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This is for you guys OOC. Why do you even own a Carrie, and a Corey blog, if you dont even use it? e.e

Speaking as the person who runs the Carrie/Laney blogs; I’m suffering from a severe illness at the moment, that doesn’t look to be going away any time soon. It’s very difficult for me to move, but I do a lot of pushing to work on this blog— which was on a very long hiatus and was overdue for some updates. This blog is overrun with over 600 asks that need to be answered and we’re doing the best we can. As for Duncan/Corey, there’ve been a lot of time constraints related to work and visiting relatives. We’re running these blogs in shifts right now because they’re already a bit overwhelming on their own, let alone together. The other blogs will be updated eventually. But right now we’re already working night and day for this one. Sorry if that’s inconvenient, but it’s all we can do right now. 

Hope that clears things up.


I roleplay these two ALL THE TIME. Like way too often. So I decided to make some dolls for them so it was easier to make outfit designs for alternate universes/just because.

No special outfits yet, but you can have them in some undies and their regular clothes for now. And maybe for always. 

P.S I need more Grojband roleplaying friends???