landon austin


i. another life - ingrid michaelson // ii. heavy heart - gabrielle aplin // iii. wise enough - lamb // iv. armor - landon austin // v. far too young to die - panic! at the disco // vi. can’t pretend - tom odell // vii. save me from myself - head // viii/ knocking on heavens door - raign // ix. dark come soon - tegan and sara // x. by the throat - chvrches // xi. wild at heart - birds of tokyo // xii. scream - cub sport // xiii. talk me down - troye sivan // xiv. love is a battlefield - ngaiire // xv. heavenly creatures - wolf alice // xvi. salvation - gabrielle aplin // xvii. the lighthouse song - josh pyke // xviii. murder cries - snow ghosts // xix. saturn - sleeping at last

I’m under your skies
I’m caught in your eyes
Don’t you know you stop the room
And all that I can see is you
I’m standing where the lightning strikes
I know this doesn’t happen twice
You must be my once in a lifetime, in a lifetime
You must be my once in a lifetime

Once in a life time // Landon Austin 

imagine our world // songs for when you just want to lay in bed

1. hold you in my arms - ray lamontagne // 2. tell me a story - phillip phillips // 3. circles (acoustic) - passenger // 4. home - gabrielle aplin // 5. fire alarms - ed sheeran // 6. firelight - young the giant // 7. i don’t care what my friends say - chris holmes // 8. stubborn love - the lumineers // 9. family - noah gunderson // 10. lost in you - ryan o'shaughnessy // 11. arms - christina perri // 12. once in a lifetime - landon austin // 13. heart on fire - jonathan clay // 14. ones and zeros - jack johnson //

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Books&Cupcakes November Book Photo Challenge

Day 2: Reading Playlist

1. Jenny // The Maine
2. Thinking Out Loud // Ed Sheeran
3. Afraid // The Neighbourhood
4. All That I Am // Parachute
5. Calling All Angels // Train
6. Drops of Jupiter // Landon Austin
7. Kiss Me Slowly // Parachute
8. I Forgive You // Every Avenue
9. Misery // The Maine
10. How to Save a Life // The Fray
11. You Found Me // The Fray
12. 1901 // Phoenix
13. 19 You + Me // Colton Haynes & New Heights
14. The Reason Why // The Click Five
15. Re-Offender // Travis
16. Robbers // The 1975
17. Bliss // The Maine
18. Roads Untraveled // Linkin Park
19. Somewhere Only We Know // Lily Allen
20. Philadelphia // Parachute


I could walk you down the aisle …You’re over my head, I’m out of my mind thinking I was born in the wrong time… ”

Can’t use the kiss? Make an AU story :DDD HD please

Nine Days of Olicity: The Feels Music

Every day between today and the Arrow Season 4 premiere, I am going to highlight 3 songs from the fandom collaborated Spotify Olicity: The Feels playlist. These are songs that I find myself queuing often and that give me the most Olicity feels. If you recommended these - THANK YOU! And keep the recs coming!

Feel free to join in with your faves and why.

The Words - The Madison Letter (Christina Perri cover)

This makes me think of Felicity's “I love you” declaration in 3x20. One reason I prefer this cover version is that it is sung from the male viewpoint - which makes it SO Oliver.

All of the lights land on you
The rest of the world fades from view
And all of the love I see
Please please say you feel it too
And all of the noise I hear inside
Restless and loud, unspoken and wild
And all that you need to say
To make it all go away
Is that you feel the same way too

Come to This - Natalie Taylor

I’ve posted this before - but I cannot say enough about the angst that this song provokes.

Will you hear me when I speak
Do you feel the pain with me
I tried to be so strong
I thought that hope would come
But you’re not here

The darkness keeps its grip

How’d it come to this

Whether it’s a literal separation - Oliver’s death.

Or Oliver coming back from Nanda Parbat still determined to keep Felicity at a safe distance and (damn it) work with Merlyn.

Or the most painful version - his choice to sacrifice himself and become the next Ras al Ghul.

Armor - Landon Austin

I think of both on this one. It works on so many levels. Both of them had to lay down their armor and they DID.

Maybe I’ll crash into you
Maybe we’ll open up these wounds
We’re only alive if we bruise
So I lay down this armor
I will surrender tonight
Before we both lose this fight
Take my defenses
All my defenses
I lay down this armor

I do what it takes to make this right
But we got to stop before the regret
After the war is won
There’s always the next one
I’ll do what it takes to make this right

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Made 9 different genre versions of the Friends theme song. :D

Rob Scallon
Hank Green
Wheezy Waiter
Anthony Vincent
Taryn Southern
Dan Bull
None Like Joshua
Landon Austin

