You buried her alive- her face full of dead dirt. Look at her rising- a cleansing morning ritual. She’s taken all your soil, and made forests out of it. What will you do now that she’s turned your weapons into fuel for the living?
—  Eliot Knight
I have all these memories of things that never happened; of a life unlived, of a home unoccupied, of a love unloved, of people unmet, of places undiscovered, all these memories I’ve made up in my head living in these four walls. It feels too late to wake up now, when I’ve grown old in my own thoughts.
—  Eliot Knight

“Nako, Pau. Ganyan din ako dati. E tingnan mo naman ngayon diba? Darating din yan.”

Third wheel-ed yesterday with my cousin and her man. One of the best things she ever told me. Aside sa mga sinabi niya sa akin sa chat namin (pinagsasabihan niya ako dahil sa mga katangahan ko haha), yan yung gusto kong sinabi niya haha. Kahit na binubully nila ako kahapon kasi may mga high school palang na may ka-date na tapos picture picture pa sila don. Sarap sapakin hahaha joke.

Anw, hello. Good morning.

Alternate: 16

“I like her.” He says it plainly, not mincing words or leaving any space for confusion. “I think she’s smart, kind, and absolutely stunning.” You’re blushing. You know you are, you can feel your ears turning red.
“Since when? You were nothing but suspicious of her when she showed up.” Steve asks, the surprise lacing his voice.
“I don’t know.” Bucky seems shy now that everyone is watching the exchange between him and his best friend. You don’t say anything just stalk over to him and pull his mouth to yours. Several members of your teams wolf whistle or cheer but they’re all drowned out by the pounding of your heart.
“Alright you two, get a room!” Tony calls and you pull away from James with a small laugh. You rest your forehead against his shoulder, his hand resting on your lower back.
“Thank you.” You whisper, “Thank you for helping me bring them home.”
“Anything for you Doll.” You pull away from him then, give him a soft smile then go check on each of your teammates.
You hug Bucky tightly and she gives you a tight smile.
“You okay?” You ask softly brushing some hair out of her face so you can study her eyes.
“I’m fine Cap. They couldn’t break me.”
“You don’t have to be okay Buck.” You assure her, she looks exhausted.
“I know.” She says with a smile. “I need to meet this James Barnes. Make sure he’s worthy of you.”
“Don’t worry about it.” You wave her off, “Nothing is ever going to come of him and me, how could it? We’re literally from two different worlds.”
“He could live here.”
“I can’t ask him to do that.”
“But you like him?”
“A lot.”
“Then make it work.” She says before stalking over to her male counterpart and reaching out a hand to him.
The two of them talk like they’re old friends. You watch as the two teams mingle and get to know one another. Now that you know about them, that you know them you’re not sure how you’re supposed to leave them. How are you supposed to go back to your life knowing he’s out there? Toni and Tony are talking at warp speed about something, probably technology. Clint, Nat, Clara and Nate are talking battle scars. You roll your eyes as Nate shows the long one across his back that Clara gave him once, before they were on the same side. Peter and Patty are shooting webs everywhere, testing out one another’s formula and offering feedback. Scott and Scarlett are just sitting off to the side drinking a beer each. You watch the Bucky’s then. They’re comparing their arms, showing the upgrades that each of their arms have gotten.
“You could come back with us you know.” Steve says softly from behind you.
“I can’t leave them any more than you could.” You reply sadly as James’ eyes meet yours.