House in Mülbach, Bolzano | Italy

Pedevilla Architects | Photos by Gustav Willeit

Pedevilla Architects has designed this monolithic family residence ‘Haus in Mülbach’ in Bolzano, Italy. It is set on the foothills of the alpine slopes and next to a flowing river, where the angularity of the roof mirrors, and the form of the neighboring mountains where the white-cement exterior contrasts against the forest greens of the surroundings.


Mill River Park and Greenway (Stamford, Connecticut)

Three primary goals: create a park that meets the recreational and civic needs of a diverse population, provide a natural habitat for native flora and fauna to flourish, and offer a vision that is economically viable, maintainable, and implementable in phases over time.

OLIN led a team of ecologists and civil engineers, collaborating with experts to create a comprehensive and ambitious framework for a park and greenway. The end result: a dynamic park that is viable, active and alluring, a continuous programmed edge along the banks of Mill River, and a “green zipper” that brings together neighboring communities with downtown Stamford.

By Olin