photo by ©mustafakılınç

Vertical panorama - Created with 4 photos 
photo by ©mustafakılınç

Earth…is…epic…What a capture by @maxrivephotography #thednalife @thednalife


12:30 osaka by masaaki miyara
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I still could not fathom how I survived the Pinatubo Trail. The sun shined like a proud bastard, and the air, dry. I sure am not going to lose enough weight to fit me in skimpier shirts so I can only do so much to make something good out of this madness, use the camera I lugged along with this ride.

The group stopped to rest a few times, and to keep in theme, there were no great trees with overarching branches to give shade. What was there, though, were massive rocks and stones in slopes, knee-deep rivers with water so cold you’ll laugh for walking in nature’s contradiction.

Biking in lahar sand was another story. If it weren’t for the heat, you’d think you’re in spinning class. But then you’d realize that you’re actually moving a foot per minute! Fun times I’ll never do again.

But, yeah. Here are the photos I took. Blood, sweat, and sunburn.