Missouri based artist Adrian Cox’s fleshy “borderlands”  and their inhabitants may look off-putting and weird, but there is also natural beauty to be found in this imaginary world. His oil paintings, works on paper, and sculptures are all treated with the soft touch of 19th century Romantic landscape painting. Previously covered here, Cox’s human-like subjects called the “Border Creatures” have been compared to David Lynch’s Elephant Man; abstract lumps of skin and muscle with vague features. His latest series introduces new characters, “gardeners,” the caretakers of glowing mounds of birds, bugs and snakes.

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Last week, I visited the beautiful gardens at Nymans, a National Trust spot in the West Sussex countryside that has stood as an inspiration to landscape artists since the late 19th century. I took some photos with my brand new iPhone - getting a little carried away in the rose garden - and saw my old life-drawing teacher painting in the outdoor studio. Afternoon tea in the cafe rounded off a very English afternoon. No breaking of cultural stereotypes here.