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You Should Know Better Pt.6

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Summary: Umm…After a night out with Landon, Natalie is on the way home when Officer Merriweather pulls them over. Things begin to get heated in all sorts of ways.
POV: If you think I fucked with that POV last chapter…Just wait. Natalie, Joe
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie, Landon
Word Count: 3800ish - these chapters keep getting longer
Author’s Note: *Throws the beginning transition paragraphs at you.* BE HAPPY. Okay, the first few paragraphs are a flashback and the single words that break up the interaction are Landon speaking, so, yeah. 
Quote: “I told you the drill before, you move, you fall.” 


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Books&Cupcakes November Book Photo Challenge

Day 2: Reading Playlist

1. Jenny // The Maine
2. Thinking Out Loud // Ed Sheeran
3. Afraid // The Neighbourhood
4. All That I Am // Parachute
5. Calling All Angels // Train
6. Drops of Jupiter // Landon Austin
7. Kiss Me Slowly // Parachute
8. I Forgive You // Every Avenue
9. Misery // The Maine
10. How to Save a Life // The Fray
11. You Found Me // The Fray
12. 1901 // Phoenix
13. 19 You + Me // Colton Haynes & New Heights
14. The Reason Why // The Click Five
15. Re-Offender // Travis
16. Robbers // The 1975
17. Bliss // The Maine
18. Roads Untraveled // Linkin Park
19. Somewhere Only We Know // Lily Allen
20. Philadelphia // Parachute

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♣ = discovering them crying (SLandon)

Sarah popped open the door of her car and hefted herself out of it. Hefted, she thought. Yep. That’s how I get around now. She rounded the car and got out her picnic basket. Landon wanted to take her to have lunch in the park, but he wanted to drive together so she said she would meet him at his house, since him picking her up would have been out of the way.

At the door, she knocked, but didn’t hear an answer. She frowned and tried again. She wasn’t early, but maybe Landon was running late? She hesitated, wondering if she should wait outside, but she knew Landon would just chide her for it, so she let herself in.

“Landon?” she called. She paused, waiting for a response, or even the sound of the shower running. Nothing. “Landon?” she tried again. She checked the kitchen and living room, her heart beginning to beat harder, thinking something horrible must have happened. She was about to check upstairs, when she had a thought to check the backyard first.

She went to the back door and there was Landon, sitting on the deck stairs, looking out over his property.

“Landon!” she scolded, even though she felt relief. “You scared me! I thought–”

Her voice had startled the man and he turned around to look at her.

And that’s when she saw the tears in his blue eyes.

Sarah froze and immediately she knew what had happened.

She rushed across the deck and dropped down next to him, throwing her arms around him.

She didn’t ask him what happened. The way he held onto her answered her question.

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Will we see Landon and Julian in flashbacks again when they were little? Their cuteness factor borderline 90000. Also, I have a headcanon that Landon used to be called (very affectionately) «little monkey» when he was tiny.

Uhm! From what I have planned so far, there’s like some mentions… but I’m not sure how in-depth it is (or how in-depth I want it to be) at this point, I’m sorry! 💦 I’m planning a Landon POV comic that’ll have a bunch of tiny lanjuls though :D!



I came out as trans to my little brothers (7 & 9; will refer to them by age instead of names for privacy reasons). Here are some highlights.

Me: “I feel like a boy. That’s what I’m comfortable with.”
Mom: “And he looks like a boy, too.”
7: “And you sound like a boy!”

Me: “So how do you feel about having a big brother?”
9: “It’s good.”
7: “Now I have two big brothers!”

