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“The Register could really use a Lois Lane type like you.” that moment when Betty realizes that she needs a Clark Kent to her Lois Lane…..coincidentally, Jughead is already wearing an S on his shirt. ;)  Her mom tried to recruit her to work for her, instead, she opened her own paper and tried to recruit her own lol…..

“I hope I never see Dallas Winston again. If I do I’d… probably fall in love with him.”

The Outsiders (1983) dir. Francis Ford Coppola

  • peasant: you cant be that attracted to Ponyboy he's not even real he's just a book character
  • me: well i guess someone's not getting invited to the wedding
Dean - Pow Girl
Dean - Pow Girl

A walk down memory lane | Dean re-wrote the lyrics to Taio Cruz’s Dynamite, called it Pow Girl…and posted this to his very first youtube channel 131114. This is nostalgia on a whole other level, guys.

A little reminder about Ponyboy Curtis:

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and just wanted to share.

Everyone in the fandom portrays pony as some shy, meek spirited wuss who is scared to stick up for himself or ask a girl out.

Let me just re-jog your memory of the time pony went out to get lunch with Steve and Two-bit, take a look at this quick excerpt from towards the end of the book.

// I was sitting on the fender of Steve’s car, smoking and drinking a Pepsi while he and Two-Bit were inside talking to some girls, when a car drove up and three Socs got out. I just sat there and looked at them and took another swallow of the Pepsi. I wasn’t scared. It was the oddest feeling in the world. I didn’t feel anything— scared, mad, or anything. Just zero.
“You’re the guy that killed Bob Sheldon,” one of them said. “And he was a friend of ours. We don’t like nobody killing our friends, especially greasers.”
Big deal. I busted the end off my bottle and held on to the neck and tossed away my cigarette “You get back into your car or you’ll get split.”
They looked kind of surprised, and one of them backed up.
“I mean it” I hopped off the car. “I’ve had about all I can take from you guys.” I started toward them, holding the bottle the way Tim Shepard holds a switch— out and away from myself, in a loose but firm hold. I guess they knew I meant business, because they got into their car and drove off.
“You really would have used that bottle, wouldn’t you?” Two-Bit had been watching from the store doorway. “Steve and me were backing you, but I guess we didn’t need to. You’d have really cut them up, huh?”
“I guess so,” I said with a sigh. I didn’t see what Two-Bit was sweating about— anyone else could have done the same thing and Two-Bit wouldn’t have thought about it twice.
“Ponyboy, listen, don’t get tough. You’re not like the rest of us and don’t try to be…”
What was the matter with Two-Bit? I knew as well as he did that if you got tough you didn’t get hurt. Get smart and nothing can touch you…
“What in the world are you doing?” Two-Bit’s voice broke into my thoughts.
I looked up at him. “Picking up the glass.”//

Pony says himself he doesn’t feel anything. No sympathy, no fear, nothing. Cold and empty. He doesn’t hesitate in busting the end off his bottle to fight off the socs and threaten them. Even after the fact two-bit realizes that pony was being tough.

Pony quotes what Dally told him after the rumble on the way to the hospital the night Johnny died. “Get tough and you won’t get hurt.”

I’m not ignoring the fact Pony began to pick up the glass afterwards, he didn’t want anyone to get a flat tire.

Another example:

//…remembering Tim Shepard’s kid brother. Curly, who was a tough, cool, hard-as-nails Tim in miniature, and I had once played chicken by holding our cigarette ends against each other’s fingers. We had stood there, clenching our teeth and grimacing, with sweat pouring down our faces and the smell of burning flesh making us sick, each refusing to holler…//

Let me remind you this is before Johnny died and Pony decided to “be tough” like Dally.

Pony wasn’t some super shy, awkward kid around Cherry either, he talked to her just fine. Didn’t hesitate to go up and get popcorn with her the night at the movies either.

Also, the night of the rumble he knew he was sick but sucked it up, took some aspirin and went anyways. He didn’t just sit around and get beat up during the rumble either. In the beginning he found the next best to a soc his size and ended up helping dally out by jumping on a soc’s back.

Sure, pony doesn’t go out deliberately looking for fights, but he does stick up for himself when need be. He’s not some baby. Remember, he is still a greaser. A no-good hood; with manners.

The Enneagram Types as Twenty One Pilots Lyrics

(Note that many of these are unhealthy/unstable) 

 Type 1: “All my friends are heathens take it slow/Wait for them to ask you who you know/Please don’t make any sudden moves/You don’t know the half of the abuse” (Heathens)

 Type 2: “I will make you queen of everything you see/I’ll put you on the map. I’ll cure you of disease” (House of Gold) 

 Type 3: “What if my dream does not happen/Would I just change what I’ve told my friends/Don’t want to know who I would be/When I wake up from a dreamers sleep” (We Don’t Believe What’s On TV) 

 Type 4: “I don’t know why I/Feed on emotion/There’s a stomach inside my brain/I don’t want to be heard/I want to be listened to/Does it bother anyone else that someone else has you’re name?” (Forest)

 Type 5: “I’m taking over my body/Back in control no more shotty/I bet a lot of me was lost/Ts uncrossed and Is un-dotted/I fought it a lot and it seems a lot like flesh is all I got/Not anymore flesh out the door, swat!” (Holding on to You)

Type 6: “Scared of my own image/Scared of my own immaturity/Scared of my own ceiling/Scared I’ll die of uncertainty/Fear might be the death of me/Fear leads to anxiety…” (Doubt)

Type 7: “If you’re one of them then your one of me/And you would do almost anything just to feel free” (Fake You Out)

Type 8: “They say stay in you’re lane boy, lane boy/But we go where we want to” (Lane Boy)

Type 9: I just want to stay in the sun where I find/I know its hard sometimes/Pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind/I know its hard sometimes”(Ride)

here are 2 easy steps to get any girl to fall madly in love with you

1. read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, 2. act EXACTLY like ponyboy curtis. girls will come running