lane 4

every time i see some1 driving crazy theyre always trying to get to a mcdonalds a dude cut thru 4 lanes of traffic nearly made every1 crash n immediately pulled into the drive thru
its gotten so bad every time im near a mcdonalds i get scared


Welp, here it is! A list of my writings for this blog! Newest works will be at the top of each category, and the list will be updated with each reaction or one-shot that’s posted ^.^

Companions react to…

having a movie night!

finding Sole listening to the ‘Hi Honey’ holotape

walking on thin ice

Sole singing You Are MY Sunshine

Sole getting their voice back

a makeover with Sole

Sole losing their voice

their first kiss with Sole

going on a road trip!

being encouraged to confess to Sole

crushing on Sole and making them laugh

Sole getting sick

kissing Sole

Sole being gravely injured

a shopping cart ride! (aka my most popular reaction)

Sole mumbling the companion’s name in their sleep

having a crush on Sole

Sole finding their childhood home

Sole looking nice for their first date

Sole adopting an orphan

a snow day

Deacon Vignettes 

Sole gets fresh and clean (written for my friend’s blog by me)

Thoughts on Deacon

Deacon and Anna find a jump rope

Sole pecks Deacon on the mouth

Sole brings home an orphan


Deacon catches flak for his relationship with Sole

Just For Funsies :3

Trash Jail

The Sad™ 

So this happened on my way home from work...

So on the highway home there is major conjestion, because it goes from 4 lanes to 3, and then about 300 feet later, 3 lanes to 2. Makes for very slow merging and congestion at rush hour. However, there are many exits along the route, so maybe 5 miles after this clusterfuck, the highway is basically empty because everyone gets off at exits.

The general consensus amongst people on my route is if you are in the right hand lane, you go until the merge, go one after the other in a zipper-like fashion, and repeat for the second merge.

Now here are the players. Me, in my Accord, a guy in front of me in an acura, and two guys to our left, who we zipper in with, a Taurs and a civic.

As we start zippering, this douchebag lifted F250 driver decides “fuck the system” and roars up to us while in the right hand breakdown lane. Everyone sees this asshole try and muscle over on me, almost shoving me into the Taurus.

I’ve seen this with big rigs, with the cb radios, box in assholes…. but I have never been a part of a small to mid-size sedan box lol.

Now, with the acura in front of him, the taurus beside the acura, me behind the f250, and the civic beside me, we proceed to make the next 45 minutes a hell for this man, not allowing him to bully anyone else. The highway is about 30 miles long, and we forced that douche to do 15 under the speed limit for about 20 of that :)

Maybe not totally petty revenge, but I wanted to share my experience of being an honorary big rig driver in my tiny honda.

TL;DR: 18-wheelers arent the only ones you should be kind to on the road.

A huge crowd of Clowns appear. Enough to cover up a 4-lane road. The people in the Control Room shake at the sight of the Clowns.

“A huge number…”
“Can we really do this…?”

Furuta: …

“It’s no good…”
“Why this…”

Furuta: For now, we’ll just observe ‘HS’ in the 22nd Ward.
Furuta: …Special Class Suzuya!

Furuta speaks into a microphone.

Furuta: …Once they break thru the bridge, the head office will then get invaded.

“Please defend the bridge with all your might!”

Suzuya: 'Defend with all my might?’

Suzuya swings his Quinque and severes ten heads.

Suzuya: For as long as I can kill them all, right?
Furuta: Yes, yes! Please kill all of them. ♥

Back to the 19th Ward.

A Clown is seen preparing a molotov.

“Whaccha gonna do? Whaccha gonna do? Eat this!”
“Yay yay yay yay yaaaay!!”

Clown: I am Vancouver (Burning).

“No. Way!”

Higemaru appears and slices the Clown’s face in half.

Man: Touma!
Higemaru: Uncle!
Man: So you were here…
Man: The Clowns are swarming in from over there. We couldn’t take out the fire… Can we ask for you help…?
Higemaru: …Got it!
Urie: ……..You know each other?
Higemaru: Yup! I have a lot of relatives who are firefighters and police people!

