Mystery Tech Wizard

Characters: Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle), Reader (You), Various JL Members.

Requested by: Anonymous.

Synopsis: Jaime Reyes x reader. Reader is a tech wiz that helps out the JL sometimes and Jaime doesn’t know who she is. JL has inside jokes with her and Jaime is just confused as to who she is.


A/N: I’m really hoping this was cute?
Hope you like it!

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She had just appeared out of nowhere one day and vanishes just as easily. Jaime didn’t know what to say or do. Who was this girl?

She was hunched over a computer today, fingers moving at lightning speed and Cyborg and The Flash standing at her sides, mouths moving to ask her questions or something.
Cyborg said something and he and her laughed loudly, it echoed around the watchtower.

Wonder Woman walked into the room. “Long time, no see Y/N.”
“Hey, Di!” The girl chirped.
“Di?” Jaime scoffed. “She’s on nickname basis with Wonder Woman?”

“Alright there, Blue?” Green Lantern hovered past, raising an eyebrow at overhearing Jaime talking to himself.
“Yeah. Yeah. I’m not loco.” Jaime laughed nervously.
“Right.” Green Lanern rolled his eyes.
“Wait.” Jaime grabbed his arm and dragged him back to him. “I’m not loco, but I’m not imagining the girl talking to Cy right now, am I?”
“Who? Y/N?”
“Is that her name?” Jaime’s eyes widened.
“You’ve never met Y/N?”
Jaime shook his head.
“Are you really all here?” Green Lantern laughed and went over to The Flash and led him back down past me towards another part of the Watchtower.

More laughter came from Cyborg and Y/N, as he learnt her name was. But what was her story? What was she doing here?

Jaime was so lost in his thoughts about you that he tuned out and hadn’t noticed Wonder Woman standing next to him.
Jaime jumped.
“I said, ‘you’ve been standing there a long time. What are you doing?’.”
“Oh, um,” rubbed the back of his neck, “I have a question.”
“Yes?” Wonder Woman crossed her arms over her chest and waited intently.
“Um, oh gosh, it’s slipped my mind, how silly of me,” Jaime noticed Y/N and Cyborg staring at him now, “bye.” He darted off.


“She’s young. You can’t be serious.”
“We’ve taken in youth before,” Batman explained as he spoke to Martian Manhunter passing Jaime’s table in the cafeteria, “Besides, we won’t be sending her out. She will be our eyes and ears without leaving the tower.”
“It’s still a risk.” Manhunter replied.

Jaime couldn’t believe it. He didn’t know who she was and now she might be joining the league. He choked on his food.
“Need CPR?” A female voice came from behind him.
Jaime turned around to see Y/N, grinning from ear to ear.
“I have experience.” She sat down next to him with her tray.
“I-I’m fine.” Jaime coughed.
Y/N hummed and started to pick at her food.
“Oh!” She exclaimed. “I totally forgot that I haven’t actually met you properly. Well, I mean, you’re Blue Beetle. I’ve seen you on the TV,” She rambled, “But I mean in person. I’ve seen you around but it seems we are both too nervous to speak to each other.” Jaime opened his mouth to speak, but she kept talking. “I never would’ve greeted anyone here on my own. Especially not Batman. They all had to speak to me first.”
“You,” Jaime paused to confirm she was done talking. God, she is adorable, Jaime thought to himself, her hair, her eyes sparkling, and she was so bubbly and bouncy. “You seem pretty close to them all?”
“Ha! Yeah! Cy and Flash mostly. GL and Di as well, I guess.”
“Yup!” She sat up straight and looked like one does when proud of themselves.

“Y/N!” Cyborg appeared behind us and startled them. “Sorry.” He said. “The files are ready.” He placed a hand on her shoulder and Jaime couldn’t explain but he felt, jelousy?
“Coming!” She stood up. “Nice talking to you, Beetle,” she did finger guns, “I have no clue why I did that,: she blushed, "see you around!” And skipped away.
Jaime found himself smiling widely, attracting stares from other leaguers sitting nearby.

Lay - 150305 Weibo account update

Translation: “Wishing everyone a happy Chinese Lantern Festival. May your families be together and blessed and that everything goes well for you. And please anticipate exo’s concert, I have prepared a lot of special presents for you all ^^ duang1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ haha”

Credit: 努力努力再努力x. (1Note: “Duang” is a newly created word currently taking over the Chinese internet, a made-up character originating from Jackie Chan who used the sound “duang” while describing a hair product. Netizens created the Chinese character for “duang” using his name (Cheng and Long staked on top of each other). The word itself has no known meaning)