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A skylight​ is not just a view to the world above you, but ​a window to the world beneath. In this photo​,​ taken last month on the Puʻu ʻŌʻō crater at Kīlauea​ in Hawaii, a volcanic skylight reveals a river of molten rock, drifting just below the charred surface. It’s a powerful reminder of the forces at work below us. Photo by U.S. Geological Survey.

Functionally Dysfunctional Part 3

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Kagome was a highly affectionate person. He knew that. After all, he had married her and was devoted to her always.

But drunk Kagome was next level affectionate. Holding him closer than normal, patting his face, tell him she loved him. While it was awkward, especially with Miroku watching in glee, it was nice to realize how much she loved him.

“I like your face. Can I kiss it?” Kagome was running her delicate fingers all over his features, surprisingly soft considering how hard the liquor was that she had consumed.

“Yeah.” He closed the eye she was now caressing.

“Oh really?! Thank you!!!” She squealed with delight before planting a hard kiss near his mouth. He presumed she meant to kiss his mouth, but missed.

“Oh I just really like you. I’d like to marry you, Inuyasha.” She crawled even further into his laugh, and Inuyasha tried to ignore the howl of laughter that erupted out of Miroku. 

“You did,” he told her, already pinning his ears back to try to fight off the loud squeal of happiness that was going to come out of her. 

Inuyasha on his human night was always a sight to hold. He was a beautiful man, beyond her understanding. The way he was built was something that Michelangelo could only have dreamed to have painted. 

It was a wonder to her that others would have looked at him and not see how beautiful he was.

On his human night, he didn’t like to leave the house. Period. Kagome was fine with it, because she knew if he stepped outside, there would be flocks of women on him. And she wasn’t going to have that at all.

So they played games until he felt relaxed enough to sleep just a little bit. 

“Uno!” She giggled at him, knowing how much he hated card games. His eyebrows furrowed as he regarded her over his large hand of cards. 

He tried, she’ll give him that. He played a really good game, but in the end she was the one who prevailed (as was typical on game night).

He was shuffling for another game when Kagome stuck out the box instead.

“What? You’re tired of kicking my ass?” His eyes glinted as he realized what she was suggesting with her move, but he wasn’t about to let his opportunity to mock her go. 

“Maybe. Or maybe I think it’s time for a bath…” she trailed off as he put the cards in the battered UNO box.

Kaede had only seen them holding hands once. And it was by accident. She happened to look up at the two of them in a window where Inuyasha was ‘surveying his landscape’ for a lack of a better understanding of what he was doing, when Kagome walked over and took his hand. Kaede had thought that maybe a kiss or two would follow, but the two just stood and looked out the window together for a while.

She doesn’t know how long though, because she quickly looked away, feeling as though she had trespassed on an intimate moment. 

“He calls her ‘woman’ and ‘wench’ on a regular basis. I’ve heard it!” One of the neighbors,Hojo, had come to gossip about the odd pair. He had clearly had eyes for Kagome, and for some reason, Inuyasha was the only one out of the two who had realized it.

Kaede smoothly responded with “she calls him ‘dog-boy’ too. I think it’s just their pet names for each other.”

“I just don’t get it! How does a man like that get a woman as beautiful as Kagome?!” 

“She loves him. You don’t pick the people you love, you just love them with all your heart and soul. Those two are a living example if there ever has been one.” Kaede continued to look at her garden. Inuyasha had done a nice job trimming the rose bushes. She’d have to tell Kagome to thank him for her, since anytime she attempted to start a conversation, he managed to vanish. 

“Maybe she’s bewitched!” Hojo continued. “Clearly, he has her under some spell! I should save her before her lack of judgment ruins her!”

“The only thing with a lack of judgment is you, HOBO! Stay away from my wife!” Inuyasha hollered through his living room’s open window. 

Kagome let out an indignant “Inuyasha!” while Kaede had to catch her breath over how hard she had laughed. 

Hojo made himself scarce for a while, but he was too dense for his own good, and Kaede knew he would be back after a bit. And Inuyasha would be waiting for him.

 Where Kagome was oblivious, Inuyasha saw all, and where Inuyasha was blind, Kagome saw it all. It made them quite the pair. 

When Bad Holidays Happen to Good Highlanders

This is a continuation of a snuggle prompt from @bkst-tutu1b and for @awesomeeyeroll


He held up her hand and kissed it gently. “I wouldn’t have it any other way mo nighean donn.”

Jamie felt very out of place at the upscale Spanish resort that was chosen for their holiday. Of course he wasn’t going to argue when someone else foot the bill for the entire two weeks. Rupert’s fiancee was absolutely adamant about him avoiding the “bad” part of the island and paid for their all-inclusive stay in advance. Fortunately for them, she was at her own hen ‘do several countries away and the guiltless cousins were on their way to a debauched pub crawl.

“Wait, we’re going to a dance club that puts foam on the dance floor on purpose?” Jamie laughed. “Why in the name of all things deep fried and delicious would they do that Rupe?”

Rupert held up one finger. “Aye.” He then held up a second finger. “Dunno.”

“As soon as I find myself a wee senorita and good whisky I won’t care why!” Angus bellowed. He had started the celebration a few hours and most of a fifth ago so his volume control was nonexistent.

“Haud yer wheesht, man!” Rupert groaned. “We’ll be there soon. You can yell your fool head off then.”

“I’ll go,” Jamie conceded. “I’ll drink. And since it’s a €35 all you can drink booze buffet I’ll ask for your forgiveness now.”

Soon enough they were sitting in the club with a run of shots in front of them and surveying the landscape. Rupert and Angus were in their happy place while Jamie couldn’t hear himself think. His phone vibrated in his pocket as he finished his second drink.

It was his godfather reminding him to do his physio and take his meds while he was in Spain. Murtagh knew the trio had little on their minds aside from reaching their hedonistic goals. His shoulder immediately began to ache as if it knew his plans. The joint had been injured multiple times on the shinty and football field so the nurse had warned him he could need surgery soon.

“Air-con hurting your brawling arm, love?” Angus teased. He had also jumped into the fray, losing yet another tooth. He might have thrown the first punch but still couldn’t recall anything after the wedding mass.

Before Jamie could think of a witty reply the overhead speakers announced the countdown to the foam launch. His cousins coaxed him onto the floor with promises of food, always a winner.

It was fun for a while, until he started itching. His allergies! He hadn’t even thought he might have to deal with new allergies there. As he began to rub his eyes he lost his balance and ran into someone.

Con permiso, por favor.  Excuse me, lass!” he yelled over the music. Whoever they were put their small hands on both of his arms, turned  him, then pushed his chin up. He opened his eyes when the scent of a familiar perfume tickled his nose.

