Petition for the NHL to recognize #19 as an attractive as all hell kind of number to wear

Ok so lemme explain you a thing—I’ve been noticing in the past months that there are quite a few good looking boys wearing #19. I generally focus on Jonathan Toews simply cuz he’s my favez (see what I did there?) but damn, I know when to appreciate other players. I’ll provide some examples:

Joffrey Lupul, Toronto Maple Leafs

k so Joffrey here is that homie you love to call a douche because off the ice he is a little douchey for the ladies but damn, you cannot deny that those eyes are perfff. Also he’s had a hell of a battle to get his career to this point so kudos for being hot and determined

Travis Zajac, New Jersey Devils

I saw the tag “zajac-ing off” when I was looking for a picture of him. I find this an appropriate description

Justin Schultz, Edmonton Oilers 

you can’t tell me that smile isn’t ridiculously cute and the fact he’s one half of the key schultz-defensive line for the oilers AND besties with the kid line dfjadk;fjadkjfa too much for me

Brad Richards, New York Rangers

god bless the ESPN body magazine issue. Brad here is probz the oldest guy I’ll present, but he’s got a pretty sick flow and obvi has some goods under his jersey, amirite, ESPN? (I’d also like to note that NYR in general has some fanfuckingtastic boys on their roster, helloooo Hagelin (◕‿◕✿))  

Beau Bennett, Pittsburgh Penguins

lemme tell you about this lil shit here—he’s super young and super talented, holds his own on a team full of star power (while getting some of the spotlight himself) and apparently he’s a super chill kid. winning all the way around

Tyler Seguin, Boston Bruins

Tyler. Ohhh Tyler. What do we do with you. You’re ridiculously attractive (even with that playoff scruff, probably even more so then), you’re adorably cute with Marshall (probably the only one you’ll be committing to for quite some time), you’re good at what you do, and you’ve got that young kid doucheyness going on. but hey who can blame you—you’re young, rich, and attractive. milk it for all it’s worth bro

Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks

and then there’s Jonathan. I’m showing blatant favoritism because he’s just perf to me. He gets three examples. I didn’t even remember I had that last gif until I typed “jona-” into the bar and “jonathanundies” came up so hey, BONUS GIF YAY. afkdjlaf;akld what can i say about jonathan that wouldn’t make him attractive—amazing leader, carries the team on his shoulders even when he doesn’t have to, grows some beautiful Superman curls when he wants to, has an ass TO KILL, and is just all around perfection.

Anyways I’m pretty sure we can agree this is some pretttty good evidence that #19 is an attractive number. These aren’t even all of them! Still leaving off Nicklas Backstrom, Shane Doan, Joe Thornton, Cody Hodgson, etc. But I think it’s time to start realizing there’s a lil somethin special to that #19

fun fact reminder that I once wrote out a list of NHL players I’d bang and it was three post-it’s long and then like two days later I was in line at a dining hall with my friend and actively eye-sexing a kid behind us and that’s when my friend casually said “hey remember that 3 post-it note long list of hockey players you’d fuck” and I swear to god I could hear a padlock clicking into place on the hot guy’s pants and I couldn’t look at the kid again

so I work at a uniform shop for the private schools in my area but we also do other orders for schools and businesses requiring embroidery. Let me tell you I’ve dealt with my fair share of difficult customers ranging from angry business owners to snobby parents. However today I had a family come in looking for uniforms for their son. I was a little weary because I knew we didn’t have very much of what they needed in stock. But they were so patient and cheery and in such good moods and didn’t get upset that we had to special order most of his uniforms and it was just such a pleasant experience. They were such good and nice people and it really made my day to know that there are genuinely happy people still in the world.

landofawkz asked:

I can always count on you form lovely daily dose of Chris Pine, which I appreciate even though you seem to love/hate him? lolol thank you<3

OH NO I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHRIS PINE. He’s amazing and beautiful but he’s so beautiful he’s an asshole. Like, jsdkfh s;khjf 

I fucking hate him. 

But he’s super great and talented and super amazing and sexy. Like, I’d love to meet him and hug him, that bastard I hate him,

hope that cleared it up!!

I feel like the older I get, the more I finally start to see. Childhood has this beautiful thing called unconditional love. You know, where you love a parent or a sibling or close family member no matter what they say or do to you, simply because you’re too young to care. I feel that while I still love unconditionally, I’m no longer blind to the flaws it used to hide. Take, for instance, my dad. I realized tonight that my dad is really kind of an asshole. He’s extremely judgmental (worse than any teenager I’ve ever met, right up there with sleazy tabloids) and he has an inflated sense of superiority, but my biggest issue is that I never saw this before. And now that I’ve been able to move to college and take a step back, I see it. It’s weird knowing that if we weren’t related, I’d have no interest in being my dad’s friend. That’s not to say he isn’t a great dad and wouldn’t go to the ends of the earth for my sister or me, but I’m finally starting to see his imperfections. This whole “getting older” schtick is a little difficult to navigate sometimes, you know? Some days I wouldn’t mind the unconditional blinders, some days I wish I’d never had them to start.

Yooooo so I just got a job on campus and wowowowowow lemme tell you when I interviewed I noticed the girl and the guy conducting them and made note of the fact that he was sexual af and yoooo guess who’s one of my bosses? Yes friend you’re right that sexual man and we were totes making lots of eye contact today at orientation and at one point he smiled at me like ughhhh and out of the group I’m really the only one he addressed by name like waddddup and I got to touch him like we shook hands but do I give a fuck no he’s attractive and I touched him I’m so down