landscaping qr

Here is a single tile path you can use to make pathways to houses etc! 

It goes perfectly with this path I made:


Couldn’t quite find any pavements that really fitted my ‘space’ theme in Camp Firefly so I made these mossy pavements for myself! Feel free to use them if you want, and tag me if you do so I can see! I’m kind of new to this whole qr thing but I hope to make some more designs in the future!

I think I may use these as stepping stones when I eventually get to landscaping!


Here is my latest path! I worked ages on it to perfect the stone pattern, the shading, the roses, the moss in the cracks, and the flower petals. If anyone wants, I could probably make it in another color for them as well. I also might add clusters of petals along the edges of the path someday when I have time. :)


I visited lanternflies ’s beautiful town of Paw Paw today. ∆their dream address: 7500-5312-8022 ∆10/10 bells! ∆additional comments: I really enjoyed Paw Paw! I loved the clover paths, and i thought the mushrooms scattered around town were so cute! ♡ the house I got to see was very cozy, but unfortunately, Lilac wouldn’t let me inside the other one.


Some of you are aware that I’m a moderator of a Facebook group called ‘Animal Crossing New Leaf Addicts’. We recently have become the largest New Leaf group on Facebook & we’re still growing!🙊 Eeep, I’m so happy how friendly & amazing the Animal Crossing community is.

Want to join our group? Just type in your search bar on Facebook our title & it will pop up. Our rules are in our pinned post.♡ We offer a ton of services & each moderator & admin has their own roles. We offer a item ordering thread ran by our hacking mods, custom qr designing, landscaping service, town rock editing service(you read that right), mayor art, bell service, town card making, & so much more! We even have a day on Fridays dedicated to anything non New Leaf related.

I’ve also reached 600 followers on Tumblr in such a short amount of time.🍃 It’s just really nice to have others who love the game as much as I do. People around here don’t really play it so it’s nice to have online places like these. Thank you.🙈