“Excuse you?” she yelled back. “I fix you up and that’s all I get? Bloody Scot! I should dislocate it again you fool!”

Instead of returning her bluster he kissed her, something he had wanted to do from the moment he saw her bathed in yellow hospital hall lights looking like an angel.

He smiled a little when she got on her tiptoes to push back into his kiss. It also confirmed he had made the right choice. She broke the kiss when she heard him giggle after she grabbed his arse to pull him closer.

“Should I do that again, Fraser?” she laughed.

He nodded with a laughably solemn look on his face. “Would I be safe in assuming you would like to be repaid in kind as well?” he proposed.

“Yes! And am I safe to assume we can continue this back in Scotland and this isn’t just a holiday fling?”

He held up her hand and kissed it gently. “I wouldn’t have it any other way mo nighean donn.”

Excuse me, Mr. President but your tantrum tweet storm this morning attacking the mayor of San Juan, a fellow American citizen dealing with a real-time life and death struggle for hundreds of thousands of her constituents on an island of millions in crisis, is not only far below the dignity of the office you hold. It fails even the most basic test of humanity.

Did she have harsh words for your Administration’s response to the aftermath of Hurricane Maria? Yes. It’s called a reality check, and one that conforms to every firsthand account coming out of Puerto Rico no matter how much you try to deflect with your “Fake News” epithets. To take this personally is to put ego before country. And you also blame the Puerto Ricans themselves? That they want “everything done for them”? No. They just expect to be treated as any other American would.

I have seen more than my share of wretched desperation over the course of my career. I have reported from crisis zones where matters of life and death hang moment to moment in the balance between action and inaction, where communication is limited, and the sense of panic is building. I have seen the most steadfast of leaders feel the crushing weight of responsibility as they survey a landscape of almost incomprehensible need.

It does not take a saintly amount of compassion or empathy to feel for those who are struggling to stay alive, who are worried for the fate of family and friends, and who have seen so much that they have known and loved blown and washed away. You swore to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States” and that means a responsibility to look out for all Americans, even if they live on an island in the ocean, or look different or even speak a different language than what you think is America.

I worry that whoever has your ear has not adequately impressed upon you the gravity of this situation, or even the political price you are likely to pay (although that can be no where near the top concern at the moment). Or perhaps you have been told and haven’t listened.

Regardless, what Puerto Rico needs now is not rhetoric but help, not a bumbling response, but the precision and competence we expect of our government. I do not believe “blame the victim” is what Americans expect of their president.

Dan Rather

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Percabeth, 15. (Loud, so everyone can hear it)

Prompt: Loud, so everyone can hear it

It was New Year’s Eve, and the streets of New York City were covered in a blanket of white. Benches and lampposts were nearly swallowed by the snow drifts, and patterns of frost decorated every window.

Percy and Annabeth trudged down the sidewalk, shielding their faces from the blustering winter wind with their arms.

“So much for a walk in the park,” Percy grumbled. He adjusted his scarf so that it covered his chin.

“Hey, plans don’t always work out,” Annabeth said. “I’m sure we’ll find somewhere we can duck into and wait for the weather to clear.”

Sure enough, Percy managed to spot a coffee shop nestled between two high-rises several feet ahead. He slung his arm around Annabeth’s shoulders and steered her through the threshold.

Heat chased away the cold that clung to their clothes as the door slammed behind them. Squashy armchairs were scattered throughout the room. Employees dressed in aprons bustled behind a counter at the opposite end of the shop. The roar of the wind was silenced by the sounds of silverware scraping against plates and patrons murmuring amongst themselves.

The couple seated themselves at a table beside a window overlooking the ice-covered street. They shucked off their scarves and coats and draped them across the back of their chairs.

Annabeth sighed and gazed out the window. “You know, when you’re not in the middle of it, the snow looks peaceful.” Her stormy eyes surveyed the landscape, taking in the dips and curves of the snowbanks and the ornate patterns formed by the ice on the asphalt.

“It’s incredible how nature can form such sophisticated arrangements,” she observed. “Every single one of those snowflakes is perfectly symmetrical, and no two of them are the same.”

Percy watched her with a lovesick smile on his face as she continued. His internal monologue was soon replaced by thoughts of how Annabeth’s eyes matched the swirling gray clouds overhead, or how her golden curls stood out against the white landscape outside the window. He wanted to climb onto the table and shout to the whole coffee shop about how much he loved Annabeth. However, he didn’t do anything of the sort, because that would mean he would have to look away from her.  

Double Trouble

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Summary: Relentlessly pranking the Winchesters had become a normal excuse to hang with your favourite Trickster, but both of you were so lost in the excuse that neither of you dared to admit the real reason behind the disguise.

Tags: Trickster, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Fluff

Warnings: Language

Relationship: Gabriel x Reader

Author’s Notes: This was super fun to write, most of my writing lately has been on the smut side, so it’s nice to finally produce some fluff. Let me know what you think!

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Steggy fic:  Still Right Here (1/7)

AUTHOR: indiefic  
CHARACTERS: Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Natasha Romanoff
PAIRINGS: Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter
FANDOMS: Captain America (movies)
RATING: Explicit (eventually)
SUMMARY:  My Logan inspired Steggy fic.

Beneath the stains of time
The feelings disappear
You are someone else
I am still right here

 - Nine Inch Nails “Hurt”

Steve pulled the truck into the charging station, and looked over at Peggy.  She was staring out the window at the desolate desert landscape.  The same thing she’d been doing for the last three hundred miles.  “You need to get out?” he asked.

She didn’t respond.

Unsurprised by Peggy’s lack of reaction, Steve opened the door and stepped out of the truck.  He bit back a groan, steadying himself against the truck’s dented side.  The truck was a piece of shit.  An old crew cab, with a truck cap in the back.  He’d had to put in a couple hundred dollars to replace some battery leads for the solar panels last week.  He hoped like hell it didn’t start acting up again.

Steve flexed his stiff muscles.  He was still beat to hell from last night’s gig.  And on top of it, he was just old.  He set the charger into the port on the truck and surveyed the landscape.  A whole lot of nothing but dirt and wind and heat.

For a while, after SHIELD first defrosted him, Steve wondered if he would age.  Seventy years in the ice and he came out looking exactly the way he’d looked going in.  He thought maybe the serum prevented it. For years it seemed like the passage of days had no effect on his body.  

Now, he wondered if nature was making up for lost time.  He was old.  Everything hurt.  His left arm was never going to be completely functional again.  His left hand wasn’t good for much.  He needed fucking glasses, though he refused to wear them.  Peggy, for all her problems, was at least physically young.  She could read the highway signs that were nothing but a blur to him.

