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Located in the rolling north English countryside, Honeybrook was a stately home full of sprawling land, history and secrets lurking in all dark corners. But as the estate fell into tatters, the main house was demolished after a particularly bad winter that saw most of it collapse. 

It was bought months ago without having ever been posted for sale. Nothing was known about the village’s new inhabitants, and the estate still remained empty. Rumours were started on that delicious old grapevine - millionaires were moving to the area….no, didn’t you hear? A foolish old gentleman had bought the house for his terribly young lover. Or was it that diamond thief from London who had bought the estate as his hideaway?

Either way, Nathan had enjoyed listening to the local gossip on his frequent trips, overseeing the construction of what could only be described as a manion-type-farmhouse. No muddy porchways or hay storage in the garage, no cows roaming in the garden. The house was full of hope and promises of a cozy future together, surrounded by the many waifs and strays Callixta came across.

A lot has been happening recently! I apologize for my inactivity…but it was sort of needed. I made the decision to step away from one of the equestrian forums I was a part of for almost three years. I made amazing friends, but I also lost a lot of fun of my game. I’ve always loved storytelling, always loved coming up with character personalities but trying to do so much was just killing all my enjoyment. Right now I really love the ESRPG, it gives me a chance to expand my stable slowly like I’ve always wanted to, and it allows my characters to develop too.

Callixta and Nate will get a proper introduction at some point, but my new venture is called Honeybrook, a large farm in the north of England under constant rain and home to many animals. 


 Playing around tonight, thought some of you might like to see some of the pix.

I’m not a wildly popular Simblr, but I do have some outstandingly generous and creative mutuals. :) This is a big part of what keeps me on Tumblr.

Testing yet another moon from a set of 6 experimental alien moons that @transcendentcacophony was kind enough to make for me.

This time, a mostly blue one paired with an experimental alien sky mod by @brntwaffles ..this was the first of two made for alien world projects still in progress. 

World is one of my favorites by @risastorm: Lunestia.

Before I had a Simblr I had my entire huge alien dynasty all living here. I played this world for a long time.

I might someday go back to this planet..

I think I have not yet found the ideal world/sky/plant combo for this particular moon even  tho this particular shot, at this exact moment, looks ok.

Moons will be shared at some point, as the one done for Saturenorn was..still sorting which ones I’m using for what projects.


ELF Emrys competing in the Traditional Exhibit (Edited) class in the BBA Baroque Funfair

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So you know how I said I wouldn’t have time to enter the BBA show? They extended it, which was great/terrible since I had a study of some Indo-Brazilian cattle already sitting in my art folder (who could resist those floppy ears?! :D) So it had to happen.

But I’m still out of time, so the background is a photo-manipulation of some free landscape wallpapers + Cink Sims’ Chinatong world (couldn’t find a Brazilian world T_T). I simply can’t finish painting some cattle AND edit a horse AND a person AND a background in a few days, I’m just not that fast lol. I’m hoping the different bits don’t clash. :X

I love so many things about this pic. Click for more detail.

That foreboding sky, contrasting with happy Rainbow Crystal Trees…

Ghostly Charles Babbage Sample* back there, drifting around…

Fall approaches and the pumpkins are ready.

I just played tonight.

Oh, how I love my beautiful strange game. :)

Replies tomorrow.

*Charles Babbage Sample was given to me by @echoweaver