Happy Birthday to entrepreneur and motivational speaker Lillian Lincoln Lambert!

Lillian Lincoln Lambert is known for being the first African-American woman to graduate from Harvard Business School (HBS), in 1969.

In 1976, she launched her own building services company, Centennial One, headquartered in Landover, Maryland. Starting with 20 part-time employees, $4,000 in savings, a $12,000 line of credit, and an office in her garage, she built Centennial One into a company that made over $20 million in revenues, with 1200 employees and operations in four states. The company offered a range of services from carpet cleaning to landscaping.

Lillian sold Centennial One in 2001 and began a successful speaking career. In 2010, she published her memoir, “The Road to Someplace Better: From the Segregated South to Harvard Business School and Beyond,” available at

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Update on Kennedi High: Baltimore PD had a press conference today. There was a periscope stream that can be found on the @BaltimorePolice twitter. Her friend/classmate who first posted about it on twitter (@maJORityyy_) also tweeted today that they have reason to believe she may be in the Prince George's County (Landover) or Richmond, Virginia area. Thanks for spreading the word. I hope she can be found soon and returned home safely.

I hope so too, and thank you for the update!

George Harrison and band onstage at the Capitlol Center, Landover, Maryland, 13 December 1974. Photo © David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images.

Q: “You’ve become nearly as reclusive as Dylan was back then [in 1971]. Your last solo tour was in 1974. Did anything happen on the 1974 tour that made playing in public seem like something you didn’t want to do?”

George Harrison: “There was one thing that sticks in my mind. On one of the concerts, I think it was in Long Beach [California], instead of leaving right after the show, I waited till all the audience had gone. I was just hanging around the stadium, and I watched them bulldozing. They had a bulldozer in the middle - you know that ‘festival seating’ situation, where everybody’s standing up - and they were bulldozing all the rubble left by the audience. There were mountains of empty bottles of gin and bourbon and tequila and brassieres and shoes and coats and trash. I mean, it was unbelievable.
Another thing - you know, that rock band I was in, they were some pretty heavy-duty people. We had been known in the past to smoke some reefer ourselves. But I’d go out there, and you’d just get stoned, there was so much reefer going about.” - Rolling Stone, 5 November 1987


I know I just posted Pixie Lott the other day but this is kismet if kismet means what I think it does.  I am suddenly really worried it may not, it’s a strange bout of vocabulary insecurity.  I could look it up but looking up words is for losers guys.  Sorry if that offends you but it’s true.  So this is kismet or perhaps some other quirky word that means what I think kismet means at the moment.  See, Pixie Lott was at a Lost in Space Anniversary.  Which is strange because I used to watch reruns as a kid and I don’t remember her being in them but man, she looks fantastic for a woman who has to be at least in her 60’s then.  And so fate played a hand in her coming to my attention because first, I just reblogged a picture of the Landover Mall yesterday with a boring story about the time I went there to see the Lost in Space remake movie, which is pretty strange because how often do any of us think about Lost in Space?  I mean, be honest, do you ever?  I don’t.  On top of that, fate then put Pixie Lott in just an amazing dress. That pink dress with her current hair and just… my god.  It’s perfect.  So, as you can see, I have to post her again.  It is kismet after all or some other word that means what I think kismet means.  Today I want to fuck Pixie Lott.

Suppressing urgency and supplying the demand

Today was …eye-opening but in a subtle essence . I woke up partially peaked at the pleasure of not having to go to class for the academic year. After having a quick Facetime chat with my friend I proceeded to scare the shit out of a tech specialist who basically was trying to overcharge me for a protocol on my laptop that I had already paid for. I pretty much was being forced to pay it because the techs have been so gracious but don’t get on the line calling my laptop filthy and disgusting as if I’m not going to catch the shade… oh no bitch I’m getting my laptop back free… AND You’re PROBABLY GOING TO GET THE FUCK FIRED AFTER IM DONE WITH YOU!
*I need to really start compacting this passion into something useful… like my career goals yall smh (coming soon)* Anywhoooo it took me like  30 minutes coming and going to get to someplace in Landover MD and me def got my shit ….and my own personal laptop fixer, she’s foreign and much more pleasant .

After that I returned home napped a bit , cleaned my room, Hulu binged and come to the lab….all in constant procrastination of what I should be actually doing ….IMPROVING .
I need to go home with a plan yall if you have any advice for paying back a college back balance then let me know. All I know is that I have to find a second job by mothers day and that I HAVE TO KEEP BUSY. I need this weight off me and I have to be making money being cute . :(
So as I head to McDonalds one last time and prep for my night and day I leave you with this….stay hungry….because this journey your one isn’t for anyone else but yourself.

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The Weight
Grateful Dead
The Weight

Today’s Daily Dose of Dead is the cover of The Band’s song ‘The Weight” from the March 20, 1991 show at the Capital Centre in Landover, MD.

