landscape sims 3


Click pix for sharper image. I took these WIP pix for @rhodalle as examples of replanting schemes in various areas for the new alien world, and was gonna post them privately..but I think maybe others will be interested? Or..perhaps I flatter myself…

I have decided on a creepy-sweet vibe for my version of the world..Rhodalle may go in a diffy direction with hers.  I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go with the Midnight Dream Sky mod..again..and amplify the creepy factor with some black trees and shrubs here and there. The landscape does have a lot of black areas..which brings me to the pix.

New @divadoom POP defaults mixed with her other defaults.

1. One of several paths where I thinned out the  oaks.. a bit too much pink going on and not enough other colors. I added in teals, blues and black. Also cut down on density to better show off Rhodalle’s colors and textures.

2. A purple themed area by Rhodalle that I didn’t do much to except add in some black (shrubs behind some trees back the obvious tree up front. ) You can also catch a glimpse of the floating rock/ island in distance, planted with ‘shrooms and trees.

3 and 4. One of my fave areas..and deffo @divadoom kinda aesthetics going on.

This is a fishing hole I made. It began as a nice big area mostly covered in Rhodalle’s shiny black texture with those teeny colorful fractals  shining like jewels. I decided to make several small ponds..taking care to go mostly through plainer areas of the land..not to waste the texture. I raised up some to form creepy spikes coming out of the water..yeah..another Vortex thing..I has plaaaans. I added in some crystal trees, some of those giant ‘shroom lamps by @murfeelee (colored for this environment) and various other plants. I plan also to add creepy creatures to this I plan to do for many of the areas in this world.

5. I decided that the POP variegated birches should be somewhat is one of only a few places where they grow.

Ok….thats’ it for tonight..hope someone found that interesting.

Might not be on much tomorrow..probably time for a no-computer day.

Ending with a sunset pic over the nectary in Saturenorn.

I have many more gorgeous pix of Norn’s new world WIP taken at other times of the day, showcasing other builds by @satureja13 but I don’t wanna get too spammy so I’ll save them for another day.

Details of project covered in first post in this series posted tonight.

Thanks Norn and Satureja!

Now back to planning plantings in another alien world….I love this. I haven’t seen Earth much today. :)