Hey! Long time no see. School is over (it actually has been for a few weeks “^^) and I’m finally posting my concept painting class final. The assignment was to take a pre-existing IP and mix it up (don’t remember the exact words used) so I did FVII but designed it as a for-TV cartoon. I personally based it off of SatAM haha.

The goal was to create protag, antag, vehicle, and weapon turn-arounds, as well as a landscape painting. However, after doing Cloud, Boko, and the Buster Sword, I learned that you only had to render the ¾ pose. Thus, Sephiroth remained unrendered.

We also were given some brushes by our professor to use, but I can’t remember where they came from, so I’m sorry if you want to know.

Anyway, enjoy the stuff I made for the project!

Good news for those of you who have asked to see videos of my painting process (or might be interested): I’ve started up a Youtube channel

These are snippets from a longer video I’ve posted. It’s a little over 18 minutes long and is the perfect thing to fall asleep to, because it’s just the sound of the ocean, some painting, and no blabbering on from me (just written commentary for those who want to know a little more).

It would make me very happy if you visited my channel and (only if you wish to) Liked and Subscribed. At the very least, thanks for the love you’ve shown me here on Tumblr. :)