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For anon…we’re going to ignore the fact that the Golden Trio ran into Malfoy in the woods…otherwise, enjoy!

Panic overloading your senses, you were barely able to comprehend the chaos surrounding you. Death Eaters made their way through the camp, searching for Muggles. Terrified, you planned to try and outrun them. Your conscious, however, was trying to get you to help others.

Noting a little boy crying, your fear turned into worry. Without breaking stride, you pushed past others and toward the little boy. You picked him up and held him close to your body. He clutched onto you for dear life.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you,” you tried to soothe.

Your eyes darted around as you ran. This boy’s mother had to be around somewhere. After what felt like an eternity of running, you noticed a woman frantically calling out for her child. You could just barely hear the name being uttered.

“Is your name Parker?” you asked the boy in your arms.
“Y-Yes,” he sobbed.
“Is your mum wearing a blue scarf?”
He nodded again. “Uh-huh.”

With renewed vigor, you sprinted toward the woman. The little boy sat up as you slowed down. Once he saw his mother, he began to cry harder.

“Parker,” she cried.

Without giving her time to say anything, you pushed the woman, now holding her child, forward.

“Come on. We’ve got to keep running. Apparate if you can.”

The mother nodded as she began to run. You were just a few steps behind her. Suddenly, your body jerked to the side as someone clutched your hand. You dug you heels into the ground. Your eyes widened to see Draco. You shot your head back to the woman in child. You sighed with relief as you saw the woman apparate away. You faced Draco again as he pulled your wrist harder.

“Where are we going?” you called.
“To the forest. You have to be safe!”

So you ran. Draco gripped your wrist desperately the whole time. Had you not been running, you would’ve found it odd that Draco seemed to be caring for you. You always thought he had hated you. But, here he was, trying to get you to safety. It was a wonder you hadn’t apparated away yet.

Soon, the two of you reached the forest. The two of you stopped near a small pool of water. You drew in long and heavy breaths. The long distance you had ran finally caught up to your body. Your knees buckled. Draco quickly caught you.

“Are you alright?” he queried.
You nodded. “Just tired…Why…Why are you helping me?”
“The Death Eaters…they’re going after Muggles and mudbloods.”
“And…” you paused, “last I checked…you hardly cared.”

Draco audibly winced at that. You took in his features, considering he was so close. Only fear showed in his eyes, with a hint of…anger? Now that was confusing. You noticed his grip on you was firm. You continued to even out your breathing.

“You really care, don’t you?”
He lowered his gaze away from you. “I care about you.”

You blushed with shock. Hopefully it would just look as though you were drained. You glanced back toward the fiery landscape. Your eyes skirted up to the sky as the Dark Mark loomed over the campground. They finally rested on Draco. Had you been wrong about him all this time?

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OOHH how about McCree proposing to his s/o and being v nervous? :D

I loved writing this, thanks for the prompt sunshine! McCree’s so cute when he’s nervous!


McCree X Female!Reader. Fluff.

“Jesse, it’s going to be nightfall before we even get back to the base. Are you sure you know where you’re going?” You breathe against his back, looking out over the fiery landscape due to the setting sun. The glass blades look like they’re on fire and the trees glow like the wings on Mercy’s suit. Your arms wrap around McCree as you both ride along the back of a chestnut horse. He chuckles softly.

“Just a little longer, darlin’.” He says casually, but his heart is racing, and he fears you’ll sense it with your cheek resting against his back. He has to keep reminding himself he’s gotten this far, he can make it the rest of the way.

He presses the horse forward, the gentle stride strong and sure as it walks the familiar path. He’s memorized the trail by now, having come up and down it so many times in the past week. It was the perfect sight, and he made sure of it. He could give you nothing less as they pass a line of trees.

He swallows against the lump in his throat, feeling the ring in his pocket burn a whole against his skin. He has to repeatedly wipe his brow with the back of his hand, or pat his palms against the horse’s fur to get the sweat off. He’s obviously unhinge, but by some miracle, you haven’t taken notice of his jitteriness.

You’re the love of his life. He’s figured that out some time ago. Since the moment you first step into Overwatch. You smiled at him, and he was gone just like that. Tonight is going to be the most important night in both of your lives.

Tonight, he was going to ask you to marry him.

Even though he keeps touching his beard anxiously and glancing at you, you don’t see his nervousness.

You are so important to him. You change his whole life after all and now, he can’t see a future without you. So, why not make you officially his?

Even with all you’be been through, he’s still wondering what your answer will be when he pops the question.

When the horse breaks through the tree line, he feels your head turn and a small gasp escape your lips.

“Jesse?” You ask softly. “I thought we were going on a picnic.”

“We are, sugar. Just thought I might liven it up a bit.” He says, glancing back to take in your face at the scene he’s prepared.

