“If time is a dream, then she was always there, wasn’t she? from the moment I took my first breath till the end of the world. Always at my side — offering me love and wisdom, companionship and challenge. My wife, my lover, my best friend. […] Maybe this feeling we share, Lois and I, is the doorway into a place that transcends death and life, Earth and Krypton. Perhaps it isn’t just time but all of creation that’s a dream. And the only thing that gives it meaning, binds it together — it’s love.”
                      – Superman: Where is Thy Sting (2001)


IG/Text: You and Nate broke up and started to provoke each other but at the end you get back together 

Requested by a lovely anon. Here you are and hope you like it :) 


Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice - Official Final Trailer HD