landry x tyra

Friday Night Lights: 3x04 “Hello, Goodbye”

“I love that about you… That you make the decision with such a conscience. What other coach would think like that? I think it’s because you’re a teacher first. You–you are a molder of men. And I find that admirable, and I find that very sexy.”

Day 18 - A couple that you wished would stay together or get together.

30 Day Friday Night Lights Challenge

This goes for both Lyla and Tim, and Landry and Tyra.  I have to go with Landry and Tyra, I loved them so much.  The way he pursued her even though he was the last guy in the world she would ever go for, but she still fell for him, is so great.  I love the scene in the season 2 premiere when they’re not together yet and they’re watching a movie, he starts rubbing her arm and holding her and she didn’t flinch, it felt completely natural to her.  This guy believed in Tyra when nobody else did, not even her.  He worked to get her into college, and was ecstatic when she got in.  I know it seems like she used him a lot, but I really do think she loved him.  I hate that it’s implied that she got together with Tim at the end, after all he did to her, treated her like she didn’t matter.  It didn’t make sense to me, Tim will never leave Dillon, and Tyra wants to get away from there.  In my mind, Landry and Tyra found their way back to each other in the end.