Portents of Change to Come by hjl on Flickr.

Face in the clouds on a winter night.
2 sec, f/4, Tri-X, Canon FD 17mm f/4.0 on A-1. HC-110, 1:160, 78 min @ 18C semi stand

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No not at all. What part of this is nonsense? It’s a real physical thing, experimented through 3D scanning. It’s not computational coding, algorithms or parametrics. Thats matter and particles, to the naked eye normally unseen unless in some extreme levels of light. Maybe my explanation and metaphor doesn’t quite work with what’s being shown but at the same time the dust/ smoke is acting as a second set of walls within the confinement of the room that’s been scanned. The notion of immaterial is fascinating here and allows for thought on the perception of immaterial and how it can and can’t be used to build something Architectural and tectonic. Pretty is too much of a blase word to use in this context. It’s everything but pretty. It’s informative, spectacular, pervasive, unimaginable to some, fascinating, euphoric and downright unearthing.

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“A room inside a room as aposed to the derivation of palimpsest of a book inside a book.” So its complete nonsense but at least it looks pretty.