lane magazine

July, 1936
Shadow Case File #105

“You have sought the Romanoff gems. I have brought one here to show you. Gaze upon the stone that gleams from my finger. That priceless girasol was once owned by the Czars of Russia. It, alone, of all the baubles in this room, is genuine! This girasol was a gift, which I accepted as a memento of friendship from the man who owned it.

The Shadow

Giving hope...

This one is a story about one my managers who I appreciate greatly, and what he did today (Mar. 2, 2017) that really struck me.

When I first started working for my job, we had a homeless man (T) who would just sit in our deli café area and chill. He didn’t bother anybody, but occasionally he would block a lane to look at magazines. Well, after about a month or two, we got a new Store Manager, who implemented the rule that only paying customers, something along these lines, could use our café area. I haven’t seen him since she kicked him out, which is worrisome.

Today, i noticed this man walk into the store, sort of on the elderly side. I believe he came in and bought two 24 oz. cans of beer. Didn’t think I would see him again. Well, here I am on my break, and i see him walking back in, and he asks where our restrooms are. A coworker points then out, and then my MOD, S, is in the vicinity, so the man approaches him. He is kind and is asking for directions to somewhere, and I overhear him say that all he wants is a blanket to keep warm tonight, as the temperatures are lower than they have been. He asks if he anybody can give him a ride, but it’s against store policy. S tells the man if it wasn’t he would totally give him a ride. Somberly, the man asks if it’s okay if he hangs in the deli for a bit to warm up, and S tells him he can. I’m sitting parallel to him, and we begin to converse.

He explains to me that he’s homeless, and that earlier today his legal guardian took him to some sort of facility where he would be able to stay, but they didn’t have any vacancy. He told me he didn’t want any money, nothing of the sorts, just a blanket to keep him warm tonight. S has left the vicinity and actually gone outside. I continue to speak with him until my break is over, and tell him i hope he’s able to keep warm tonight. I’m getting ready to clock back in when I notice the man has followed me. He asked be where the nearest red light was, after the one adjacent to the store. I tell him where it is, and then I see S coming up behind him carrying a bag. He had taken an old sleeping bag from his car, and was giving it to the man. This didn’t really surprise me, but I know it meant a lot more than just a gift to that man. It meant he would have something to keep him warm for the night, until he could get somewhere to safe to sleep. It meant he could sleep knowing he would be warm again at night. He had nothing but the clothes on his back, but now he had something more than that. He had a blanket to keep him warm at night, until he saw his legal guardian again. He had hope, now. Homeles