Steve went into the little convenience store, glancing back to Peggy to make sure she was staying in the truck.  It didn’t look like she’d moved at all.  He grabbed a couple liters of water, grimacing at the price.  It was extortion.  

But they needed water.  No way around that fact.

He paid the service bot for the water, and the charge, and went back to the truck.  He handed Peggy one of the liters.  She took it, immediately opening it and drinking deeply.  He wondered how long she’d been thirsty.  He didn’t wonder if she would have ever mentioned it to him.  He knew she wouldn’t have.


“And the winner is Nomad!” The PA crackled and popped and there was a smattering of boos and a tepid round of applause.  Steve held up his hand, breathing hard.  He looked at his opponent, still picking himself up off the mat.

Ten minutes later, Steve was sitting on the table in the cramped, smelly trainer’s room in the back of the auditorium.  Booker shook his head, taking the e-cig out of his mouth and setting it aside.  “Jesus, Steve.  You should get this checked out at one of those med pop ups.”

Steve didn’t say anything.  Both he and Booker knew he wasn’t going to get checked out.

In the corner, Peggy watched it all silently.  Steve was bare to the waist and Booker was cataloging his injuries, treating them as best he could.  These matches were supposed to be staged, a good show for the crowd.  But more often than not, some kid would try and make a name for himself by taking down a former Avenger.  Steve could still kick their asses, but it was a lot more work than it used to be.  He was so fucking tired.  He just wanted to get through the gig, get his pay, and get on the road.

“Just tape me up so I can get the hell out of here.”  They both knew Booker would be taping him up again in a few days.

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Sing Me To Sleep

I read the date wrong, I thought the posting date was the 25th, I’m so sorry omg.

This is my (belated) Voltron Positivity Day thing for @pidgy-draws. I hope you like it!


They were falling.

Lance was screaming. Keith was screaming. The lions weren’t responding.

They were going to crash.

Blue hit the ground hard, landing on her back and skidding across the red-brown dirt.

Lance fiddled with the controls, desperately trying to get his lion back in the air.

“Come on, girl. Talk to me…”

“Lance. Are you okay?”

Lance had never been so relieved to hear that voice.

“Keith! I’m good. Blue isn’t, though.”

“Same over here. Send me your coordinates. I’ll come find you.”

Lance made sure his wrist computer was functional and sent Keith his location. “Be careful. We don’t know what lives on this planet.”

“Can you do a few scans?” Keith asked. “Get some information about the planet?”

“On it.”

Blue was functional enough to tell him about the planet, at least. He pulled up a map.

“The planet we’re on is called X573 Eta. Good news is, we’re not that far from civilization. Bad news is, we’re smack in the middle of Galra space. The atmosphere is a thin mixture of hydrogen and a gas I don’t recognize, but it looks super toxic. There seems to be no life other than us.”

“Good. We can let the lions recharge in peace while we locate the others.”

Lance was thankful the lions had self-healing properties. Otherwise they might never leave this planet.

Keith dropped through the hatch on Blue’s head a few minutes later. “How is Blue?”

Lance swiveled around in his chair. “She’s managing. She still can’t fly—”

The floor shook. Blue stood and roared.

“I stand corrected,” Lance said. “Let’s get you to your lion.”

He grinned. Even after he and Keith were thrown on a foreign planet by a malfunctioning wormhole, shivers went down Lance’s back each time he and Blue jumped into the air. He loved flying.

Keith’s breath on the back of his neck made it difficult, though.

Shut it, Lance. Concentrate on steering.

As they flew to the Red lion, Lance surveyed the landscape below them. There was, as Blue had told him, no life. There were no structures of any kind. The entire surface was flat, covered in nothing but rust-colored dirt.

Lance carefully landed Blue next to Red, who was sprawled out on her side, her eyes dark. Lance didn’t think she’d be getting up anytime soon.

Lance fiddled with his gloves while Keith tried, unsuccessfully, to reawaken his lion. After about ten minutes, Keith groaned into his helmet.

“Lance, she’s not moving. Get down here and help me.”

Lance smirked. “Didn’t anybody ever teach you manners, mullet? What do you say?”

The response came in the form of an exaggerated sigh and a monotonous “Please, oh great and powerful Lance, assist me in reviving my lion.”

Lance couldn’t help giggling as he made his way to the Red lion. “Okay, okay. How could I resist aiding someone so polite?”

“Shut up.”

Lance knocked on Red’s head hatch. “Open up, Keithy boy.”

“Why do you insist on making up dumb nicknames?”

“To annoy you, of course. Open the door so I can fix your lion.”

The hatch slid open, and Lance slipped through.

Keith was in the pilot’s chair, his back to Lance.

“So,” Lance started as he approached the other boy, “what seems to be the problem?”

“Everything,” Keith answered, swiveling to face Lance. “The power’s off. I can’t find a way to get it back on. There’s no localized blockage, no fried wires. Nothing’s really damaged. She just won’t wake up.”

Lance thought for a moment. “Did you think to reboot the system?”

“Of course I did. There isn’t a system to reboot. Nothing is working.”

“Well, maybe she’s hibernating for a reason,” Lance offered.

“Such as…”

Lance shrugged. “I… don’t know. Cats are weird. Maybe she sensed something and is playing dead?”

Keith raised an eyebrow. “But wouldn’t Blue sense it too? She’d have at least some reaction.”

“True. Maybe Red is just tired and wants a nap. We had a pretty intense fight back there. We should probably just leave her alone for a while.”

Lance was expecting Keith to counter, but he nodded. “Okay. Let’s explore the planet in Blue. We have nothing else to do until Red is healed.”

“Uh… okay.”

As Lance expected, the rest of the planet was pretty flat. They circled around, scanning the surface. It was just one giant desert.

And Lance could see why.

There was no wind, the atmosphere was as thin as a piece of paper, and the heat was intense. The small desert planet orbited a twin star system. Both of its suns were blue giants, and they weren’t that far away.

It was a death planet.

As they circled back to the Red lion, they came across the first structures that they had seen on this world.

And boy, were they impressive.

Tall rock spires, dozens of them, shot into the air. The shortest of them was still miles tall.

Lance put on a burst of speed and flew to the top of one of them.

The spires were flat at the top, and wide enough for both of the lions to comfortably sit. Lance marked the rock garden on his map. If anything, he wanted to get some pictures for the scrapbook he was making before they left.

The boys returned to Red, expecting to find her recharged enough to fly. Instead, they found creatures crawling all over her.

“What is that?!” Keith exclaimed. “Lance, I thought you said this planet is uninhabited!”

“I did!”

Keith moved to the back, so that he was standing on Blue’s lower jaw. “Drop me down there and cover me.”

Lance hit the eject button, and Keith was thrown out.