Me: “Since you’re so used to it, it’s ok for you to still call me [old name], but I would really like it if you tried to call me Landon sometimes.”
7 & 9: *perfectly used my preferred name and haven’t misgendered me yet*

7 & 9: *seriously didn’t give a damn and even had to be pushed a bit to participate in the conversation, were not surprised, didn’t have questions, were just super cool with it because it’s actually not that big a deal*

7: *actually went out of his way to use my name and pronouns*

9: *acting like nothing has changed, which is kinda true*

In conclusion. That wasn’t a big deal really, and I can now exist and feel okay and be okay and be myself at home and with my family now and I’m very happy and this is just a relief ok.

Bee Jokes Masterpost

all of you Landon lovers a just wanna-bee’s (littererly, because you want a bee), so here bee some alternative jokes to channel your inner copbee chats.

Q: Why did Landon get married?  Because he found his honey 

Q: What do you call a bears without ears? B’s

Q: What’s Landon’s favorite novel? The Great Gats-bee. 

Q: What do you get if you cross a bee with a door bell? A hum dinger

Q: Who is Landon’s favorite singer? Sting! 

Q: Who is Landon’s favorite pop group? The bee gees

Q: What is Landon’s favorite part of a relationship? The Honeymoon period. 

Q: What did the sushi say to the bee?  Wassabee! 

Q: What do you call Landon when he can’t stop eating?  Chub-bee. 

Q: What kind of bee is a sore loser?  a cryba-bee 

Q: Who protects the Queen Bee?  Her Hub-bee. 

Q: How many bees do you need in a bee choir? A: A humdred

Q. What’s the last thing to go through a bee’s mind when it hits your windshield? A. Its butt. 

Q: Why did Landon go to the barbershop?  To get a buzz-cut. 

Q: What do you call a bee born in May?  A maybe

Q: What kind of bee can’t be understood?  A mumble bee

Q: What do you call a bee that lives in America? A: USB 

Q: Where dose Landon keep his money? A: In a honey box

Q: What do you get when you cross a race dog with a bumble bee?  a Greyhound Buzz. 

Q: What is Landons favorite sport? WWE  Rug-Bee.

 Q: What TV station does Landon watch?  Bee bee c one! 

Q: What do you get if you cross a horse with a bee?  Neigh buzz 

Q: What did the bee say to the naughty bee?  Bee-hive yourself 

Q: What does a queen bee do when she burps? A: Issues a royal pardon

Q: How will Landon propose to his future wif(u)e?  With a Ru-Bee ring. 

Q: Did you hear about the bee that was overweight? It had chub-bee legs and a flab-bee stinger. 

Q: What do you call a bee that prefers nectar to pollen?  Snob-Bee. 

 Q: Why do bees hum?  Because they’ve forgotten the words 

Q: What  do you call Landon when he drops things?  A fumble bee! 

 Q: What’s Landon’s favorite flower? : A bee-gonias

Q: What do you call a Landon when he single handedly defends Paris from a wasp attack? Not to shab-bee. 

Q: What do you call Landon when he’s  having a bad hair day?  A Frizbee. 

Q: What is Landon’s favorite shape?  A Rhom-buzz, of course. 

 Q: What do you call a bee you can’t share secrets with? Volpina a blab-bee. 

Q: What’s a bee-line?  The shortest distance between two buzz-stops! 

Q: What does Landon say when he’s upset? Bah-Humbug

 Q: What does Landon get at McDonalds?  A humburger 

Q: Who is Landons favorite painter? A: Pablo Beecasso

Q: What does Landon say to Chat every  summer?  Swarm here isn’t it! 

Q: What is a bee’s favorite classical music composer? A: Bee-thoven! 

Q: Who writes books for little bees? A: Bee-trix Potter! 

Q: Where do bees go on holiday? Stingapore! 

 Q: what does Landon style his hair with?  a honeycomb 

Q: What do you call a bee who’s had a spell put on him?  bee-witched! 

Q: Why do bees buzz? A: Because they can’t whistle! 

 Q: Can Landon fly in the rain? Not without their little yellow jackets

Q: What does Pooh Bear call his girl friend? A: Hunny! 

