Updated Steelers 2015 Reverse Big Board By Round

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Updated Steelers 2015 Reverse Big Board By Round


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); Curiosity begins to escalate as to which prospects will wear black and gold for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Every player is considered and various factors come into play but it is important to know why some players may be passed on….

Write down all my thoughts on paper,
Because I can no longer put my faith in her.
Wait for her to decipher the words I have place,
I’d tell her myself but I don’t think I could look her in the face.

She used to be full of life, now she’s just an empty shell,
And if you look into those eyes of hers, all you’ll see is hell.
She used to smile, but now all she does is frown,
She used to be strong, now she’s so weak, she can’t pick herself up off the ground.

Try to stay the same and always remember,
Never allow the flames to turn to ember.
People change, not always for the better,
You might get some bad news in the form of this letter.

—  Landon Bell-Untitled Song

My cover of Bright Eyes’ First Day of My Life. 

I’ve sent my music off to some record labels, gotten a lot of no thank you’s, fuck off’s, and everything in between. I don’t let that get me down, mostly because I know the music I send in is already shit, but also because I’m very new to the music production scene and if “making it” came that easy, it wouldn’t be worth it. I’ve also turned down a “record” deal before, not sure if that was a good choice or not, but I think it was. The legitimacy of the company was questionable and at the time, I was creating very, very mediocre (it still mostly is.) I didn’t want my name attached to horrible music. Since then, I have grown to be a better musician. I pour a lot of work into my music as well, I want people to enjoy it. Why don’t you give it a listen sometime if you are a fan of EDM or are bored. It would mean a whole hell of a lot to me. If you like it let me know, if you don’t send some hate mail, just some feedback is all I ask.