laneway festival sg


This is Channy.

“They’re the best band I’ve heard,” Justin of Bon Iver once said about her band, Polica.

I know what he means. Up until recently, I only knew what they sounded like on a recording. They really know how to make the future sound like the past. Or, it may be better to say that they make the past sound like the future.

Channy’s haunting vocals really give me the goosebumps. It’s like taking a trip on a smooth electric current.

Laneway Festival SG just announced their initial line-up for the upcoming event on January next year. Also included in the poster is the eye-catching And More To Be Announced at the bottom of the poster. That got me real excited [Yeah right Kim, like you’re not excited enough!] James Blake, Jamie xx & HAIM are few of the artists set to perform. OH DEAR GOD I NEED TO GO! Plus Mount Kimbie & CHVRCHES! Oooohla! Tickets are on sale starting OCT. 1!