landscape exhibition


My last few #Pleinairprils. What a fun month, and ending it with CTN Roadtrip was amazing. Glad the group is growing. I remember when it was just my girl, me, and my dogs at the paint sessions! blessed for the awesome crew and all the others that help me (michelle, steve, laisay, misty, randolph, vaughan, etc!). Love you all! Thanks for a awesome month!


CTN road trip is happening this weekend! I will be with my other homies at the Warrior Painters booth (Located B22-B23) selling some original paintings. The ones listed above are the paintings that I will be selling! Everyone has done SUPERB work, so please stop by to say hi! Cottonwood will have a few display samples, and their stuff is great!


5.8.16 - National Gallery of Scotland

Here’s some of the paintings I loved the most! As you can see, I’m particularly fond of natural landscapes.

The postcards I’ve bought: George Seurat - La Luzerne, Saint Denis (1885), Frederic Edwin Church - Niagara Falls from the American Side (1887), Peter Graham - Wandering Shadows (1878).