Snow | If you haven’t seen the teaser for Travis Rice’s The Art of Flight consider yourself behind the times, in only a few seconds you can see why. With advanced camera shots and a Red Bull/ Quicksilver type-of-budget, what better way to put it to good use then by filming in the most awe inspiring locations available and displaying a talented group of free-riders featuring featuring Rice and Landvik, and Scotty Lago.


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Video Journal Entry #1

Tagging: Christina Laurent (feat. Rocket Landvik and Dylan Yates)
Time & Location: Janurary 22nd, 2016 @ Chevalier Agency HQ, France
Word Count: 1,235
Summary: Christina films her first video journal entry and has some difficulty.
Side Notes: This is a short para in a sort of script style that focuses mainly on dialogue. The formatting would be different if I was writing an actual script, but for Tumblr purposes, I did it this way. I just wanted to experiment with some writing and decided I would have Christina talking about her experience at her new job since she’s not at Clearbrook anymore. This one takes place a couple of weeks ago since it’s the first one. I’ll probably write some more later.

[Christina adjusts the camera on the computer and stares at the screen. More like glares.] Alright so…this is video journal entry one…[Christina looks away from the camera and calls out to Rocket.] Hey! Why do we even have to do this bullshit?
[Rocket comes into the area with a bottle of beer and a bowl of popcorn.] Something the psychiatrist suggest we do. To help us keep our sanity or whatever.
[Christina leans over in her chair.] It’s just a suggestion?!
[Rocket shrugs.] Yeah, but you know what they mean by suggestion.
[They both answer in unison.] Requirement.

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lastingcatalyst asked:

Elliot for ALL BD (or one from your newest ship :P)

I haven’t developed Elliott much unfortunately but u have given me an option and i HAVE developed Pål so GUESS WHO UR GETTING BUDDY

oc:  Pål Landvik

1:their voice

Like this!
2:their smile

It honestly probably seems like he either grins or doesn’t smile at all, no in between. His neutral expression makes him look pissed off, but he looks much friendlier when he smiles. Probably squints his eyes a bit when he does.
3:their greatest achievement

Moving to America, even if it is temporary. (he always gets homesick and returns to Norway eventually, it’s p much inevitable. Maybe he’ll stick around this time)
4:their insecurities

He has a resting murder face like no other and he hates that everyone is clearly nervous around him because of it (it especially hurts when it’s kids, he doesn’t like scaring kids)
5:their shortcomings

He’s really really timid, so he usually won’t really speak up if somebody is doing something that bothers him. With people he’s close to he eventually kinda does, but he doesn’t get directly to the point.
6:how they deal with grief

Doesn’t talk about it. He doesn’t say anything, just kinda retreats into himself and is quieter and more easily startled than normal for weeks until he eventually breaks down and starts crying. It’s not pretty.
7:how they like to dress

Punk. lots of black and red
8:what they like to eat

Anything but his mom’s lutefisk. He’s not a big fan of lutefisk. Other than that, he’ll try just about anything once. His favorite foods are probably comfort foods.
9:their theme

what does this question even mean
10:their fashion sense

Punk! Typically wears really big boots and a leather jacket with spikey things on the shoulders.
11:their family life

It’s just his mom. He’s got lots of aunts and uncles (some aren’t even actually related by blood, but might as well be), but he’s an only child. Plenty of cousins though.
12:their romantic life

he is really really gay. In our canon, he’s probably been nursing his crush on Pearce for a lot longer than he lets on. (but shh, nobody can kno)
13:their embarrassing memory from years ago

Once he ordered pizza and before he hung up he said “bye, love you” out of reflex. He refused to order pizza from them ever again out of fear of it being the same guy.
14:how they react to burning their tongue on food

He just continues eating it like nothing’s wrong but anyone who looks at him can tell he’s SufferingTM because he’s really not very good at acting
15:how they react to a brainfreeze

He makes a face but that’s about it. 
16:their dreams

He wants to travel and own a dog with somebody he loves
17:their ambitions

He’s determined to see as much of the world as he can.
18:how they sleep

He doesn’t move much, sleeps on his left side and curls up.
19:their reaction to betrayal

20:their reaction to a mystery love letter

Assume it’s a sick joke. Pretend it never happened. Secretly wonder who sent it.
21:how they react to pain

He does his best to act like he’s okay. If he’s complaining about it, you should worry.
22:what they’re like on two hours of sleep
Giggles at everything. Drinks loooots of coffee. 

”Guys how will i know if i’m having heart palpitations”
23:how they act when they’re sick

He continues life as usual. Feels weirdly embarrassed if he coughs “too much” in a quiet room.
24:what motivates them

Love of friends and family
25:why you enjoy them

He’s a sweetheart and fun to write dialogue for! My son tbh.

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Hi! I'm looking for male/female twins around 18-25 years old. The only physical specifics besides twins would be that they both need to have very pale eyes. Hair can be whatever, preferably with alternative colors but dont sweat it if thats a no go.

Michael Bailey Gates and Zhenya Katava, Emma Aars and Jakob Landvik, Chuck Achike or Brian Whittaker and Jasmine Sanders, Austin Davis and Monika Jagaciak, Aurora Aksnes and Jake Shortall, Greta Varlese and Erin Mommsen, DJ James and Renee Mittelstaedt



  • Christina doesn’t have an instagram, technically. She had never gotten interested in social media and she never really even liked people enough to be friends with them and connect with them.
  • How did these instagram pages get leaked? Rocket Landvik, Thais Alves, and Cassandra Laurent all came together and created a page for her and started to upload pictures. All pictures of Christina were taken without her noticing (or she noticed and didn’t think they’d actually put it up online).
  • Of course, Rocket, Cassandra, and Thais took some major silly photos of each other and posted their own selfies on Christina’s page and added some very sweet compliments about themselves.
  • The three girls brought Carter and Dylan, another one of Christina’s co-workers, in on the page, too. Cassandra pushed Thais to even add a picture of Mateo on there, which didn’t go over well for Christina or Mateo when they found out. 
  • Christina’s page wasn’t complete without adding some photos of her beloved dog, Nine. 
  • Christina recently found the page and nearly burned the Chevalier headquarters down. She has tried deleting the account, but thanks to Rocket and Thais putting their skills together, she can’t get in. She despises the username Cassandra chose and agrees with the bio that Thais wrote. 

Donna Says:  I had to reach back in my memory of long, long ago for this month’s title. I recommend this title if you enjoyed Landvik’sAngry Wives Eating Bon Bons or Robert Harling’s play, Steel Magnolias. If you desire a February pick that features strong, sisterly bonds, a bit of mystery, humor and sadness, then plan to spend time with the Norwegian sisters Patty Jane and Harriet.

Call Number: F LAN

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MUNDAY QUESTIONS – accepting | @hmnals

유 Who was your first muse?


For those of you who don’t know this child or any of his background of how I came to play this character: This is Lukas Ove Landvik. Originally, his name was Lukas Ove Bondevik (but I changed it because people didn’t like the last name Bondevik bc it was the same surname as some Norwegian politician who was sexist and stuff, but it was really kinda dumb since there was no relation at all), but this used to be my APH Norway child (yes, i was that trash). Some of his blogs are actually still up, and if you ask really really nicely, i might give you the urls and you can see how terrible of a writer I was back in those days. 

But I ended up revising this kid, made him very abrasive and vulgar with a hidden romance to him, and he’s my emotional baby who just wanted to be something different and new to the world. The best depiction of him is Dane Dehaan’s role in Kill Your Darlings as Lucien Carr. Like, absolutely perfect. You should all go watch that movie!