Urie: Yonebayashi! Shao! We leave this place to you!
Urie: We’ll provide support to the firefighters!
Saiko: Roger!

Urie was about to run off but Saiko calls him.

Saiko: Squad Leader! If anything happens, just call me!
Urie: …Yeah. (You be careful, too.)

While moving, the man talks to Urie.

Man: Mr. Squad Leader.
Urie: Yes?
Man: Thank you for Touma.
Higemaru: ?
Man: The generation of Higemarus are people with a strong sense of justice.
Man: And this guy over here is the most reckless amongst them.
Man: When I heard him say that 'he’ll become an investigator’, I was shocked.
Man: I tried to stop him at first…
Man: But then after seeing his efforts, I understood this is the kind of job that makes you proud of saving a lot of people.
Man: Please make him a good man.
Higemaru: Uncle, now is not the time for that!

Urie: …Understood.
Urie: (Raising your junior.)
Urie: (…That is also part of my job.)

The man turns at a corner.

Man: …Over here!

Suddenly, he gets penetrated by a kagune.

Higemaru: Uncle!!
Urie: Wait!

Urie manages to stop Higemaru from jumping out.

Urie: …There seem to be a man with a bad habit around.
(it literally means someone who’s prone to stealing but eh)

Higemaru: …!
Urie: Stay calm.

The direction the kagune came from was from a 10-floor building.

“Cutting in from above…”

Urie searches thru the building.

Urie: … (That kagune shape… I’ve seen it somewhere before…)
Urie: (It was in some document…)

And in one room, a man stands by the window.

Urie: …


Urie: !
Donato: A lost kitten?
Donato: If I recall correctly, you’re Urie Kuki, yes?
Urie: …Be careful Higemaru or else you’re going to die.
Higemaru: …Got it, senpai!

Higemaru’s right arm is seen flying off at the edge of the panel.

[End Chapter]

The Boss: Playlist

Play this when you read ’The Boss’. It’s inspired by the time and the music I’ve been listening to whilst writing it.

1: Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits
2: Into The Mystic - Van Morrison
3: Life In The Fast Lane - Eagles
4: The Heart Of Saturday Night - Tom Waits
5: You Could Be Mine - Guns ‘N Roses
6: Born To Die - Lana Del Rey
7: Famous Blue Raincoat - Leonard Cohen
8: Rebel Rebel - David Bowie
9: Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
10: Trouble - Ryan Adams
11: Paranoid - Black Sabbath
12: Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones
13: Bad Company - Bad Company
14: Panama - Van Halen
15: Stay With Me - Ryan Adams
16: Heart Of Glass - Blondie
17: Painkillers - Brian Fallon
18: Highway To Hell - AC/DC
19: Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
20: Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
21: Murder Incorporated - Bruce Springsteen
22: Stay Vicious - The Gaslight Anthem
23: Layla - Derek and the Dominos

Spotify (thanks @thebellenouvelle ) // Apple Music


BK: The crown jewel atop the Little Ba Sing Se Fashion Mall is a miniature version of the Earth Kingdom’s Royal Palace. It looks pretty nice from the outside but houses a tacky family buffet restaurant on the inside. William was a great artist from day one on Korra, but by the time we got to Book Four he was on fire! His designs of this oddly shaped, incredibly complex location are clear as a bell and easy on the eye.

MD: Sometimes the ideas that seem ridiculous at first end up being just the things you need for the story. The little Ba Sing Se Fashion Mall was one of those ideas. At first I thought it was too over the top, but when combined with Prince Wu’s desire for importance and relevance, this microcosm of his kingdom perfectly supported his character arc. The Republic City Four Elements is the city’s poshest hotel and the first choice for discerning travelers and world leaders who appreciate the finest in luxury and service. Prince Wu loves it so much, he’s taken up permanent residence. Designs by William Nanqing Niu, Christine Bian, and Angela Sung. Paintings by Lauren Zurcher, Lane Garrison, and Emily Tetri. [x]