First Date w/ Tate (pre-death)

request: could you do a head cannon of tate and readers first date


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  • you always liked tate, despite being best friends since you were 5
  • so when he nervously asked you to go out with him you were overjoyed
  • you got dressed shaking nervously
  • you finally decided on leggings, a long deep burgundy lacey shirt and an oversized kimono
  • you ran to the front door when you heard him knock
  • tripping as you climb into his beat up car, he laughed breaking the tension
  • taking you to the movies
  • you saw the latest horror film, because he knew how much you liked dark things
  • while other people jumped and screamed, you two sat in the back making out, his hands roaming over your body
  • when the movie ends he takes your hand hauling you to the car
  • “I have something special for you,” “oh really?”
  • him drumming his fingers over the wheel in nervous excitement
  • grabbing your hand and practically dragging you
  • “the beach?” “shhh you’ll see”
  • turning the corner of a rock and seeing a black blanket on the beach with a basket in the middle
  • tate pulls a black rose out
  • “perfectly different, just like you,”
  • eating a perfect meal with him
  • lots of kissing
  • whining when it’s time to go
  • him kissing you at the door
  • “don’t go”
  • he sneaks in your window to cuddle you to sleep

my favorite thing ever is when dramatic emo blogs take black and white pics of Evan as Tate Langdon… and like edit quotes on that he didn’t even say…… it’s so funny….. or when his dramatic ass moments are taken out of context ……


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