I still can't believe I met my best tumblr friend and she's here with me now!

Savannah, landofjules, flew down here and I have her until the 8th. Guys, dreams come true. This is the best thing ever. She’s everything I thought she is and more. If you have a tumblr best friend, save up and meet them. It may be pricey, but it’s worth it. I promise.

Love you guys and I hope you’re all having the best New Years ever! I have a feeling 2014 will be the best one yet :)


um.. friends.. game time..

I was tagged by ohequestrians

1.) Always post the rules.

2.) Always answer the new questions and then write your own. 

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1) How were you introduced to horse riding? My next door neighbour, Rachel, started riding horses when I was young and I wanted to be just like her so naturally I started begging my parents to let me try LOL.

2) If you could take part in any horse riding show in the world, which one would it be? Definitely show the A or AA rated shows in the states, given I had the funds, time and a wicked horse.

3) Favourite horse brand? This is a large tie between Tailored Sportsman, EIS and CWD.

4) If there was anything you could change in the riding industry, what would it be and why? How twisted and dishonest some people are.

5) Most embarrassing horse riding experience? Probably getting my ribbons pulled at Champs last year when Sumi jogged lame. I was a mess and that sucked.

6) If you could ride at the same yard as any rider in the whole world, who would it be? Lillie or Tori would be cool to ride with.

7) Who is your favourite horsey Tumblr blog? I have so many, this is so hard! 

8) Pick one: SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vines, BBM, Whatsapp or Tumblr? Tumblr

9) What time is it currently in your country? 6:24 PM

10) What is the most scandalous horse related thing you have ever done? Scandalous… hmmmm I can’t think of anything for this one lol. I’m a rule follower.

My Questions:

1. If you show, what’s the story behind your favourite ribbon?

2. How many days a week do you ride?

3. Describe your favourite pair of boot socks.

4. What type of saddle do you own?

5. Describe the horse that has touched your life the most.

6. Have you ever hit a “wall” in your riding?

7. Do you ride at a private, riding school or show barn?

8. Which state/province/general area are you from?

9. What’s the last equestrian event you watched online or on TV?

10. What type of bit do you ride with? Or do you go bitless?

Oh god guys
So I went to this party
Thrown by my new friend Tyler
Who I met at this other party
And he was so drunk
He saved his name as Tylet in my iPhone
I met him 5 days ago
Idk that’s a guess maybe less ok
And I got/am drunk at his party tonight
And I’m ‘seeing’ (using that term loosely) this guy named Brody
I made out with this other guy
Named Ryan
And played beer pong with this other guy
Named black Tyler
And I’m texting these other guys
Named Blake [and Ryan and Tyler]
Who I [all] met tonight
Meanwhile I’m texting my friend
And he’s hitting on me
And “Tylet” is texting me also
So I’m literally texting like four different guys at the moment
I feel so popular
Like what is this
I don’t even know
Idk I guess I’m popular all of a sudden
London Tipton from Sweet Life of Zach and Cody voice: YAY ME *claps for myself*