princessdurazno  asked:


  • why I like them: Italy is silly, cute and generally a nice person. He makes me smile anytime I see him. 
  • why I don’t: I don’t like how he’s always portrayed as weak. I know he’s not. Plus I hate how he’s always with Germany as if no one else exists in his life. 
  • favorite episode (scene if movie): The recent episode (episode 10) where he was chatting with Turkey. It had them interracting with one another (made me happy) and effectively proved that as a kid he was not a weakling. 
  • favorite season/movie: I guess my favorite season would be season one. Since it was when we first saw him. Plus you had chibitalia in that season. 
  • favorite line: let me think. I can’t remember lines at the moment. 
  • favorite outfit: His usual blue uniform or any masquerade-like outfit fans draw him in. He looks handsome in a suit.
  • otp: RusIta. Smile pair is too fluffy for me to not like it.
  • brotp: Hm…two pop in my head. Germany and Italy as first and Italy and Poland. 
  • head canon: Italy knows where everyone’s porn stash is hidden. He’s found Japan and Germany’s easily. So he’s found everyone else’s stash and uses this as secret blackmail. 
  • unpopular opinion: He doesn’t see Germany as a love interest. Or even loves him. He just sees Germany as his bestest friend. 
  • a wish: That he appears more in season 5. I am disappointed by the lack of it. Or I wish that Prussia’s crush on him is revealed more. 
  • an oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen: I do not want him and Germany to end up together. Ever. I would cry. 
  • 5 words to best describe them: Cute, obnoxious, kind hearted, coward, loveable
  • my nickname for them: Feli, baby, Ita