Lane Patriquin here. I’m the creator and administrator of Life Outside The Binary. I’ve been going by “newt” since the beginning, but since I’ve become involved in several nonbinary projects online, I’ve decided it’s time to step away from the pseudonym to kind of consolidate my internet presence.

At this point, visibility as a nonbinary transgender advocate has become more important to me than my anonymity, and I feel like I could benefit the community more by making myself available on multiple platforms and putting a face to the name (and a name to the nickname) as it were. So yeah, i’ll be going by my real name on this blog from now on. Pleased to meet you.



Doodling for a cause: Shanghai’s artists freshen up old alley

‪Graffiti‬ artists in ‪‎Shanghai‬ have remolded an old wall along a lane (known as “longtang” in Chinese) with some rather fashionable artworks.

The 100-meter-long wall took on a brand new look on Sunday with colorful ‪‎doodles‬. The graffiti work, themed “Nature, Fashion and Dream,” was initiated by local artists and students from Sanda University. It took them 40 days to complete the entire wall.

The initiative was put into action after the artists found that the original paint on the wall had peeled off owing to years of neglect and an overabundance of paper advertisements pasted at different places.