Amanda Jasnowski

1. A/S/L

23/f/on the beach

2. what’s your online presence (URLS for promotion)

3. tell us about your work

it tells you about me

4. what were some of your old chat usernames (ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, etc..?)


5. Livejournal or Xanga

livejournal for the top secret stuff, xanga for the day to day teenager trials and tribulations

6. who are some of your favorite tumblr / twitter / instagrammers

i love them all but a ~few~ recent ones,


7. whats your sign, does it matter

virgo,i don’t know yet i think so

8. whats your struggle


9. favorite kind of movie

the ones that move you

10. what would your makeup tutorial be

face exfoliating with hersheys chocolate bar

11. spirit emoji

dog emoji

12. who is your internet crush

the people who run animal instagram accounts

13. whats a good response to someone hitting on you that you don’t want to be hitting on you but you don’t want to be mean bc then they will call you a bitch

act oblivious

14. crying or laughing

first laughing then crying then laughing

15. last tweet in your drafts folder


16. what’s your favorite snack

cured meats