heating duct.

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What she says: I’m fine

What she means: If American horror story Freakshow was held in 1952 then how was it possible for Jimmy Darling to sing Nirvana’s song “Come as you are” Kurt Cobain wasn’t born until year 1967, the band Nirvana wasn’t formed until 1987 meaning he sang this 35 years before the band was even created and the song didn’t release until 1991 therefor making it impossible for Jimmy to actually know the song unless he wrote it himself. Nirvana has to be a band in the AHS realm because in season one murder house Tate asks violet “got any Kurt Cobain on that thing?” And according to many sources the seasons are all connected in some way. Does this mean that Kurt stole the song from Jimmy, publishing it and making it a hit? Or did Jimmy give him the song? How was this even possible whatsoever? Is Jimmy Darling the Illuminati?