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“Landscape meaning is complex, layered, ambiguous, never simple or linear. A river flows, provides, creates, destroys, simultaneously a path and a boundary, even a gateway. Fire consumes, transforms, and renews. A circle is hierarchical–it has a center, after all–yet nonhierarchical–all points along the circumference are equidistant from the center. Landscape elements, have, as I.A. Richards said of words, ‘equally and simultaneously, vastly different’ meanings that weave a rich fabric. Meanings of elements, like those of words, are not stable, and multiple meanings are a source of metaphor and other tropes, as well. Metaphor and irony juxtapose meanings: harmonious, constrasting, or conflicting. Figures and tropes are rarely isolated in landscape; combined, overlapped, juxtaposed, they introduce correspondences, prompt reflection, invite investment of meaning.”

Anne Whiston Spirn, from “Survival and Imagination: Reading and Telling the Meanings of Landscape,” The Language of Landscape (Yale University Press, 1998)

Anime Recommendation #1

Got a lot of time? Here’s five of the most quality anime you’ve probably never watched.

1. Seirei No Moribito

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Based on the Moribito light novel series, Seirei No Moribito (Guardian of the Spirit) follows the journey of the female bodyguard Balsa Yonsa, who vowed to atone for eight deaths by saving eight lives. The eight life she must protect is Prince Chagum’s, a boy who possesses the spirit of a demon that is said to bring drought to the kingdom. With vivid imperial Japan landscape, folk elements and music, gripping, complex characters, ridiculously beautiful fighting animation, and truthful writing, Seirei No Moribito brings a story still as refreshing as it was 8 years ago (19 if we’re going by the novel.) 

2. Kingdom

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Based on the award-winning manga by Yasuhisa Hara is a fictional take of the epic conquest of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, to unite the warring kingdoms of the land, starting from his journey as the boy-king Ei Sei (Chinese: Ying Zheng.) Shin (Xin), a slave boy dreaming to become the greatest general under the heavens, becomes intertwined with Sei’s destiny after his closest friend and only family is tragically killed for having the same face as Sei. Action-packed, humorous, tragic, historical, intriguing, political, and touching, Kingdom is popular in Japan and has earned a world record through the support of other artists, including famous mangaka and voice actors.

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final fantasy type-0 abilities:

Jack ➟ Transience.


That’s right folks, I’ve escaped my academic imprisonment for the summer and I’m opening commissions to celebrate and make a little pocket change. All prices are in USD, but I’m in Canada so if you’re Canadian feel free to negotiate a price in CAD to spare us both the currency exchange. You can contact me through the tumblr messaging system, or email me at 

For the prices listed you’ll get a digital image of the traditional piece, but if you want me to send the actual physical art feel free to ask so we can talk about the price of mailing it to you. The payment will be taken over PayPal with the email above, and yes, I’ll require it in advance, though with an unfamiliar character I might send you a little WIP sketch to test the waters.

I will draw: OCs, fictional characters, simple backgrounds like those above, simple animal elements (ears, tails, etc), ships, some gore (blood is fine but I’m not overly keen on guts or guro) and waist-up nudity in nonsexual contexts (think mermaid).

I can’t/won’t draw: NSFW/kissing (not confident enough in anatomy), furries (ditto), complicated landscapes or mechanical elements, fanart for ships involving irl people, intense gore, or any of the obvious gross stuff you shouldn’t be asking me for anyway (noncon, adult-child ships, etc. - fuck off m8).

I’ll be making a separate post down the line for digital commissions so if that’s more your speed then stick around and keep your eyes open, and give this a reblog if you’re in the mood to help out! Otherwise, my inbox is always open if you’re interested in some ink!


The Revenant (2016) - Natural Elements / Oscars Countdown

88th Academy Award for Best Cinematography

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu / Emmanuel Lubezki