10 Cloverfield Lane [[2016]]



Soon after leaving her fiancé Michelle is involved in a car accident. She awakens to find herself sharing an underground bunker with Howard and Emmett.

Fear of Fucking Up: Not Actually A Good Excuse For Erasing Characters of Color

Recently, there’s been a spate of fannish and original writers claiming that they’re so afraid of negative reception and responses from people of color, that they refrain from writing characters of color in their works.

The point of this very pointed post is to push back at the idea that a fear of writing characters of color in respectful ways is natural and should continue unchallenged. If you can research vampires to undeath and analyze minor white characters’ behavior until you can write them perfectly, why aren’t you doing the same for characters of color. 

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Superman Comics News from San Diego Comic-Con 2016
∟ “As the series moves forward, we’re going to do a two-part story that really focuses on the mysterious new Clark Kent. Then we do a two-part story that really focuses on Lois. Then a longer story that really focuses on the relationship between Superman and Lex, because what I wanted to do in story one was get everybody on stage, and now moving forward, spend a little time focusing on who each of these characters really are.” (Source: 1, 2, 3)

anonymous asked:

Why are people so into Sherlock and Molly? She wasnt even going to be a regular on the show. I love Molly, but Sherlock is in love with John. The show can lead you to think that way because of his gentle kiss on her cheek. Your thoughts?

Heteronormativity, Nonny. To me, Molly is literally a self-insert character for the heteronormative audience. 

She’s Sherlock’s false romantic lead, Just like Mary is John’s. Molly’s character has actually grown quite a bit and she is now a tool for the creators to use as a mirroring device for John and to prove Sherlock’s sexuality. @quietlyprim has a great Molly video here, which basically explains in detail about her role in Sherlock.

I personally also think there may be something up with Molly as well… she’s too perfect.

Hold up, hold up, hold up! Clark Kent And Lois Lane Are The One True Power Couple

Don’t get it twisted.

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