Why Does the Job Market Not Make Sense?


Please ignore the above rage for you regularly scheduled minutely calm rant.

I’m currently bouncing around all the nooks and crannies of the internet looking for any sort of art job I am remotely qualified for. And I have noticed several really troubling/angry making things.

One: any of the jobs I am mostly qualified for require that I have at least three years experience of doing said job for some one else. And specifically on gaming related concept art jobs they require at least 2 or 3 shipped titles. Any entry level internships in these positions I have found are unpaid…..So essentially what these companies are asking of most recent college graduates with 50k plus in debt is to work for three years for free and then get a paying job….Are you fucking kidding me people looking for artists? 

Two: All of the jobs I am not remotely qualified for are for upper level/director/management positions in art related fields. There are literally 1/14th the entry/median positions compared to upper management available for applicants. This tells me one of two things. The first thing it tells me is that these companies are not promoting median/entry level folks to management/positions of control in art development. Which is shitty of them.

Two it tells me that there are a lot of management jobs that are only out there for people who have had said jobs, in multiple places, at multiple different companies. So essentially companies are passing around the same old art directors/managers when they might not be that great/innovative/not racist/sexist and not hiring people who might be those things (cough young people cough). 

Basically I have always been a bit jaded when it comes to working for a company but now I am entirely disappointed/frustrated with the idea of doing so. The only problem being not enough people know who I am for me to be a full time freelancer and in order to get that kind of following I would have to be promoting myself all over while not having time to make art and not making any money at a “real job." 

The art employment bracket appears to be a catch 22. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. 

But being a shameless opportunist here is my portfolio

And here is my art blog. Contact me for commissions. ;) 


“The Gift”

I am going to making art for it I think. I mean I might write something maybe. Hell even this picture is giving me plot bunny ideas.

This is supposed to be Rachel Zane and Jessica Pearson from Suits. Which I have come to hate the guys on but I really do love Jessica, Rachel, and Donna. God do I love Donna.

Anyway this is Jessica giving Rachel some much deserved praise and reward. Things might be going in a sexy way after the necklace is secured, who knows. ;D 

More ladydrawers stuff! This was a panel from a comic Nicole and I were going to hand out at the Dane Country Print Explosion but we had to back out at the last minute so the world will probably never see the comic. But I colored it over Thanksgiving break. The numbers in it are taken from two ladydrawers surveys done of comics creators in both the indie and mainstream industry. 


When I was in Hawaii for Winter Break I managed to make a few marker drawings with Faber Castell brush markers. The first is at the Abu'lui Tidal pools on the big island and Kilauea’s caldera also on the big island. The last is a Scandinavian snow cone from a tourist area in Kona.

Faber Castell’s packaged for these markers doesn’t do them justice. I can make their color sing it’s so saturated. Maybe they should hire me to do packaging art……just sayin.