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BFU Demon!AU fics

Foolish Mortal By: ghostwheeze

Words: 14851 

Summary: After a demon encounters a teenage Ryan Bergara on-board the Queen Mary, the spirit decides to follow the entertaining boy around, eventually possessing a vessel to spend even more time with the kid. When they both land their own show where they investigate the paranormal, the demon - Shane - takes glee in watching Ryan try to interact with spirits. If only he knew there was one right next to him.

low lays the devil By: Spooks (agonizer)

Words: 13525 (5/8 chapters completed) 

Summary: Keeping Ryan Bergara alive and safe is a full-time job, and Shane Madej has his work cut out for him.

Don’t Want it Troubling Your Mind By: Crimsonflowerz

Words: 30799  

Summary: Shane Madej really liked Ryan Bergara. He was funny, a joy to mess with, and took his brand of teasing pretty well. He would consider him a friend, kind of. But when the team goes to investigate the Franklin Castle for ghosts, Shane gets more than he bargained for, and the results could cost him his friendship with Ryan.

My Haunting By: whattheheckdidyoudo

Words: 4712 

Summary: Shane was a demon. A fucking annoying one at that. No other entities of the fiery landscape could stand his smug smile when he got his way, his fine art of teasing, or the way his impressions sounded nothing like who he was going for. Now, he’s been banished to Earth, and he’s going to have some fun.

But You Needed Proof By: formosus_iniquis

Words: 7504 

Summary: A young priest is let in on a secret - demonic possession is real, and terrifying. But they are laughably easy to exorcise, and Ryan has caught the attention of one them.

Oh Well, Oh Well By: americanchemicals

Words: 1869

Summary: Shane was just a typical demon, adventuring with his boyfriend through different haunted locations. Little did his boyfriend know, but he was there to make sure that nothing sinister hurt his human. Ryan was just a regular demon, traveling to different haunted locations with his boyfriend for videos. Little did his partner know, but he was there to help move souls on to the next life.

My Haunting - Chapter One

Here’s a little Shyan fic I’ve started writing! It is based off my AU where Shane is a demon tormenting Ryan, and you can see that post here.

Here it is on A03:

New chapters will be out soon!

Shane was a demon.

A fucking annoying one at that.

No other entities of the fiery landscape could stand his smug smile when he got his way, his fine art of teasing, or the way his impressions sounded nothing like who he was going for.

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For anon…we’re going to ignore the fact that the Golden Trio ran into Malfoy in the woods…otherwise, enjoy!

Panic overloading your senses, you were barely able to comprehend the chaos surrounding you. Death Eaters made their way through the camp, searching for Muggles. Terrified, you planned to try and outrun them. Your conscious, however, was trying to get you to help others.

Noting a little boy crying, your fear turned into worry. Without breaking stride, you pushed past others and toward the little boy. You picked him up and held him close to your body. He clutched onto you for dear life.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you,” you tried to soothe.

Your eyes darted around as you ran. This boy’s mother had to be around somewhere. After what felt like an eternity of running, you noticed a woman frantically calling out for her child. You could just barely hear the name being uttered.

“Is your name Parker?” you asked the boy in your arms.
“Y-Yes,” he sobbed.
“Is your mum wearing a blue scarf?”
He nodded again. “Uh-huh.”

With renewed vigor, you sprinted toward the woman. The little boy sat up as you slowed down. Once he saw his mother, he began to cry harder.

“Parker,” she cried.

Without giving her time to say anything, you pushed the woman, now holding her child, forward.

“Come on. We’ve got to keep running. Apparate if you can.”

The mother nodded as she began to run. You were just a few steps behind her. Suddenly, your body jerked to the side as someone clutched your hand. You dug you heels into the ground. Your eyes widened to see Draco. You shot your head back to the woman in child. You sighed with relief as you saw the woman apparate away. You faced Draco again as he pulled your wrist harder.

“Where are we going?” you called.
“To the forest. You have to be safe!”

So you ran. Draco gripped your wrist desperately the whole time. Had you not been running, you would’ve found it odd that Draco seemed to be caring for you. You always thought he had hated you. But, here he was, trying to get you to safety. It was a wonder you hadn’t apparated away yet.

Soon, the two of you reached the forest. The two of you stopped near a small pool of water. You drew in long and heavy breaths. The long distance you had ran finally caught up to your body. Your knees buckled. Draco quickly caught you.

“Are you alright?” he queried.
You nodded. “Just tired…Why…Why are you helping me?”
“The Death Eaters…they’re going after Muggles and mudbloods.”
“And…” you paused, “last I checked…you hardly cared.”

Draco audibly winced at that. You took in his features, considering he was so close. Only fear showed in his eyes, with a hint of…anger? Now that was confusing. You noticed his grip on you was firm. You continued to even out your breathing.

“You really care, don’t you?”
He lowered his gaze away from you. “I care about you.”

You blushed with shock. Hopefully it would just look as though you were drained. You glanced back toward the fiery landscape. Your eyes skirted up to the sky as the Dark Mark loomed over the campground. They finally rested on Draco. Had you been wrong about him all this time?

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Oak Silhouette by Carrie Cole
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This evenings view off our deck!