This is a wonderful recording of this performance and in this song in particular Bruce Hornsby’s piano is crystal clear and his interplay with the rest of the band is fantastic.

Jerry was really the backing vocal for this track and the soul and crackling in his voice are simply perfect for this task.

An excellent ‘90s show…

Feel Like a Stranger
Cold Rain and Snow
Little Red Rooster
Black-Throated Wind
Tennessee Jed
Music Never Stopped
Might as Well

Eyes of the World
Foolish Heart
Estimated Prophet
He’s Gone
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia

The Weight


“I pulled in to Nazareth, was feeling ‘bout half past dead. I just need some place where I can lay my head. Hey mister can you tell me, where a man might find a bed. He just grinned and shook my hand, and no was all he said.”

Things you shouldn’t say to an asexual.

1. Asexuality doesn’t exist. 

I think this is one that makes a lot of aces - myself included - very frustrated. Hello, I live in this world, I’m asexual, I exist. This is the reaction I got from my mom. I didn’t explicitly tell her I was asexual, but I mentioned to her that a friend of mine was and she said she didn’t believe in it.

2. You’re just going through a phase. You’ll grow out of it and become ‘normal’ eventually.

I despise the when people say that you’re not normal. Please enlighten me; IS THERE ONE “NORMAL” PERSON IN THIS WORLD? Answer: No! To me, there is no such thing as normal. Diversity is what makes humanity and the rest of the creatures on Earth amazing. Again, my mum is guilty of saying this phrase when I told her ‘I wasn’t interested’. Surprisingly, she said she’d be happy enough if I was gay because she kinda hates men right now for her own reasons and doesn’t want one taking advantage of me. So, what’s wrong with being neither straight nor gay? Asexuality, like all other sexual orientations, is something you’re born with. Yes, it may change, but just like we don’t choose to be straight, gay/lesbian, bi, trans, etc, we don’t choose to be asexual. 

3. You’re just attention-seeking.

I’m actually quite an isolated person, and feel more so because I’ve told some people I’m asexual and they’ve stopped talking to me as a result. If I were attention-seeking, I would just run around school screaming like a total idiot wearing nothing but my underwear. Some people may use it as an attention-seeking things, but most of us don’t.

4. You’re a gay/lesbian in denial. 

No, just no. Asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction, and I am in no doubt that I’m not attracted to people of my own gender. Some people may be homo/bi-romantic, but that doesn’t mean they are actually homo/bi-sexual. Go and do some fucking research before saying stuff like that. 

5. I feel so sorry for you. How can you be in a relationship with someone if you can’t have sex? You can’t be in a relationship if you can’t have sex!

For this, I shall steal use a good quote from the asexual community; If sex without love exists, why can’t people understand that love without sex exists too? Some asexuals do have sex, but that doesn’t mean they’re not asexual. Plus, lots of people, allosexual and asexual, are capable of having just a romantic relationship.

6. You’re just saying that because you’re fat/ugly and feel lonely because you can’t get a date.

Oh, resorting to insults now, are we? I’ve never tried to get a date before, and I don’t think I’ll bother. Asexuals don’t just turn asexual because they are unsuccessful in dating for whatever reason. We are born this way; it’s not a choice.

7. You’re promoting rape culture!

How did people even come up with this one? How does not being interested in sex in most cases relate to rape? I’m not even going to bother questioning the logic of some people who think this.

8. You’ve got a mental disorder or something’s wrong with your hormones. Go and see a doctor who can fix you.

Are you saying we’re broken in some way? Don’t fix what ain’t broke, if you ask me. Asexuals don’t have anything wrong with them, they’re just different like all people are and are generally not interested in something everyone else seems to be obsessed with. Don’t think that just because of that we have some sort of curable disease. People thought the same thing about homosexuals, and that’s been proven to not be a choice. Now, people are saying that we should be treated in the same way. 

9. How do you know you don’t want sex if you haven’t tried it?

Are you straight? Do you not want to know if you actually like gay sex by trying that out? I rest my case. We just know.

10. OMG asexuals are an ABOMINATION because they don’t follow the laws of God. They have to get married and have kids! If they don’t want to do that they have turned against God and are all going to HELL!

Yes, there are some (definitely not all) Christians out there who have actually said this. Just look up the Landover Baptist Church (EDIT: apparently it’s fake but still, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people still said this) if you want to be pissed off for some reason. 

Okay, so I’m going to hell? Well, at least I’ll have all of my ace buddies there. I’ll send you and your so-called God a postcard to let you know how I’m doing. Seriously, though, I thought one of the greatest commandments is to ‘love thy neighbour’? How is discriminating against someone in such a nasty way going to grant you access to heaven? If that’s what you have to do to go to heaven, I wouldn’t want to go there anyways. 

(EDIT 2: This needs updating. I forgot quite a lot of stuff. OTL)