xmissconstructx-deactivated2017  asked:

2D and s/o having some quality time together?

(ahhhhh sorry I took so long answering this, hope you like it!)

Whilst you were pulling out the bowls from under the counter 2D was still a little confused about your plans.

“Wait, so what are we making again?”

“It’s just a sponge cake, nothing too complicated.” You set out all the equipment on the side, double checking the recipe to see if you had everything needed. The two of you had a day off and decided to do something stereotypically “couple-y.” There was a recipe you had been wanting to try for a while and you thought that it would be fun if 2D helped you out.

“You want me to measure everything out?” 2D asked picking up a bag of flour. You nodded as you went to line the cake tins. If you were being honest the two of you weren’t excellent cooks but it was nice being able to finally do something together. When 2D started sifting the flour it went every where and he couldn’t stop spluttering. Once the coughing died down he went on to the eggs and he ended up having more shell than actual egg. It wasn’t that he was a bad cook, it’s just the food he made was inedible at best and a biohazard at worst. He managed to mix up the rest of the batter without further incident. As you shoved it in the oven you gave him a panicked look. The kitchen was in ruins, how many ingredients did you even use? At this point you regretted not wearing aprons.

“Hey Y/N!” 2D said as you were attempting to clean up the landsite that was the countertop.

“What D?” You turned round to get splattered with left over cake mix. As you yelled in protest a shit eating grin found its way onto 2D’s face. Before he had the chance to get more batter you splashed him with some of the water from the sink. 

“Oh so we’re playing dirty are we?” 2D said slyly loading up the spatula.

“Shut up you started it!” Dodging his next attack you spritzed him with the plastic spray bottle by the sink. He was about to defend himself when you noticed the smoke coming up behind him. 

“Shit, the oven!” 2D spun around and frantically hurried to turn the oven off. He barely took the cake out of the oven without burning himself. You threw a damp flannel over it to stop the smoke. After a few minutes you examined whatever it was that you two had made. When you saw the creation you were surprised it hadn’t gained consciousness yet. You looked back at 2D who was now at the other side of the kitchen and he chimed in with an idea.

“Tescos sell sponge cakes right?”