17 years.
Feeling old yet?
The Weekenders graced our TV screens for the first time 17 years ago. A lot of things have changed since then (and rightly so), but the series is still, in many ways, alive. This blog was created to become a community for fans, a place that would allow everyone to explain how The Weekenders has had an impact on their lives. Stories range from kids raised by a single parent, just like Tino, to adults who fondly remember Ms. Tonitini’s advices and live by her philosophy on a daily basis. Different stories for different people in a varied, small, but loyal fandom. This proves what a great, passionate team of writers is able to create by taking a simple plot/premise and mix it with a deeply relatable universe of characters, while being highly entertaining. The show has never talked down on its audience, it did, in fact, open our eyes from a very young age and has showed us the world from a different perspective through the amusing lenses of sarcasm.
Kudos to everyone involved, from the creator, to the entire writing team and amazing voice actors. Later days!

Fan Parody Accounts on Twitter

As in… tptb are parodying fans. Probably.

Yes, you’re reading that right. We’ve got two twitter accounts here that are named after two absolute BNFs, ivyblossom and lsit. These accounts were both created this month and their first tweet was identical, so we can be reasonably certain they were created by the same people:

Go and check out these accounts. They’re both very focussed on BBC Sherlock and they keep tweeting the link to a very suspicious video:

In the video description it says: “A message to BBC and Hartswood Films.” And the video then talks about what went wrong with BBC Sherlock etc, using only photos with short texts on them.

The really interesting part is this: There are only two videos on this Youtube channel, one of them made before tfp aired and the other one after, and the account is called Dale Pike. And guess what? There isn’t just one corresponding twitter account, there are two. This is the first one. It was created in 2015, but there are only a few tweets from back then. It’s only become really active in January 2017, tweeting a lot of #Norbury stuff like you’d expect it to (and like dymm wants us to…).

That person is calling themselves Dale Pike. In canon Sherlock Holmes, however, there’s a journalist called Langdale Pike. And sure enough, there’s a twitter account under that name as well:

It seems likely that both accounts are supposed to belong to the same person. Look at Langdale’s tweet:

Sounds like Langdale has two twitter accounts.

I haven’t had time to look at all of these in detail (it’s 2 am), but I wanted to talk about this because they actually made parodies of fan accounts. How incredible is that??

@ivyblossom (I know you see things a bit differently wrt tfp, but obviously you need to be tagged here, if only to take a look at that parody account. I hope you don’t mind the speculation here!)

@loudest-subtext-in-tv (LoudestTubSext… What a Name.)

Tagging a few other people as well: @porl0ck (who, it should be mentioned, is the most organised when it comes to all of these twitter accounts woww), @worriesconstantly @whimsicalethnographies @jenna221b @smoljohnlock


Pikes.. by Alan
Via Flickr:
Side Pike and the Langdale Pikes. I think I’ve posted similar before.. can’t quite get it right, but it’s a grand view :-)

anonymous asked:

Excuse me but, could you please tell me why you think is Mark and/or Moffat writing those fics? English is not my main language and it's difficult to me to compare their writting with the fics or pick on those subtle things you all seem to be picking :/ There's deffinitely something fucky, that I know.

OK this is… hard to explain but i will try… also I am not kidding when I say that I absolutely cannot read this and I have read the first few sections of Within the Narrative and nothing more

  • first off my impression from the very first sentence was This Sounds Like Mark from what i’ve read of his other work. his voice, the way he uses narrative language, carries through and is distinctive. i’m not about to like go thru lucifer box rn and compare paragraphs but it has a FEEL
  • it also tenderly mocks some very specific and hilarious Bad Fanfic Tropes such as the overuse of epithets, with like some of the epithets themselves being “high functioning sociopath” (like sherlock’s anti-characterization played for straight) and apparently also some sexual ones like sherlock getting hard when john licks his lips or they climb 17 steps or something but i have not read that far because i don’t want to willingly subject myself to a deeply evil supernatural curse
  • although like obviously i totally have already
  • anyway we came upon these thru some suspicious twitters that are intentionally parodying two v. prominent sherlock fans and there’s some shit with “Dale Pike” being somebody in canon i don’t really get it but we’re not supposed to break the fourth wall so langdale pike is real or whatever
  • the first section of Within the Narrative is very direct and unconventional and ominous and show-related it’s like “what’s up you trigglypuff bitches time to strap the FUCK in because i was never warned either but HERE there be dragons set the stage the curtain rises enjoy my fanfic lol” (i mean sure any random fuck could write that but Why? mark would have a reason. could have written it. nerd
  • tea symbolism and elephant motif abound
  • weird foreshadowing but as i said i have barely read it relax it’s been 10 minutes
  • the parts that are real feel very real and the parts that are fake feel very intentional and pointed and funny, i’m sorry that there’s not like an easier way to explain this to a non-english speaker asdlfkj4;rgv also i’m stoned so that’s why this answer is Like This
  • i’ll probably post more about it as i inevitably burn this cursed talisman deeper into my chest so like stay tuned