Hey guys and gals, it's Debz!

I’m sure you’ve heard that Jeem is going away for a few weeks on Thursday, so I’ll be here to run the blog in her absence. 

I hope I can live up to the high standards Jeem has provided for you all, and I look forward to keeping this blog up and running while she is away!

GayTeenss/Debz <3


So Debz and I just made a gay couple on Sims.

Ones called ‘Zachary Pilgrim’ and he’s a typical 19 year old, books, games, average body type, hair etc.

His boyfriend we decided needed a bit of spice…

So we made him a muscley, hairy, ginger haired man who wears light BDSM gear and is called ‘Scott Plow-Men’

This seems like its developing into some sort of porno.

Trust a lesbian to make a gay male porno titled
‘Scott likes to Plow-Men, featuring Zach Pilgrim’.