Guildsman Chambray Workshirt

When I started building the wardrobe I wear now, a blue chambray workshirt was one of the first things on my shopping list. It’s sort of a staple in my style and I was understandably pretty picky about what I was buying. I’m quite happy with these shirts.

A workshirt should have a pen pocket. Now, I could easily sew a pen pocket into the shirt if needed, but not everyone has a sewing machine laying around to do that. The other thing is two-hole fisheye buttons. These two things are little details that bring a bit of authenticity to the shirt, following a style of classic workwear that can be appreciated.

These shirts also have a cropped placket. For those uninitiated, the placket is the ares the button holes are on. On these shirts, the bottom button hole is actually hidden inside a pocket (think button fly denim). When I first got it, I wasn’t sure what the reason was for that. I figured it was stylistic. After wearing these for a while, I noticed the placket design protected the button from rubbing or catching on my belt and jeans. I don’t know if this is the true reason for the cropped placket, but for me, the protected button has saved me from having to sew that button back on when my belt buckle pulls it off. Actually kind of handy if you wear your workshirts for work and actually tuck them in.

The hem gusset is also reinforced. That’s a nice bit of security that saves the integrity of the connection between the front and back pieces of the shirt. There’s some bar tacking there to hold all the stitching too. Over engineered is the right kind of engineered.

Barrel cuffs and a doubled patch leading up the forearms into the elbow. Keeps the bottom of your forearm and elbow protected from holes and undue wear.

Collar is zig-zag stitched to the yoke and all the individual pieces are triple stitched with very thick thread for all the durability you can ask for.

They had these on sale for a while pretty frequently. There’s talk of Land’s End folding LEC back into their regular store so I don’t know how many more of these will be available. But I’m confident I won’t need another blue chambray in a very long time.

Wearing: Definition of Fall

Wearing: animal button-up: H&M, sweater: c/o Land’s End Canvas, jeans: Forever 21, sparkly socks: J. Crew, clogs: Olof Daughters, hat: American Apparel, bag: Forever 21, bracelets: Forever 21 and H&M, nails: gel manicure using Shellac ‘Fedora.’

In a pinch for time and with many of my coveted pieces packed for Tel Aviv Fashion Week, my rediscovery of this Land’s End Canvas nordic sweater couldn’t have come at a better time. I love the print.. it feels so fall. But you know me, one print is never enough, so I added a printed button-up underneath for just a peek of something else. And can any outfit be complete without sparkle? No. So I added a subtle-hint with these socks which I fully plan to incorporate some way, some how into my holiday party wardrobe.

YOU GUYS I leave for Tel Aviv tomorrow ahhhh! I’m a bit nervous, which usually results in my messing with new manicures and having terrible-looking hands but no more… I got my first gel manicure in Brooklyn using Shellac. It was so quick and easy and now I’m guaranteed to have good-looking hands in the chance you know, me and Roberto hang out all night and he notices. I have so much left to do but more than anything else, I’m just so excited! And for any nerves Turns out I may have some phone functionality so please do follow for what I hope to be up-to-the-moment show and travel updates!! xoxo.

Wearing: When Wearing Isn't A Thought

Wearing: Tucker by Gaby Basora top; jeans c/o Land’s End Canvas; Asos oxfords; Forever 21 rings; Crossroads earrings; vintage Liz Claiborne sunglasses.

This blog is usually filled with happy light hearted notes about clothing and daily adventures. Today’s post however is not this. And since this blog extends way beyond what I’m wearing to include whats going on in my life, I’ll keep it real. My puppy Lucy is facing some pretty devastating health issues and after a full day in emergency yesterday I had to get back to work while also monitoring Lucy closely before additional tests this weekend. I know many of you with dogs can relate – they mean the world to us and imagining life without them so unexpectedly is truly heartbreaking. Today what I was wearing was the least on my list of priorities, so I grabbed things that make me comfortable and are somewhat seasonally-appropriate.

In an attempt to act somewhat normal, I decided to post quickly today. It’s nice having essentials like this that literally are grab and go, and a pair of oxfords are a must when lugging camera, work stuff and a puppy back and forth. if you pray, I ask you pray for Lucy. We need all the prayers we can get. xoxo.

Together Today: A Little Cheetah In The Rain

Long time no see, I know! This weather has totally given me the “blues.” You’ve heard me say before that I AM NOT a fan of cold weather….but I do like all the layering I can do once it gets cold.


Today, it’s not so chilly so I am pretty happy! I chose to do a bit of light layering and sport my cheetah print calf hair belt (J.Crew).

Chambray Shirt- Lands’ End Canvas, Sweater Dress- Banana Republic, Belt- J. Crew, Trousers- Marshalls, Shoes- Nine West, Watch- Movado Bold via Nordstroms, Purse- Coach

Fast Style Tip- Sweater dresses are great for cool weather! They are great for layering or can be worn alone. I also wear this dress with black opaque tights and black pumps or boots. This color sweater also looks great with brown tights/shoes!

Wearing: City Trecker

danish sunflower earrings, Land’s End jean shirt, Land’s End Canvas nordic sweater, Forever 21 leggings, J. Crew socks, vintage West 31st St pixie boots.

you would think i’m spending the weekend at a ski lodge here but that’s just wishful thinking. i actually looked more like a sister wife than anything this morning when i had my hair in a french braid – thank goodness i realized right away what a bad idea that was.

if you care to know what girls in williamsburg dress like, i’d say this is a great example. its overtly functional fashion and brings together some of us brooklyn girls favorite things – pixie boots with exposed socks, some element of non-jeans jean and an over-sized patterned knit.

if i had to do this over, i would have paired with my Poof faux leather pants. speaking of which, i should wear those soon!

thanks to all the new followers – you guys are the best. let me know what you want to see more/less of, too! xoxo.


a style post?

doth my eyes deceive me?

i thought mrdanger is an advice column now…

you can all calm down.

didn’t want y'all to think that i was getting soft.

i hear people sayin’

“yeah man, that mr.danger dude fell off man.”

ooh i needed that.


jacket and vest by j.crew

shirt by lands end canvas

cargos by dockers

shoes by florsheim

tie by brooks brothers

belt by levi’s