lane switchin

Always boasting my emotions
On how I’m so fucking broken
Think I’m joking
When I’m talking
About blowing my head open
Till the moment you walk in
And find my body motionless
Wrists slit
Thoughts of Slick keep falling in an open pit
Always burn my bridges
Cause I’d rather fall in ditches
If life’s a game of inches
Then my dick has been the biggest
And my goal’s to fuck the world
Until that motherfucker’s twitching
Lane switchin
Same mission
To die and blame my addiction


Because you know it’s difficult to stay in your lane when a majority of the guys have something that makes you love them ugh

“Switchin’ lanes with my eyes closed 
I’m the realest one, I know 
This is that life that I die for 
I swear I wrote this shit with my eyes closed 
And my eyes closed 
I got my hands tight and my eyes closed 
Yeah, I did it all with my eyes closed”

-Eyes Closed (2017), G-Eazy

anonymous asked:

wait sorry if this is stupid, how did Liam's snippet have anything to do with being queer?

Not stupid. Questions are good and I’m happy to elaborate.

Well, first of all we don’t know the context of the part he sang so we shouldn’t make too many assumptions. That being said, let us begin with what the lyrics actually say:

“Lovin’ the way that she’s turnin’ you on,
Switchin’ them lanes like a Bugatti sport,
Nothin’ but luck cause she got my involved,

As you can see we have three characters; the her, the you and the narrator/POV person. 

If we consider Liam himself the protagonist (and a man) as well as the “her” a woman and the “you”’s gender not specified we get two likely scenarios:

  1. Liam’s partner (you) is a woman who is attracted to men (Liam) as well as women (her) 
  2. Liam’s partner is a man who is attracted to men (Liam) as well as women (her) 

(There is of course the possibility that any of them doesn’t identify as either a man or a woman but that would make it even more non-normative.)

So however you look at it, the song involves at least one person who could be considered queer or non-straight. There’s also the line about “switching lanes” which has been used in reference to bisexuality so added fuel to the gay fire. That in itself is really damn cool. Even more so is the possible interpretation of the main character as something other than heterosexual without him going all “NO HOMO”. That is really fucking brave, especially for a debutant in the generally homophobic hiphop and R&B part of the music industry and we should all admire Liam’s metaphorical balls.

This is of course my interpretation and if someone sees it another way I’d love to hear it.

Edit: I guess this also more or less is the last nail in the coffin for Liam as being a heteronormative homophobe, just saying.