The exorcist - Italian vocab

L'esorcista (m) - Exorcist

L'esorcismo (m) - Exorcism

L'omicidio - Murder

L'omicida - Murderer

Il prete / Il sacerdote - Priest

Il Padre - The Father

Il Figlio - The Son

Lo Spirito Santo - The Holy Spirit

La parrocchia - Parrish

La chiesa - Church

La messa - Mass

Il demonio - Demon, the Devil

Dio - God

Gesù Cristo - Jesus Christ

L'apostolo - Apostle

Il bastardo- Bastard

Il Papa - The Pope

La donazione - Donation

La carità - Charity

La preghiera - Prayer

L'orazione (f) - Prayer

Pregare - To pray

La Bibbia - The Bible

La possessione diabolica - Diabolic possession

Il Vescovo - Bishop

La diocesi - Diocese

Implorare - To beg, to implore

Uccidere - To kill

Predicare - To preach

Il predicatore - Preacher

La religione - Religion

Il peccato - Sin

La comunità cristiana - The Christian community

La confessione - The confession

Il confessionale - Confessional

Confessare (confessarsi) - To confess

Il confessore - Confessor

Il rimorso - Remorse, regret

La colpa - Guilt, fault

Colpevole - Guilty

La speranza - Hope

Il tossicodipendente - Drug addict

La tossicodipendenza - Drug addiction

Rubare - To steal

Mentire / dire una bugia - To lie

La bugia - Lie

Il sacramento - Sacrament

Una misura estrema - Extreme measure

L'acqua santa (f) - Holy Water

Il cuore - Heart

L'anima (f) - Soul

La vita - Life

L'amore (m) - Love

L'autorità (f) - Authority

Benedire - To bless

La benedizione - Blessing

Benedetto - Blessed

La forza - Strength

Il perdono - Forgiveness

Compliments in Norwegian that isn't about physical appearance

1. Du er snill - You are kind

2. Du er morsom - You are funny

3. Du er sterk - You are strong

4. Du er smart - You are smart

5. Du inspirerer meg - You inspire me

6. Du er så forståelsefull - You are so understanding

7. Du betyr mye for meg - You matter a lot to me

8. Du inspirerer meg til å bli et bedre menneske - You inspire me to become a better person

9. Du har et varmt og godt hjerte -You have a warm and good heart

10. Du har god smak - You have good taste

11. Du er modig - You are brave

12. Du er imponerende - You are impressive

13. Du lyser opp rommet - You light up the room

14. Du har en fantastisk latter - You have an amazing laughter

15. Du gjør en forskjell - You are making a difference

16. Stemmen din er betryggende - Your voice is calming

17. Smilet ditt er smittende - Your smile is contagious

18. Lidenskapen din er smittende - Your passion is contagious

19. Jeg skulle ønske flere var som deg - I wish more people were like you

20. Jeg liker stemmen din - I like your voice

21. Jeg er stolt av deg - I am proud of you

22. Jeg blir så glad når jeg er med deg - I get so happy when Im with you

23. Jeg blir glad når jeg tenker på deg - I become happy when I think of you

24. Jeg koser meg alltid med deg - I always have a good time when Im with you

aoikouban  asked:

was thinkin about the difference in hide and seek in japan vs america and in japanese they ask 'are you ready' but in english we say ' ready or not here i come' and its like 'wait bitch, damn'

in german they say “cornerstone cornerstone all must be hidden…” and then when theyre done counting they say “EYES OPEN, I’M COMING” which is fucking terrifying

bonjour! since i started teaching myself french a few months ago, i thought it would be a good idea to immerse myself by listening to some french music. a lot of french music, actually. here are some of my favorites! (requested by @athenastudying)

cœur de pirate 

she’s canadian + my absolute favorite artist at the moment! her songs are more on the melancholy side, but they have a lovely vintage vibe. also her music videos are v creative so definitely check those out as well! faves: crier tout bas, adieu, ensemble


i’m not usually crazy about indie pop in english but I love indila’s music in french! her songs have a good beat and i often find myself belting out her songs during my solo dance parties. oops. faves: dernière danse, tourner dans le vide, sos


stromae’s music is actually one of the things that inspired me to start learning french!! his music is a blend of hip hop and electronic, which isn’t usually my thing, but i absolutely adore his music. faves: papaoutai, tous les memes, alors on danse


his songs are super catchy and upbeat! i listened to “boum boum boum” for the first time (w the music video) when i knew about four words of french and ended up thinking it was about guns? (spoiler alert: it’s about sex), but i still love it. p sure these are his only two songs in french but i have played them on repeat more times than i care to admit. faves: elle me dit, boum boum boum

fréro delavega

i only discovered their music recently (Fréro Delavega is a two-man duo), and it took me about 0.3 seconds to fall in love with their songs. their songs have a lot of great harmony, and they’re lighthearted and fun to listen to. faves: mon petit pays, ton visage 

joyce jonathan

another recent find! i like to play her music on my phone when i walk to school in the mornings because it’s p relaxing. faves: je ne sais pasça ira

édith piaf

i practically grew up on edith piaf, even before i started learning french properly. her music is wonderful and definitely classic. faves: la vie en rose, a l'enseigne de la fille sans coeur,  non, je ne regrette rien


i love these songs, but i have yet to listen to more music from these artists! they’re still fantastic

badaboum / buridane 
coups et blessures / bb brunes 
l’air de rien / margaux avril 
les jours electriques / jenifer 
on trace ma route / christophe maé 
on ira / zaz 
on ne vit qu'une fois /  sidoine 
sur ma route / black m 
tombé sous le charme / christophe mae

au revoir + shoutout @ciralism​ for recommending coeur de pirate to me in the first place!! xx

anonymous asked:

u ever hear something in a not english language and like,,,, fucking understand it and then have a moment of just,,, fuck we really doin this bitch... learning a whole nother Thing huh.. a whole damn SENTENCE

holy fuck i literally had that moment yesterday w french and spanish cuz i was just casually reading the side of my nintendo switch box. and i was like “oh ok so i guess ___ means ___ in french and it looks like its ___ in spanish and that must mean htat ___ is- HEY WAIT A MINUTE”

@ my brain stop this i refuse to accept romance languages into my vocabulary

TROUBLE in French

Trouble makers

agitateur/agitatrice - hell-raiser/trouble maker

un broyeur/broyeuse - a trouble maker/meddler

un dur - a tough guy/hell-raiser (jouer les durs= act like/play the tough guy)

fauteur de troubles - hell-raiser

un frondeur - a trouble maker/rebel


jamais deux sans trois - bad things/trouble always comes in threes

qui s’y frotte s’y pique - if you go looking for trouble you’ll find it

il y a de l’eau dans le gaz - there’s trouble brewing

Set Phrases

aller au-devant des ennuis - to be heading for trouble

s’attirer des ennuis - to get into trouble

l’avoir dans l’os - be in trouble/be screwed

avoir des problèmes - to be in trouble

causer des ennuis - to make trouble

causer des problèmes à qqn - to get s.b into trouble

chercher la bagarre - to be looking for a fight/for trouble

chercher les problèmes - to look for trouble/problems/invite trouble

être dans la merde jusqu’au cou - to be in trouble/to be up to your neck in shit

être sur la mauvaise pente - to be headed for trouble

faire avoir des ennuis à qqn - to get s.b into trouble

faire des bêtises - to get up to mischief

semer la zizanie (I love this one!) - to stir up trouble

Other Phrases

ça va chauffer ! - there will be trouble/hell to pay!

ça va chier ! - there’s going to be trouble/the shit will hit the fan!

en galère - in trouble

que des ennuis - nothing but trouble