Larry Songs

• They Don’t Know About Us -One Direction
• Little Things - One Direction
• You & I - One Direction
• Strong - One Direction
• Happily - One Direction
• Something Great - One Direction
• Half A Heart - One Direction
• Cannonball - Little Mix
• Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran
• Light Surrounding You - Evermore
• Demons - Imagine Demons
• Resolution - Matt Corby
• Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey & Cedric Gervais
• Over My Head (cable car) - The Fray
6.Strong - London Grammar
7.Homesick - Sleeping at Last
8.It’s Too Late (ride on) - Evermore
•Drop in the ocean - Ron Pope
•Don`t let me go - Harry Styles
• Look After You - Louis Tomlinson
•You found me - The Fray
•How to save a life - The Fray
•Find a way - Tyler Blackburn
•Beside you - 5sos
•The scientist - Coldplay
•Once in a lifetime - Landon Austin

•Fix you - Coldplay
•Kiss me - Ed Sheeran
•Your song - Ellie Goulding
•Uncover - Zara Larson
•Iris - Sleeping With Sirens
• Same Love - Macklemore
• Unconditionally - Katy Perry
• I Love You - Avril Lavigne
• When You’re Gone - Avril Lavigne
• Darlin - Avril Lavigne
• Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne
• Read All About It Part III - Emeli Sandé
• Heart by Heart - Demi Lovato

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here’s a shippy playlist in honour of this not-so-holiday holiday. I tried finding songs that didn’t use words like “girl” or “boy” in them so whatever you ship makes sense with the song. Enjoy the playlist!

A Thousand Years // Christina Perri
Accidentally In Love // Counting Crows
Ammunition // Krewella
Armor // Landon Austin
Before You Go // Common Kings
Beside You // Marianas Trench
Cooler Than Me // Mike Posner
Crush // David Archuleta
Cupid’s Chokehold // Gym Class Heroes (main lyric is “girlfriend”; apologies!)
Down // Jay Sean
Dukes // Repartee
Find A Way // Safety Suit
For The Nights I Can’t Remember // Hedley (has “girl” in it; sorry!)
Forget About You // R5 (I think it might say “girl” in it? Can’t remember)
Hole In My Heart // Luke Friend
House Of Cards // Tyler Shaw
Hurricane // Bridgit Mendler
I Just Haven’t Met You Yet // Michael Bublé
I Won’t Give Up On Us // Jason Mraz
I’m Yours // Jason Mraz
If I Had You // Adam Lambert
If I Lose Myself // One Republic
Jet Lag // Simple Plan (guy and girl singers)
Kiss You Inside Out // Hedley (mentions of “girl”/female pronouns I think?)
Lego House // Ed Sheeran
Never Say Never // The Fray
Never Stop // Safety Suit (suggests that the other is female; sorry!) Not A Bad Thing // Justin Timberlake
Once In A Lifetime // Landon Austin
One Last Night // Jesse Labelle Ft. Nixon (can’t remember if there are girl pronouns)
One Wish // Tyler Shaw (can’t remember again)
Out Of My League // Fitz and the Tantrums
Please Don’t Go // Joel Adams
Ready Or Not // Bridgit Mendler (has “boy” in it)
Red // Tyler Ward (has “her” in it)
Sad Song // We The Kings (guy and girl singers)
Say You Like Me // We The Kings (can’t remember)
Ships In The Night // Mat Kearny
So Cold // Ben Cocks (more of a breakup/conflict ship song, mentions of cheating with another girl)
So Sick // NeYo (more of a breakup/conflict ship song, has female pronouns I’m pretty sure)
Stereo Hearts // Gym Class Heroes Ft. Maroon 5 (can’t remember)
Stop Standing There // Avril Lavigne (male pronouns I think?)
Summer Paradise // Simple Plan (female pronouns I think?)
The Only Exception // Paramore
Use Somebody // Kings of Leon
We Could Happen // AJ Rafael (female pronouns I think?)
When You’re Gone // Avril Lavigne (sad ship song; gone = breakup/death/leaving?)
Why Can’t I // Liz Phair (male pronouns I think?)
XO // The Eden Project (breakup song; has “girl” in it I’m pretty sure)
Your Man // Down With Webster (has “your man”, “girl” and idk what else)

I hope you all find a song that goes with your ship. HVD!

Wedding Song

Some say it is the most important day in your life, and that you will remember it forever. First dances are a tradition on this day, and so we’ve created a playlist perfect for the occasion. Although there are the obvious classics (Aerosmith and Bryan Adams, for example), we’ve put a modern spin on things:

  1. Stolen - Dashboard Confessional. Completely overtaken by someone? This song is perfect.
  2. Never Stop (Wedding Version) - SafetySuit. Even the band recognized its potential for bringing a couple together.
  3. You Belong To Me - Jason Wade. Beautifully touching and honest.
  4. Like You’ll Never See Me Again - Alicia Keys. Her voice can make anyone fall in love.
  5. Iris  - The Goo Goo Dolls. One of the greatest love songs of the 2000’s.
  6. A Place Only You Can Go - Needtobreathe. It has an older feel to it, with an accordion that adds emotion.
  7. You and Me - Lifehouse. It’s a story about a relationship.
  8. All This Time - OneRepublic. Slower than others on this playlist, but it would be nice to slow dance to.
  9. Yellow - Coldplay. A classic; I’m waiting for people to accept this as the new I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.
  10. Once In A Lifetime - Landon Austin. Perfectly describes weddings and the feeling that goes along with them.