“Okay, girl,” Lance said. “Just you and me. We gotta protect your sister.”

She purred, a warm feeling wrapping around his mind. Lance grinned.

“Let’s do this!”

He and Blue hovered above the Red lion, picking off the creatures one by one. They were careful not to hit Red herself, and only fired at the aliens around her.

“Keith, are you inside yet?”

“Yeah. I’m inside. I think she’s waking up, but she’s taking her time.”

“Those things are climbing all over you. If I shoot at them, I might hit your lion instead.”

“Shoot the ones you can. We’ll have to be patient.”

In a few ticks, Red was up and roaring. She was visibly mad. She shook the aliens off of her and attacked them, but to Lance’s surprise, she didn’t jump into the air.

“Keith? You okay?”

“Lance, I’m grounded! Red can’t fly. Two of her thrusters were knocked out by those aliens. We’ll have to fix that manually.”


They took out the rest of the aliens, which took considerably longer than either of them expected. Soon there were dozens of bodies littering the dry ground. Lance tried not to think about it.

He landed Blue a ways from the dead aliens and ran to the Red lion, dragging his entire maintenance kit behind him. Keith was outside, examining her back paws.

Lance whistled. The damage looked bad. Both of Red’s back thrusters were completely busted. The boys would need all of the spare alien glass in both of their repair kits to fix it, and even then it might not be enough.

“I wish Hunk were here.”

Keith snorted. “We’re not that lucky.”

“I wish I’d paid more attention when he gave us that mini repair tutorial.”

“Wishing won’t do us any good now. Let’s just do the best we can. We can use the front thrusters to compare.”

They set to work. They had to stop frequently for water breaks due to the extreme heat of the planet, but eventually they fit the last piece on the last paw. They stood back to examine their handiwork.

“Well,” Lance said, “it’s not pretty, and definitely not long-term, but it should last long enough for us to find the others. Let’s test it out.”

Lance felt a swell of pride when Red successfully leapt into the air. He tried not to think about how many times his and Keith’s hands had accidentally touched while they were fixing Red.

Lance, stop being gay and focus, Lance chided himself. We’ll sort this out another time.

A wary Keith pulled Lance from his thoughts. “Uh… Lance?”


“Didn’t we kill those aliens?”


“They’re getting back up.”

“What the —”

Lance swung Blue around. The aliens they had just defeated were getting up again. They were charred, scratched, and smushed. Some of then were missing limbs.

“How the fuck?!” Lance yelled.

“Guess we have to kill them again!”

Lance and Keith quickly wiped out the aliens — again — and set down on the ground. Or in Keith’s case, fell to the ground.

“Keith! Are you okay?”

Keith groaned. “Lance! It didn’t work. Red can’t fly.”

“Well. Shit.”

“What now?”

“We sing to the flight goddess?”

“Please don’t start singing.”

“Oh, shut up, mullet. I’ll have you know, I have the voice of an angel.”

“I’m sure.”

“If you’re lucky, you’ll get to hear it one day.”

Lance sat back and closed his eyes. Help me out, Blue.

Blue purred, wrapping his consciousness in her own. She was so big, so immense, that Lance knew he would be safe in her. Everything would be okay.

Blue pulled back slightly. The movement was so sudden Lance jumped. “Blue?”

Danger. Behind.

Lance whirled around. “Keith! They’re coming back!”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Lance watched as the hostile aliens rose again. All of them… except for one.

There was one on the corner, a gruesome-looking thing with a large head and countless appendages. Lance noticed a hole straight through its head. One of the lions had probably stepped on it just the right way.


Whatever the reason, the alien wasn’t getting up.


“Lance, come help me!”

“Hit them in the head!”


“Hit them in the head!” Lance repeated.

“Might be a little difficult. I don’t even know if some of them have heads.”

“Just trust me!”

As they fought, Lance focused his lasers on what he hoped were their attackers’ heads. There were plenty different types of aliens — no two looked the same — so Lance did his best.

Blue slipped an idea into his head. A strange one, sure, but Lance had seen stranger.


“Why do you keep shouting my name?”

“I think I know why these aliens didn’t show up on Blue’s life scan.”

Keith blasted a large giraffee-like alien and stomped on a small horde. “Why?”

“They’re zombies.


Lance knocked a small, furry alien into the ground. “Think about it. It makes sense. They didn’t show up on the life scan because they’re dead. They don’t die unless you hit them in the head. And they don’t seem to feel pain. They don’t stop until their brain is destroyed.”

A pause while Keith considered it.

“Lance, that’s ridiculous.”

“Don’t tell me Red hasn’t suggested the same thing. And it’s the only thing that makes sense. Do you have a better conclusion?”

Keith sighed. “Fine. Maybe you’re right. But that just means we’d better not get close.”

Once they killed the rest of the zombie-aliens — actually killed them — Keith joined Lance in the Blue lion as they discussed what to do next.

Lance pulled his helmet off. “Fuck, it’s hot.”

Keith nodded. “We have to get off this planet. Our water supply won’t last very long. Maybe a few quintants at most.”

“Well, we killed the zombaliens, so that’s something.”

Keith scowled at him. “We are not calling them that.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s dumb, and because we have more important things to worry about. Like how we’re gonna get home.”

“We can’t broadcast anything,” Lance said. “It’ll be picked up by the Galra, and we’ll be toast.”

“What if we broadcasted something that isn’t visible to the Galra?” Keith suggested.

“Like what?”

“We could send out a message on a frequency that other ships don’t pick up. Like that time on Korbela a few months ago, when we sent out a message on an outdated frequency?”

Lance nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah! That might work. We don’t have Pidge with us this time, but I think I remember how to do it. We can record the message and then I’ll try to broadcast it.”

He jumped up and activated Blue’s microphone. “Attention, Castle of Lions. This is Lance and Keith. We landed on a planet called X573 Eta. Be careful, it’s right in the middle of Galra occupied space. Blue is doing great, but Red can’t fly. Come get us as soon as possible. Red and Blue out.”

Lance could feel Keith hovering over his shoulder as he tried to recall the frequency they had used. The Castle was super old, as was its communicators, so all they had done was broadcast on a frequency that was used in the day of the Castle but had been abandoned by modern radios.

He found one that looked familiar and hoped it was right. “Okay, here we go.”

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” Keith said.

Lance grinned over his shoulder. “So do I.”

With the click of a button, he sent the message out. He knew it would carry for hundreds of light-years before the signal faded. He just hoped his team was close enough.

“Welp, that’s all we can do for now,” Lance said, lowering himself against the wall. “Now we just wait and hope.”

Keith sat beside him. Lance noticed that their shoulders and thighs were touching. He stopped noticing it and focused on something else. Anything else.

