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This is for you guys OOC. Why do you even own a Carrie, and a Corey blog, if you dont even use it? e.e

Speaking as the person who runs the Carrie/Laney blogs; I’m suffering from a severe illness at the moment, that doesn’t look to be going away any time soon. It’s very difficult for me to move, but I do a lot of pushing to work on this blog— which was on a very long hiatus and was overdue for some updates. This blog is overrun with over 600 asks that need to be answered and we’re doing the best we can. As for Duncan/Corey, there’ve been a lot of time constraints related to work and visiting relatives. We’re running these blogs in shifts right now because they’re already a bit overwhelming on their own, let alone together. The other blogs will be updated eventually. But right now we’re already working night and day for this one. Sorry if that’s inconvenient, but it’s all we can do right now. 

Hope that clears things up.

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Name: Lane
Nickname: Laney, Laney lou, Twinks (my mom calls me it though honestly most of the above are from my parents) some of my friends call me Rayne though most people just go by Lane.
Birthday: March 12, 1991 (That makes me 24)
Sign: Pisces 
Gender: Ick… um very confused.confused genderfluid currently female presenting. clusterfuck
Height: 5′3
Sexual orientation: very pansexual. yep yep
Favourite color: hmm I think it is french royal blue. Or something of the rich blue sort.
Time: 4:21 pm (at start)
Average hours of sleep: ..a lot? more than I probably should
Lucky numbers: none? 
Favourite fictional character:  We might be here a while. Anakin Skywalker Is my number one favorite, though I could make a argument for Obi-Wan Kenobi and then Padme Amidala, all of Star Wars of course. James “bucky’ barnes,  Loki Laufeyson, Gambit/Remy Lebeau of Marvel, Rayne from BloodRayne, Xena from Xena Warrior Princess. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow Harley quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy from Batman. Lestat de Lioncourt from Vampire Chronicles. Albert Wesker from Resident Evil… Tate Langdon from American Horror Story, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead   really I could go on
Favourite famous people: This is also going to take a while. Hayden Christensen, Ewan Mcgregor, Natalie Portman, Chris Pohl, Ulrike Goldman, Cillian Murphy, Gaspard Ulliel,Norman Reedus,Gerard Way, Dame Darcy Ian sommerhalder, Anna Tsuchiya, Gackt, Marc Senter Tom HIddleston, Sebastian Stan, Mila Jovavich, Bettie Page, Lucy Lawless Hudson Leick, Jennifer Hale, Laura Bailey, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga I am sure I could again go on
Celebrity Crushes: I don’t often get famous people crushes I get what I call envy crushes, in which I kinda crush on people but more feel envious that I am not them. So many of the above are that. Except a select few liike Ewan but mostly because I want my own Obi-Wan, Um Taissa Farmiga and Natalie Portman are on here too.. 
Favourite Books:  I don’t read a lot of fiction to be honest but anything dame darcy or vampire chronicles…
Favourite bands: Blutengel, Birthday Massacre, My chemical romance, Gackt, Anna Tsuchiya
Last movie i saw: In theatres? Jurrassic World
Dream trip: Scotland!, Japan, France, Germany..almost anywhere?
Dream job: right now? Mortician but really right now I just want to support myself and find some happiness.
What i am wearing atm:  Black Jeans and a black hello kitty t shirt. I had on a blue sailor cardigan but half way through this I got too hot..soo…today is a boring day for me clothing wise  

I tag anyone who wants to do this but no one specific because I am a horrid mean person who is too busy playing arkham knight

about me🌌

About me 💕
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name: Laney

nickname(s): lanes, lay lay, lanester i guess

birthday: February 5th (presents accepted)

star sign: Aquarius

gender: female

height: 5'7" (and a half it counts right)

sexual orientation: I’ll say straight but honestly I’m questioning a bit

favorite color: purple

time right now: 10:06 am

average hours of sleep: between 4-7

Favorite number(s): 13

last thing i googled: pope “I said no” condoms

word that comes to mind: harmonica

happy places: walking along the train tracks by my house and on the lake

number of blankets i sleep under: one most of the time sometimes two

favorite fictional character: fuck

celebrity crush: Chris Pratt & Ruby Rose & Devon Bostick

favorite book: I don’t wanna try to spell it again

favorite bands: Maroon 5, and some emo shit bands

last movie I saw: Jurassic World

dream trip: Japan or Germany

dream job: something in the medical field

what im wearing right now: High waisted Jean short shorts, a flowery crop top and some pearls

who I’m gonna tag: @mungerverna @ohsebaschan @doritomountain

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Hi Laney, I don't know if you remember but I'm the one that named a cat after you, since you were the first fanfic writer I ever read, which set off the domino effect, and look where I am now! Anyway, sorry for being so sappy, but I figured a cat update was past due. Laney is a very energetic cat that likes to listen for your footsteps and then run in front of you and meow at the top of her tiny cat lungs. She enjoys knocking over everything even remotely breakable and attacking beanbags-

Of course I remember you! How could I not remember someone naming THEIR CAT AFTER ME IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER! Yeah you set off a chain! (One anon liked your idea and named her two turtles after me Laney and Lane)…. (Though I don’t know how I feel about a male turtle being named Lane after me, either way it’s cool)

I’m glad to hear Cat!Laney is well! I’m sorry she’s so much trouble, but I suppose she takes after me in that respect. I’ve always been a little… ‘over enthusiastic’ about things. If she causes you any more trouble just threaten her with pickles. I bet she hates them as much as I do. 


I roleplay these two ALL THE TIME. Like way too often. So I decided to make some dolls for them so it was easier to make outfit designs for alternate universes/just because.

No special outfits yet, but you can have them in some undies and their regular clothes for now. And maybe for always. 

P.S I need more Grojband roleplaying friends???

You’ll never guess where we’re going~!

Corey (askthefrontman) and I are going away with the band for the weekend, starting today. Unfortunately, we won’t have an internet connection while we’re gone; but I should have a couple of little things queued up to keep you guys entertained. 

Obviously we won’t be able to answer any questions, etc while we’re gone…but it would be pretty rad if you left some nice little notes/questions in the ask box for when we return!!