My name is David Kernahan/23yr old. I’m from beautiful Trinidad & Tobago but I live and study in America’s oldest city, St. Augustine, FL. My blog consists of architecture, urban life, landscape, travel photography & many other projects. I enjoy experimenting with my T5i and 60D and try to capture the world through my eyes. 



“Sacred Guardian Beast” by Gabe Tomoiaga

35mm Black and White by annahawes
Black and white 35mm photography. When working with black and white film I like to concentrate on capturing the interaction between light, shadow and texture. Some prints are available for purchase from my Etsy store.

Peak bloom for the cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin is pretty amazing! The cherry blossoms on National Mall & Memorial Parks in Washington, D.C., are expected to reach this stage over the weekend, making it a great time to visit. Photo by Joe Milmoe, USFWS.