He ended up staring at a scratch on the wall for five dobashes or so before something pulled him out of his not-Keith-induced trance.

He looked up at the holoscreen. “Blue, what is that?”

The screen flashed, and a part of it was filled with video footage from behind the lion.

Lance and Keith gaped at the sight.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of zombaliens were surrounding the lions. There were so many, the ground wasn’t visible beneath them all.

“The zombaliens called their friends,” Lance breathed.

“What could have attracted them like this?”

“The signal,” Lance realized. “They must have sensed the signal we broadcasted.”

“We gotta get out of here,” Keith said, his voice higher than usual.

“Should we try to fight them?”

“Lance, there’s too many of them. I won’t even be able to get to my lion. We have to go.”

Lance was already in his seat. “What about Red?”

Keith chewed his lip, which was definitely not cute, goddammit Lance. “We’ll have to leave her.”

“We can’t just leave her here. She’ll be destroyed!”

“What else is there to do?” Keith shouted.

“Maybe Blue can carry her. I’m gonna try it.”

Lance lifted off the ground and took a deep breath. Help me out here, Blue. You know what to do.

Blue opened her mouth and carefully closed her jaws around the Red lion’s neck. Lance pushed the thrusters and turned on a small boost that Pidge had installed (which was safer than pod booster fuel, thank goodness).

Lance flew as fast as he could to the first place that came to his mind.

“Lance?” Keith questioned. “Where are you going?”

“The rock garden,” Lance replied. “The zombies shouldn’t be able to reach us on top of those spires.”

Lance cheered internally when the rocky towers were in sight. He dropped the Red lion as gently as he could on the nearest one, and landed Blue. Lance looked at Keith, desperation in his eyes. “We have to get out of here.”

Keith nodded, but stayed silent.

Lance peered out of the front window. “Keith, whatever we’re gonna do, we’d better do it fast. Those zombaliens are moving pretty fast toward us.”

Keith was pacing now, helmet off, tugging at his hair. “I… don’t know. I don’t know. Lance, there’s no way we can go right now. I can feel Red, but her consciousness is weak. We can’t do anything. We’re helpless.”

Below them, the aliens were stacking on top of each other, leaning against the spire, and running in to it. The ground shook slightly.

“They’re trying to knock it over,” Lance realized. “Keith, look at me. Red has to fly. There is no other option.”

Keith nodded once and put his helmet on. “Okay. You’re right. I’m going to get her.”

Keith exited the Blue lion. Lance watched him, flinching with every quiver of the ground. They were very high up. If they fell, they would fall hard.

Some of the aliens were in the air, and Lance almost gave up right then and there, because of course some of them could fly, of fucking course.

Keith was almost to his lion when the tower started to fall.

The look of helplessness on the Red paladin’s face as he realized what was happening crushed Lance.



The amount of time it took for Blue’s thrusters to turn on was too much, the speed Keith was falling was too fast, and the flying zombies were gaining on him. Keith’s bayard was ripped out of his hands, and Lance didn’t know what was wrong with his jetpack other than it was not working.

No, no, no, no, no!

Blue, go faster!

Keith was kicking at the flying zombies, but he had zero maneuverability. He was already bruised and bleeding in several places by the time Lance caught him.

Everything was a blur. Lance’s mind refused to register the fact that Keith was bleeding out on the floor of the Blue lion.

Then he saw Red.

Red, whose thrusters were busted. Red, who was barely able to move. Red, who was physically unable to fly.

Red, who was tearing the shit out of some aliens.

Blue was getting attacked by the flying aliens, but she could hold her own. Lance had put her on autopilot in favor of caring for Keith. Both of the boys watched in awe as Red roared and blasted fire at the horde, reducing a good number of zombies to ashes.

With Red in a fighting frenzy, the two lions took out the rest if the zombaliens in less than nine dobashes. When it was over, Red’s eyes went dark, and she fell to the ground.

Lance couldn’t worry about that, his teammate was dying in his arms. He pulled a med kit off of a shelf and rooted through it for bandages. He pulled most of Keith’s armor off. He told himself that Keith would be okay.

Lance cleaned and wrapped a large gash on Keith’s side, then started cleaning the blood off of his face.

“Lance,” Keith croaked.

“No,” Lance interrupted. “Don’t speak. Save your strength.”

“But —”

“Whatever you want to tell me, you can tell me after you’re fully healed and not dying —”

“I love you.”

Lance paused, the wipe in his hand hovering over Keith’s nose. He let it sink in.

He loves me???

Lance couldn’t think of anything to say, for a change.

“And you decided to tell me this now because why?” He finally asks. 

“Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m dying. I wanted you to know. Even if you don’t feel the same. I just wanted you to know in case I don’t have another chance.”

“Um, no. No, no, no, no, no. Don’t say that. You are not allowed to die, nope, you have to live so we can discuss this later because I’m in love with you too.“ 

Tears are streaming down Keith’s face. Lance’s own cheeks are damp.

A few ticks pass before Keith blurts out “Sing to me.”


“You said if I was lucky I’d get to hear your voice. Well, you love me, so I’m feeling pretty goddamn lucky.”

Lance wracked his brain for something to sing. He decided on a song from one of his favorite childhood movies, one that had been stuck in his head for the past week.

Dancing bears, painted wings.
Things I almost remember.

He leaned down and kissed Keith softly as he sang. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too.”

Far away, long ago.
Glowing dim as an ember.
Things my heart used to know,
things it yearns to remember.

And a song someone sings

Once upon a December.

Essays in Existentialism: Masquerade II


Previously on Masquerade

The stagnant heat of the long afternoon sunk soggy and sullen in the slick sweat along Lexa’s back and shoulders. She felt the sun on her skin, felt the fabric of her shirt grow heavy with sweat, felt the dirt cling to it, adding to it further, and none of it weighed more heavily upon her than the very sky, itself nothing more than a tired old dog, flopping down upon the world and smothering it. 

The horses grew agitated and lethargic in the heat. July started fiercely and made its wrath known, threw its weight around in the form of screaming mad days and dehydrating nights. Lexa ran her forearm against her forehead, pulling away as much sweat as she could before it ran like a river through her eyes before returning to the task at hand and finishing the work up on Mrs. Roger’s new horse. 

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Heaven on Earth [BuckyxReader]

Summary: Birthdays can be awful, birthdays can be amazing; sometimes, birthdays can be both.

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Angst? Language, probably.

Word Count: 1,157

A/N: I’m not exactly happy with this, but it’s the best effort I can put forth at this point in time. Hopefully you don’t hate it as much as I do.

Written for Kinza’s birthday challenge, she gave me the prompt ‘surprise,’ and this is what I managed to come up with. Enjoy!

