I have only two modes:

1. Oh, I want to stay in bed all day and pretend to be a depressed cinnamon roll, please

2. I want to clean the house, learn japanese, hawaiian, russian, arabic, sign language, linguistic, geographical stuff, read 5 books and practice watercolor

You will be okay

Failed a class? Me too. My GPA at the end of my first semester of university was a 1.0 out of 10. I managed to fix it, and so will you. 

Had a rough exam? We’ve all been there. It’s just one exam, it’ll be okay. You’ll rock the next one. 

Feeling overwhelmed? It’ll be fine. Take a day or two, or even just a few hours, to focus on yourself, then get back at it.

You will graduate. You will pass your classes eventually. You will be okay.

how to self teach a new language 

  1. have contact with this language by hearing it on movies, tv shows and music. this will help you with your pronunciation skills and with your vocabulary
  2. learn vocabulary and grammar at the same time
  3. read kids books and translate what you don’t know. it might be hard at the beginning, but keep trying 
  4. speak to yourself will help you like crazy. I like to pretend that I’m acting or that someone is interviewing me hahah see the magic happens 
  5. READ AND WRITE. this is as important as speaking. It used to be so hard for me to write in English and I felt awful because I could actually speak very well. But my writing skills were just a lower level than my speaking level. Thankfully it’s getting better with practice
  6. try to study a little everyday. if you don’t have time to do so, watch a movie or something, but have this contact with the new language at least once a day
  7. be persistent because the processes of learning a new language can really piss you off. sometimes you will understand nothing and that will drag you down. the difference is to keep pushing until it doesn’t bother you anymore