Guildsman Chambray Workshirt

When I started building the wardrobe I wear now, a blue chambray workshirt was one of the first things on my shopping list. It’s sort of a staple in my style and I was understandably pretty picky about what I was buying. I’m quite happy with these shirts.

A workshirt should have a pen pocket. Now, I could easily sew a pen pocket into the shirt if needed, but not everyone has a sewing machine laying around to do that. The other thing is two-hole fisheye buttons. These two things are little details that bring a bit of authenticity to the shirt, following a style of classic workwear that can be appreciated.

These shirts also have a cropped placket. For those uninitiated, the placket is the ares the button holes are on. On these shirts, the bottom button hole is actually hidden inside a pocket (think button fly denim). When I first got it, I wasn’t sure what the reason was for that. I figured it was stylistic. After wearing these for a while, I noticed the placket design protected the button from rubbing or catching on my belt and jeans. I don’t know if this is the true reason for the cropped placket, but for me, the protected button has saved me from having to sew that button back on when my belt buckle pulls it off. Actually kind of handy if you wear your workshirts for work and actually tuck them in.

The hem gusset is also reinforced. That’s a nice bit of security that saves the integrity of the connection between the front and back pieces of the shirt. There’s some bar tacking there to hold all the stitching too. Over engineered is the right kind of engineered.

Barrel cuffs and a doubled patch leading up the forearms into the elbow. Keeps the bottom of your forearm and elbow protected from holes and undue wear.

Collar is zig-zag stitched to the yoke and all the individual pieces are triple stitched with very thick thread for all the durability you can ask for.

They had these on sale for a while pretty frequently. There’s talk of Land’s End folding LEC back into their regular store so I don’t know how many more of these will be available. But I’m confident I won’t need another blue chambray in a very long time.