Originally posted by vibraniumdoll

Standing in front of the full-length mirror, your eyes surveyed the landscape of your body—its hills and valleys, its dimples and bumps, its curves and tone. As much as you tried to appreciate all the amazing parts of your figure, you couldn’t relax your corrugate brow, your gaze fixed upon the raised, pink tendrils of the scar running across your collarbone, the starburst pattern on your shoulder crawling across your clavicle. You always chuckled when people asked you about it, calling it your birthday present from Ronan the Accuser. It was five years ago to the day that Fury leant you to the Nova Corps to lead the Xandarian force against yet another Kree incursion, this one helmed by Ronan, equipped with the Power Stone, which he had claimed as his prize after killing the member of the Infinity Watch entrusted with its care. You went up against an Infinity Stone and won, but not before it nearly incinerated your arm. The Nova Corps didn’t care for triage, at least not when it came to you, immediately sending your back to Earth, back to the Avengers reserve, bleeding and mangled.

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The calm before the storm Part 6

Divergent fanfiction: Eric/OC
Mature content and strong language
I do not own any of divergent
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Beth woke up when she either subconsciously or consciously realized she was alone. Looking at the clock it was only four in the morning. Sitting up she saw a faint light spilling threw the cracks of the door.
After stretching she padded out to the living room. Eric sat at his desk with paper’s spread out before him deep in thought. Usually he knew she was coming close before he ever seen or heard her. Not this time.
He looked older than his young age of twenty. He looked like the weight of the world was crushing his shoulders at the moment.
“Eric?” Beth called out quietly so she didn’t startle him.
“Hey baby. What are you doing up?” he asked reaching for her.
Her heart melted a little as he wrapped his arms around her waiste and nuzzled his face to her stomach. THIS was the Eric she had been missing so badly; the Eric she had fallen helplessly in love with.
“I could ask you the same thing, ” she leaned into him running her fingers gently threw his hair.
Without looking up but tightening his grip on her he spoke in a low strained voice. “Oh you know, planning the only person I give a shit abouts fake death, prooving it while simultaneously smuggling her to saftey in Amity. Just another day at the office, ” he snorted dryly.
She slowly sat herself on his lap wrapping her arms around his neck. She massaged the back of his neck while placing her forehead on his.
“I love you too,” she whispered ever so softly in his ear.
He moved his head back pushing strands of hair out of her face. Slowly and passionately he kissed her. Showing her what he just didn’t seemed to be wired to tell her. Her grip tightened in his hair and she slowly began to grind on his semi-hard length. He pulled back looking at her with hungry eyes. She had no idea how much he had missed her. How angry he was he had let go of the person that mattered to him, ever.
“Careful. Play with fire and you might get burned,” he whispered voice low and full of desire.
“I like a good fire,” she purred in his ear as she started to feather kisses on his leadership tatoo’s.
All she had on was one of his old t-shirts and barely there silky red underware. He crept his hands under the shirt and slowly started skimming his palms up and down her the sides of her ribcage.
“I missed you so much bella. Even when you where still here.”
Beth shuttered at the use of the name he reserved for only her. To let her know how beautiful that she and only she was to him. He slowly started skimming her jaw with barely there nips and kisses.
“Mhhmm Eric. I …. ohh,” Beth’s hormones went into over drive as Eric began sucking and biting on her pulse point while he also started massaging her breast.
Slowly he pulled the t-shirt over her head and discarded it on the floor. He picked her up placing her infront of him on his desk slowly drinking her in. Eric was trying to memorize ever curve, freckle, scar or birthmark on her body.

Slowly he pushed her back flat on the desk surveying his landscape in front of him. He suddenly feels sixteen all over again. Beth being the most beautiful creature he has ever laid eyes on and he wants to worship her body like it is his temple.
Slowly Eric starts placing kisses from her forehead down her neck, across each breast, down her stomach. Beth is panting by the time her reaches her stomach taking extra time on her abdomen where the life they created is growing.
Slowly with his thumbs her slips her silky red underware down her legs. Grabbing a leg he starts kisses her ankle up her calv to her inner thigh. He then switches legs kissing down her inner thigh up her calv to her ankle.

Beth is dieing to reach out and touch him, however she knows better. When Eric gets this intimate he not only demands but commands utter total dominance. She knows this is his way of expressing all his feelings he doesn’t speak about to her. As his mouth suddenly connects with her most intimate part of her body a loud uncontrollable moan escapes her.

When Eric lets his own groan out against her her body jerks up on impulse back arching up off the desk.

“Relax bella. Let me make you feel good. I’ve neglected you for to long,” he’s gently added two of his fingers gliding in and out of her.
“Fuck Eric. I… Oh hmmm,” she is a mess of ecstasy.
After Eric got her off glorious on the desk with his mouth, he picked Beth up carrying her to the bedroom. After lieing her down he slowly removed the rest of his own clothing. Slowly he crawled up her body placing random kisses as he went. Pressing his lips to hers he suddenly entered her in one quick hard thrust.
“Fuck Beth! I don’t think I’m going to last long.” Eric’s whole body shudders on sensory overload.
Eric hadn’t let his emotions take over in so long it felt like the first time all over again. He moved slowly in and out with deep hard thrust. Beth moaned and whispered loving words from under him while he finally allowed her hands to roam his body freely.
Eric tried so hard to hold back and draw the pleasure out for her but it was getting increasingly hard to hold back his release. Beth knowing her lover oh so well could feel his control slowly slipping away.
“Eric I’m ready, just let go my love,” she whispered nipping the shell of his ear.

That’s all it took for him to tense his thighs, throw back his head and release a serious of grunts threw gritted teeth as his eyes slipped shut and her spilled into her as her walls clenched around him.
He slowly lowered himself down placing his head on her chest. Both where breathing heavily and dripping in sweat. It was at that moment reality came crashing down like a lead paper weight in Eric’s chest. How was he ever going to do this.
At least when Beth moved out she was still in the compound he could still keep an eye on her. Watch her from a distance, still keep her safe. He had to pretend to kill her than whisk her away and hide her in Amity.
It would be no act when he raged and took his anger out on the whole compound over Beth’s “death”. Grief and pain where still grief and pain.

The Park (Drabble Challenge)

36. ‘Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?’ + Kyungsoo

‘Where are we going?’ you whined as Kyungsoo led you down the street.

‘You’ve been inside all day,’ he said. ‘We’re going to the park.’

‘But why?’ you whined like a child.

Kyungsoo turned and firmly ensnared your hand in his so you couldn’t turn around and go back home. It was scary how well he knew you.

‘You don’t get enough sun. One day, I’ll come home and find you dying from Vitamin D deficiency,’ he said.

‘But I’m dying from sunburn right now!’

Kyungsoo huffed and dragged you along behind him.

