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ALBUM REVIEW: Marrow - Marrow on Audiotree Live

Chicago-born and bred, Marrow has been busy since the release of their debut album, The Gold Standard. Social Experiment associates and former Kids These Days members Lane Beckstrom, Macie Stewart, and Liam Cunningham, as well as drummer Matt Carroll, make up the rock quartet that have recently blown up through the Chicago garage rock scene. While they have been touring around quite a bit (they hit DC9 just this past weekend!), they seemed to have enough time to grace us with the short live album. Marrow on Audiotree Live consists of hits from the freshman effort such as the title track, “Mother of Maladies,” and my personal favorite, “Ocean of Glory.” 

The sound is borderline cinematic. Bassist Beckstrom and Carroll use the rhythm to drift in between different scenes, allowing Stewart and Cunningham to both provide melodies through guitar and keys and howl some harmonies every now and then. Speaking of harmonies, the chorus of “Mother of Maladies” gets me and will get you every time. I’ve listened to the song probably over 100 times in the past few months and still manage to quiver every time Stewart and Cunningham sing “Every night I am with you, I feel it. Every night’s not every night enough.” The haunting harmony, as well as the rest of the song, is translated perfectly passionately through the live recording without missing a beat.

All in all, Marrow is AWESOME. Check them out!

-Shelby Bretschger