It’s a beautiful meadow, and as the sun disappears behind the horizon, the multiple string of lights glow in the darkness. The light features going from white post to white post, and in the center of this little area is a beautifully long table set with plates and plates of food. It’s big enough to carter towards a dozen people. And the brightest point of all, is a white wooden arch with roses climbing over its decal with a hundreds of soft lamps shining on the spot.

He stops the horse, and sends a silent prayer of help before getting off. He turns to smile up at you, taking in your shocked face.

“Come on, darling’.” He says softly, holding his hand out to help you. He can’t identify if your shock is from glee, or horror. He swallows against the lump in his throat as he helps you down. The feeling of the ring like a firecracker against his leg. He’s surprised you can’t smell the burning smoke.

You walk forward, wide eye at the beautiful scenery.

“Jesse, this is so beautiful.” You speak in awe, hand in hand. He wonders if you can feel the trembling of his fingers against your smooth skin.

“Not as beautiful as you, sweetheart,” He throws in a pickup line, hoping to put himself at ease at his unusual routine.

You laugh, looking over at him with your bight eyes, “Oh come on, cowboy. You can do better than that.” You smirk playfully at him, giving his hand a squeeze.

“Actually, I reckon I can.” He says, feeling his heart hit his sternum as he leads you towards the arch.

You raise an eyebrow at him as he pulls you under the soft lights, right under the arch and the smell of roses fall upon you. The wonderful aroma is nothing compared to the cowboy’s smoky and pine needle scent you’ve come to know and love.

He pulls in a deep breath, letting his heart tell him to what to speak. He takes both your hands, holding them between you. His rough thumbs pressing against your knuckles.

“_____” He breathes your name, and this makes your mouth open in a little ‘O’ because rarely does he ever use your real name. The cowboy prefers his pet names for you, and usually reserves your name for serious moments.

“Somehow, in this big ugly world, I found you. You smiled at me and darling’, it was like the sun shining down. From that moment on, I just wanted to know you. You were kind enough to give me your time. A little by little, I found you even more beautiful each and every day. Your laughter, your sweet kisses, heck, even your snoring late at night.”

A small squeak of laughter escapes you, but you’re all too focus on his golden brown irises to do much else.

“And I’m been thinking for a while now, I don’t see me anywhere without you. I don’t see a future without you right beside me. All I see is you, and I know that’s what I’ve been looking for my whole life.”

His hands slip off of yours as he goes down on one knee. Your hands fly to your chest, right about your heart. As he slips the ring out of his pocket, he wonders if you can hear the drumming of his heart. He fears he’ll implode right here, and never know your answer.

“_____, will you marry me?” He breathes out, holding a silver ring with a single white diamond between his rough fingers. He looks up at you, at your wide eyes and open mouth. You can’t seem to find words as your hands clutch your chest. For one fleeting terrifying moment, he expects you to run, but just as he about to ramble on about something stupid, you smile.

“Yes.” You whispers as you bend forward and kiss his lips, your hands holding his face. You pull apart just for you to laugh and say:

“Yes, Jesse McCree, I will marry you!” You nearly shout.

You kiss him again, but this time he stands, wrapping his arms around you, giving you a deeper kiss. Then, he’s twirling you both under the lighted arch as both of your laugher echoes in the dark evening.

He stops, your eyes gleaming as you try to push back tears of joys. His robotic hand slides down your left arm, holding out your hand. You watch, breathing softly as he slips the ring onto your finger.

All of his fear, all of his worry, gone in just a flash of your smile. Even now, you’re saving him. He whoops and hollers out in joy, wrapping his arms around you just as faint cheering is heard from the tree line. You turn your head to see all the Overwatch members, people you consider to be your family rush forward towards you guys.

McCree turns your head for one last deep kiss, breathing against your skin as you take in the weight of the ring on your finger. You smile up at him as Tracer is the first to come crashing towards you guys.

“What did you say, what did you say?” She chirps as she stops right in front of you. You look behind her and see Mercy, Genji, Lucio, Reinhardt, Soldier 76,, and Ana all trailing behind. Flashes of light from Mercy’s and’s hands tell you that they’re taking pictures. As everyone crowds around, you feel your smile somehow widen as you raise your left hand in the air proudly for everyone to see your ring.

“I said yes!” You shout and McCree sweeps you up bridal style to give you another kiss. Everyone cheers and shouts as you taste his lips, smiling up at him. He sets you down as the cheering roars even louder, and everyone rushes forward to give their congratulations.

You give hugs all around, and everyone gives McCree thumps on the back or handshakes, asking if he’s really ready to get hitched. He looks at you across the crowd of people and smiles before saying:

“Never more prepared.”


Oak Silhouette by Carrie Cole
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