Q: What goes zzub, zzub? A: Landon flying backwards 

Q: What are the cleverest bees?  Spelling bees

 Q: What bee is good for your health? A: Vitamin bee

What I Call Life (Final Chapter)

Part Twenty of the blangstpromptoftheday mpreg fic.

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15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19

This is the last chapter! I hope it lives up to your expectations and that you enjoy it. I may write more for this verse in the future but until then, this is it for now. Thanks for reading/reblogging/liking and for being patient with me. Hope you like it! <3

No songs in this chapter.

This fic is on too.


Kurt froze in place, eyes widening as he looked up at Blaine, his heart throbbing wildly in his chest as he took in the shy smile on his ex’s lips and the way Blaine’s eyes watered and shimmered in the streetlights that shined down on them. His words bounced around in Kurt’s head: I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. “You… what?”

“I love you.” Blaine whispered, stepping forward until he was just inches away from Kurt’s body. The heat from his form radiated off him, close enough for Kurt to feel as it surrounded him with its warmth. His gelled curls brushed Kurt’s forehead as the younger man leaned in and then his lips were on Kurt’s, silken and soft, bitter tasting from the wine and slightly salty from his tears. Kurt moaned softly, sliding his arms around Blaine’s waist as he pulled his love closer, his fingers clenching in the smooth fabric of Blaine’s shirt as they continued kissing, ignoring the bustling people around them as they stayed wrapped around each other.

It wasn’t until Blaine pulled back that Kurt remembered to breathe again, his hazy eyes blinking open as he took in the beautiful sight of a smiling Blaine before him. “Do you mean it-”

“Yes. Kurt, I’ve always loved you. I just… didn’t know if I was ready to say it again. But I am now.”

“You’re sure?”

“More than anything.”


Blaine laughed, his voice airy and light. “Yes.”

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Life of a pre-everything trans man

-I just want to shave my face
-I just want a flat chest
&to be able to walk around shirtless with it being okay.
- I want a deep voice
-I want to be called the correct pronouns
-I want to be called Landon
- I want to not be trapped in this horrid body
-Soon though maybe all this will change starting a new therapist on Wednesday maybe I can get so me progress :)

You know when ur having a bad You havent even left ur house. Around 6pm u have had enough of it so you go outside to sit on the porch for a few minutes. Everything sucks. Then u see from the corner of ur eye something pink and beautiful - like the sky’s on fire.. It makes u smile for the first time that day. It gives u reinforcement for staying alive - like hey pal, today was brutal but look what you’re blessed to witness!! This sunset full of beauty and life!! And basically for me that sunset is @vorematty he’s always my sunset

“Hey babe,” Landon called out, stepping out of the bathroom, drying his hair with his towel, another wrapped around his waist. “I got you something! It’s on the bed,” Landon smirked slightly. Slipping back into the bathroom, to run some gel through his hair.

Last Call || Landon & Niccolo

Grabbing the bottle of scotch from his liquor cabinet, Niccolo headed down as he called a car service.  This was a nice bottle, and he’d been saving it.  For what, he wasn’t sure, but his parents had always talked about doing things like that, so he did too.  Usually he questioned their logic, but he’d had no reason to believe this was a bad idea so far.  Once the car arrived he got in and gave the directions, moving slowly towards the area.  Traffic was bad, but not as bad as it could have been he supposed.  Pulling up, he paid the driver and got out, sending a message to Landon to let him know he’d arrived.

Sadness was a horrible feeling. Even though Landon stated a couple weeks ago that he didn’t hate Andrew and the fact that they’re going to work things out, Andrew just felt terrible for manipulating Landon and putting him through something he hated- especially going at it alone. He respected Landon’s decision of needing some space to himself to release anger, but Andrew was too impatient. He wanted to be in the arms of his boyfriend watching Netflix, honestly. As Andrew scrolled through the show options, Andrew let out a small sigh and hoped Landon would text or call him shortly.