If ya think Enjolras and Grantaire haven’t added their own love lock to the Pont des Arts, you’re mistaken my friend.

And then Enjolras didn’t sleep at night because: “Grantaire what have we done? That bridge is already saturated with padlocks and they say it affects the stability of the brige! Oh my god we’ve destroyed a landmark, Grantaire! It’s oUR FAULT!”

(And then the city removed all the love locks. Enjolras could finally sleep soudly again)

the entire music criticism community: owl city’s entire career is blatant plagiarism of the landmark work and sonic innovation of the postal service

me, an intellectual: there are only two good songs on give up, the district sleeps alone tonight and such great heights, and the respective birdy and iron & wine covers take deep dark shits all over the originals, and ocean eyes is joyous and ebullient and life-affirming where give up is despondent and occasionally succumbs to lazy misogyny, and i’m not saying adam young is making great art here but i will NOT tolerate this besmirching of the synthpop song of my youth

I’m rewatching some old s/u episodes, and you know what I miss so much? I mean, other than the older style of the show, obviously, what the heck happened to the Gems being mystical and mysterious? What happened to their magical girl vibes? I can forgive them getting rid of the mystery aspect since we got to know a lot more about them, but what happened to them, the temple, and historic landmarks functioning by what seemed to be magic? (I mean, L@rs even called them “witches” in the pilot.) They could’ve had Perid0t, a Gem from a now super technical and advanced Homeworld, try and see her history. Wouldn’t that have been so cool instead of JUST focusing on the techy alien aspect and completely forgetting about the magical themes?

Hi everyone!

How good would you say your sense of direction is, and if you were to describe how you find your way from a place to another, like navigating through a city, how would you do it? Do you memorize different paths, or do you try to figure out which general direction you should be heading by using landmarks and walk that way?
And of course, include your MBTI type

This weekend, the lights went out for Earth Hour at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Around the globe, millions of people, businesses, and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, switch off their lights, and make noise for climate action.

Climate change is real and it’s happening now. But by taking urgent climate action we will create jobs, improve our health and save money.

📷: UN photo / Evan Schneider



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A Study in Pink sets the stage for all of our future expectations. Nothing in this show is done by accident, and the way it is all handled is masterful. Seeds are sewn in this first episode that will never cease to matter throughout the duration of the show.

Take the first meal Sherlock and John share together at Angelo’s, where Angelo insists that the pair must have a candle for their table:

It seems like sort of a “joke” in a way–something that could easily be brushed off if we didn’t all know that TJLC is real. And the candle thing continues to be a theme. Illumination itself is a subtle theme throughout the show, with all the color-coded lights and the fact that Sherlock dubs John his “conductor of light” in “The Hounds of Baskerville.”

I noticed something recently when watching what is surely one of the favorite scenes of all Johnlockers: the reunion of Sherlock and John at The Landmark in the episode “The Empty Hearse.” This is the night Sherlock returns, supposedly from the dead, and interrupts John’s (rather lackluster) attempt to propose to his girlfriend Mary in a rather half-hearted effort to, in his own words, “move on” from Sherlock.

Notice anything missing from John and Mary’s table?

There’s a lamp, sure, but no candle. Maybe that isn’t terribly unusual. But look at the other tables in the restaurant:

Most have candles.

It doesn’t stop there. When Sherlock catches his first (heart-stopping; you can clearly see that in his face, just as it has been pointed out that if you isolate certain audio tracks in this part here you can hear Sherlock’s thudding pulse) glimpse of John after two years away…

how does he see him?

There is a candle placed strategically between them, clearly visible from Sherlock’s vantage point.

This isn’t the only throwback to Angelo’s on this night. If more is needed, I’m including this little bonus below. The writers have done this *so many times,* where certain words and phrases come back again. It isn’t an accident and it isn’t lazy writing. We’re talking about the combined efforts of two very good writers here, and though John’s nerves on this night aren’t exactly hard to pick up on, we get this cherry strategically placed on top:


How could you do that? Hmm? ;)