Somehow you made it to the park in one piece and very much alive. Kyungsoo found laid a blanket down and sat down on it, pulling you down next to him. You hit the ground with an ‘Oomf!’

‘But why?’ you complained, your tailbone aching.

He giggled and brought you up to sitting, wrapping an arm around you and tucking you securely into his side. You rested your head on his shoulder as he held you.

It was quiet. He had timed it well, when there weren’t many other people at the park. The breeze blew softly, cooling down the heated touch from the sun. Kyungsoo sweetly kissed your forehead as you surveyed the landscape in front of you.

‘This isn’t so bad,’ you confessed.

‘I don’t know. Can we just go watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?’ he teased.

‘No, let’s stay here,’ you said with a hint of a whine.

You threw your arms around him and snuggled in deeper. Of course, he had been right as Kyungsoo often was. Being outside with him was good for your body, but mostly your heart.


Please don’t look at the results before hand.

Imagine a clear blue sky without a cloud in sight. Just thinking about it should give your spirits a lift. Now turns your mind’s eye down to survey the landscape. Which of the following scenes feels most calming and relaxing to you?

1.) A white snowy plain.

2.) A blue seascape.

3.) A green mountain.

4.) A field of yellow flowers.

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An immature bald perches in a snag (dead, standing tree), surveying the landscape below. Even though the Sprague Fire is still slowly burning nearby, most of the park is untouched and life marches forward for the many species that live here.

Photo by Warren Bielenberg
[A small, immature bald eagle with a brown and white mottled chest perches on a tree branch of a dead tree.]

Creepypasta #1019: I Buy Antlers - All Kinds!

Length: Super long

CASH FOR ANTLERS! screamed the homemade cardboard sign at the side of the winding mountain road.

I slowed my car down to stare at it, immediately drawn in by the curious sight and enthusiastic words.

As a freelance photojournalist hoping to make it big with my portraits of the still-wild western United States, I was always on the lookout for all things strange, quirky and quaint. I’d soon discovered the remote mountain villages of New Mexico to be a goldmine for off-the-wall and unexpected gems.

In search of the perfect stories, I’d wandered among the blood-colored bluffs and cliffs, gathered sweet-scented sagebrush alongside wild horses, and scrambled across craggy lava flows that had buried the bones of ancient dinosaurs. I’d been blessed by medicine women and slept in haunted hotels. I’d even crawled into the dark hollows of allegedly haunted mine shafts in search of long-lost Spanish gold.

Even still, it was never good enough. After returning home, I’d often feel restless and unfulfilled, my blood hemorrhaging from some unseen cavern in my body. I’d dream of being taller than a mountain, burying my enormous hands into every cranny and every canyon, trailing my fingertips through the pallid white sand dunes, dipping my toes in the cold snowmelt streams. From above, my eyes would survey the landscape, its hills and arroyos as textured as the back of a horned lizard, and my dreamer’s heart would thrum and throb with love for my homeland, strange as it was.

But I’d never seen anything like this sign, a sudden flicker of civilization in the remote and untamed Jemez Mountains.

Such a fervent prayer for the severed, bony protrusions of hoofed mammals. I heard the prayer repeating, repeating, in the hidden folds of my mind.

What in the world would anyone want with antlers?

I parked my car in the gravel turnout, and slung my camera over my shoulder. I got out of the car and walked closer.

“Hey there,” came a voice from behind a parked pickup truck I hadn’t noticed until that moment. A man stood up from his canvas lawn chair he’d placed in the truck’s shade. “Have you got something to sell?”

“Ah,” I said. “No. I was just curious about the sign.”

“Curious?” the man said, slowly plucking pistachios and pinyons from a plastic bag. He cracked the nuts with his thumb, their dry shells plinking in the gravel like clipped fingernails.

“Why do you buy antlers?” I asked. “What sorts of antlers?”

“All kinds,” he said, simply, breezily, with the casual grace of an experienced salesman.

“I’m sorry to be rude or nosy,” I apologized. “I’m a journalist and photographer, and I’ve never seen anything like this. If I may ask, what do you do after you buy them?”

“I resell them, mostly,” he answered. “Tourists and locals like them for decoration. Some of them I carve into knife handles. I’ll take anything you’ve got. Deer, elk, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, chamacorn. You know. Anything.”

“Wait. What?” I said. “What was that last one?”

“What?” he said. “Anything. I said I’ll take anything.”

“You said-“

He stared at me.

I looked back towards my car, and considered just walking away. But oh! I desperately wanted that photograph. Or at least, I wanted some sort of souvenir. Something to plug the hole in the bleeding depths of my secret heart.

The man beckoned to me.

“Come on up to the shed,” he said. “I’m sure I’ve got what you’re looking for.”

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BLM Wyoming Surveys Devils Tower 

Story by John Lee, Chief Cadastral Surveyor, Wyoming State Office

BLM Wyoming’s Branch of Cadastral Survey had a unique opportunity last summer. The National Park Service (NPS) was a little unsure of where the legal boundaries were for Devils Tower National Monument, so NPS hired the BLM team to perform a cadastral (boundary) survey of the north, east, south, and west boundaries of the iconic landmark.

Devils Tower was designated a National Monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in September 1906. This was the first use of the American Antiquities Act passed by Congress in June of that year.

The proclamation states:

“And, whereas, the lofty and isolated rock in the State of Wyoming, known as the "Devils Tower,” situated upon the public lands owned and controlled by the Unites States is such an extraordinary example of the effect of erosion in the higher mountains as to be a natural wonder and an object of historic and great scientific interest and it appears that the public good would be promoted by reserving this tower as a National monument with as much land as may be necessary for the proper protection thereof; …"

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CS AU Fanfic: What it Means to be a Savior.

Banner by @katie-dub

Au Sci fi. The worlds are in turmoil with a small band of rebels fighting to restore the balance. What they need is a miracle, what they get is a Savior.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… This fic has been plaguing my mind for a long time. It’s kind of a cross with OUAT - Star Wars - and Star Trek. It has taken over a large part of my life and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know, please, reviews, kudos, and comments keep me motivated and encouraged. Will be posted on FFN and AO3. Rated M. 

A huge shout out and thanks to @ultraluckycatnd for taking on the task to beta this. It’s an epic fic and your expertise has been so much appreciated. 

Chapter 1 - Once More into the Breach.

They moved across the surface, scrambling for higher ground. The night skies of the foreign world were illuminated by the endless firefight. Killian looked to his right and then grabbed Arthur, dragging him over the barrier as he searched for his team. Liam was still missing, and he had no idea where David was.


“How much longer?” Penelope asked.

