World, meet my beautiful land mermaid 🌄👩🏻🐠 She is the strongest, kindest, most resilient and majestic sun kitten I have ever met. When the world tried to bring her down, she turned around and said, “F you world, I’m going to get my tassel hat!” These past few months have been rough for her, due to two soul sucking leeches who not only have black holes for hearts and the inability to be compassionate, but have lost their humanity all together. For my sun kitten to live and suffer in such a poisonous environment and make it out with such a grace (you may have slipped up once or twice, but who wouldn’t?!), I cannot begin to explain how loved you are and how proud we are of you. Karma is a bitch and those two leeches will realize that soon enough. But Karma is also amazing and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for you, my beautiful land mermaid. You are free and you have a stupendous tassel ear hat to prove it! I love you sun kitten and it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later!☀️

Happy Galentine’s Day to all my favorite gals! 😍 @austino_vino @amberg314 @annajazz @ashbashh23 @beonkakneecole @missmisseann @cmthach @dlewi034 @emathis13 @eal08d @maria__gonzo @g_herrera @missinga10 @buh_dee @hopscotch30 @eamacmurray @tiffanyagostinelli @nujalooj @katrina_no_l @mannatsra @momo021988 @lizamarcia @nfether3 @_colee_cole_ @shamikas @shnoog21 @chic_traveler @yvetterojo25 #galentine #galentinesday #landmermaid #thankyou #amypoehler #hoesbeforebros