I still can't believe I met my best tumblr friend and she's here with me now!

Savannah, landofjules, flew down here and I have her until the 8th. Guys, dreams come true. This is the best thing ever. She’s everything I thought she is and more. If you have a tumblr best friend, save up and meet them. It may be pricey, but it’s worth it. I promise.

Love you guys and I hope you’re all having the best New Years ever! I have a feeling 2014 will be the best one yet :)


um.. friends.. game time..

landofjules asked:

Don't take this the wrong way but your most recent selfie with the headband makes me think of Kendall Jenner. Which is actually a compliment because she's gorgeous!

mmmm okay, I can feel this, she beautiful so thank you : )

Oh god guys
So I went to this party
Thrown by my new friend Tyler
Who I met at this other party
And he was so drunk
He saved his name as Tylet in my iPhone
I met him 5 days ago
Idk that’s a guess maybe less ok
And I got/am drunk at his party tonight
And I’m ‘seeing’ (using that term loosely) this guy named Brody
I made out with this other guy
Named Ryan
And played beer pong with this other guy
Named black Tyler
And I’m texting these other guys
Named Blake [and Ryan and Tyler]
Who I [all] met tonight
Meanwhile I’m texting my friend
And he’s hitting on me
And “Tylet” is texting me also
So I’m literally texting like four different guys at the moment
I feel so popular
Like what is this
I don’t even know
Idk I guess I’m popular all of a sudden
London Tipton from Sweet Life of Zach and Cody voice: YAY ME *claps for myself*