Liam looked at Penelope and shook his head. They were scheduled for evac in less than thirty minutes, and those minutes would fly. Chances were, they weren’t making it. He should have left her on the transport. He watched irritation and anger flood his wife’s face. She hated losing.

Setting the charges, he tossed another pack to her. The substation was key in the planet’s defenses. If they could remove it, the sub-field protecting the planet would fail and the invasion would begin. Their holding planets were already weak, and the Legion now ruled more than three-quarters of the known star systems. The war was going badly, and its end was near. Liam swallowed the bitter pill that the Royals were losing, and thus the Galaxy Warswould end soon with their surrender. But that didn’t matter. This planet was theirs.


Killian felt the vibrations of incoming missiles before they hit. He rolled and folded into a ball to protect his softer parts. He cursed as the impact vibrated around him, the ground shaking and debris flying in all directions; he felt the sting of something burning as it pierced his side. The Legion weren’t budging. They were fighting back and holding the Royals in check. Sitting up, Killian reached behind him and pulled out a large, hot piece of shrapnel. It burned his hands and it took three tries to remove it, but leaving the shrapnel in would have been worse. The material was a liquid heat alloy that melted into the skin and poisoned the blood supply. He preferred not to have toxic material in his body.

“Arthur, let’s move. Dust-off in twenty, and we’re going to have to haul to get there.”

Killian reached for his Com officer to pull his hand free of his body. Looking down, he registered the smoking remains of Arthur and the fact that the incoming round had torn Arthur’s body into three parts, scattering pieces everywhere. Taking the com unit from his dead friend, Killian also took Arthur’s dog tags, placing one in what might have been his mouth. He didn’t know if they would, or could, clear the field and process the bodies. But just in case, it would be nice to return Arthur’s genetics home.

Killian rushed the field, creeping along the embankment, using its higher rise for cover. It was the movement of Will over the top that caused him to pause. Grabbing Will and pulling him next to him, they sheltered for a moment.

“You set them?”

Will nodded, gulping a harsh breath to fill his lungs. He had breathed in the gas as he infiltrated into enemy lines to bury the live rounds under their feet.

“Yeah, along the ridge and three clicks in. The detonation sequence is set to go in eight minutes, so we need to haul ass.”

“I’ve got boomers on the left crawling into the field. Arthur is down; Walt took it back sixty feet, and I haven’t seen the B-boys.”

“I saw them,” David said, tumbling down the dirt bank to join them. “Bark and Brine are both toast. They took the left ridge down and out. The Legion were using the targeting laser as a heat seeker. They never stood a chance.”

Will bent his head forward as the rush of air in his tortured lungs made his dizzy. “Cap?”

“I don’t know. He and Penelope went into the access port. We’ve got to hold the line and maintain the right until he can set the charges. This substation sub-field will be re-enforced after tonight if we fail.”

“Killian.” Killian took the com unit and inserted it in his ear at the sound of Liam’s voice.

“Go, Cap. What’s your twenty?”

“Charges are set, but the Legion are moving fast. We’re coming out. Dust-off in ten. Get your men there.”

“Aye, Cap. Don’t be late, Liam.”

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it’s still tortoisefeets birthday for 45 more minutes in my timezone so y’all can fight me

A little under 1000 words of gen dimension hopper au fiddauthor below the cut, in which the boys deal with the day to day trials of constantly swapping universes. NO BETAS WE DIE LIKE MEN. @tortoisefeet please enjoy this trash

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anonymous asked:

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 100+ FOLLOWERS! You really do write some good stuff. *₩* Can I get some angsty headcanons for if Dazai's s/o saves him (like Naomi for Tanizaki) and falls into a coma please?

Ahhh thank you! ;w; We’re already almost about to hit 500 now (wtf??) Waaaah you guys are so sweet <3 Angst comin’ right up! I hope you like your angst black with a shot of espresso bc this went to a dark place (I’ll just say sorry in advance, bc when I get into the Angst Zone™ , I go all out. I can’t stop myself whydoisufferlikethisplshelp)

  • Upon the initial event, Dazai would watch wide-eyed as you take the hit for him, his reflexes kicking in just quick enough for him to swoop in and catch your limp body in his arms. Even with you unconscious, he’d make an effort not to let his emotions get too wild in front of you as though he fears he’ll make it worse for both of you. Instead, he harshly grits his teeth, turning and carrying you quickly away from the battle, no matter how badly his entire being is screaming for him to tear into the people who hurt you and completely rip them to shreds. When your condition is this critical, your safety has to come first.
  • Once you’re safely in Yosano’s care and under the watchful protection of the ADA’s office, Dazai would hang around the clinic a lot. He’d rarely ever be at his desk or out surveying the landscape for a new place to plan his own death. He’d be glued to the clinic area a lot more than usual. However, for a while he wouldn’t actually go in very often. He completely blames himself for what happened to you, and doesn’t believe he deserves to see you; all of this must be his fault. He’d just pace back and forth in front of the entrance, cursing himself mentally and sometimes even out loud for his ignorance.
  • Eventually, through some much needed talking with the others, he realizes they’re right and he probably is the one you need most right now after all, and starts actually coming in to sit next to your bed. He’d be in there a lot more than Yosano would probably like for him to be, electing to eat his lunches and work on any new casefiles and paperwork by your side. That’s another odd thing about him- he actually starts working more willingly than usual, finding the menial tasks of things like doing paperwork to be almost comforting, as he would take anything he could get that would take his mind off of all of the worry and anxiety and guilt over your condition, if only for a little while.
  • Again, he’d do almost all of his work (aside from missions of course) right by your side. He’d even talk to you sometimes, telling you how things have been at the ADA since you’ve been “gone”, briefing you on recent missions and funny stories and the like as though you were fully conscious and sitting right there next to him. It would get to the point where the others would almost start to worry about him a little bit. As time went on and you still hadn’t woken up, he’d start to stay overnight, insisting that someone had to be there to protect you, and to be there just in case you finally woke up.
  • But those moments wouldn’t be the hardest and most worrisome for the others. It’s when he’s there late at night, refusing to leave just yet and thinking he’s all alone, kneeling down next to your bed and sobbing softly into your bed sheets, apologizing over and over again for things ending up like this and begging you to please come back to him. The others would start to worry more and more about his lack of sleep/quality of rest anymore, because if they thought he didn’t get enough sleep before, now it was just downright unhealthy. He’d sleep in cramped little chairs in the clinic room, and on the occasion he did return home for the night, the tossing and turning from sleepless nights unable to accept that you weren’t there next to him would show visibly on his face after a while.
  • The worst part of it all is that, ever since he started visiting you during his lunches, you’ve been able to hear every word uttered in the outside world. Listening and waiting helplessly as the lively attitude of the one you love most slowly withers, all because of your condition.