100+ Followers Landmark

I’ve been putting this off long enough, I think. : P I’m actually at 130+ at this point, lol.

Anyway, it’s time to celebrate with another contest! Another chance to have a photoshoot, to be exact. I did this during my 25+ landmark, and this is how it goes:

If you win this contest, I’ll do a photoshoot of your wizard anywhere you want in the spiral, provided I have access to the areas. I have everything unlocked up to the end of Avalon and a tiny bit of Azteca right now, including Grizzleheim, Wintertusk, and Wysteria.

The photos taken will be edited, and will include a background, an icon, and some various shots of you in your chosen area(s).

I will choose the winners with a random number generator. Your reblog or like will be given a number, and if the generator picks that number, you win.

How to enter:

  • Reblog this post and/or like this post


  • You must be following me. This is for my followers.
  • No creating another account to get more chances to win.
  • One reblog = one slot in a random number generator
  • One like = one slot in a random number generator
  • You can reblog more than once, but don’t spam your followers too much, please.
  • For this contest, since it is for 100+ followers, I will be choosing ten winners!!

Thank you all so much for the follows, likes, and reblogs!! I really do appreciate it. : ) Good luck!!



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