Landlords: At worst, they’re despicable buttgoblins who take all your money, and, at best, they’re pretty OK people who still take all your money. Taking your money obviously makes you unhappy, but there are tons of things you do that make them just as miserable. We interviewed three property managers – Marie, Nicole, and Jenn – and asked them about the worst parts of their jobs.

5 Unsettling Realities Of Being A Landlord


Last night I had the absolute and wonderful joy of performing with the UCB Harold team LANDLORD on a very special day, the anniversary of the last day that Santina Muha walked. Since day one with Landlord I have loved performing with this team because everyone was instantly supportive as if we’d been friends long since being put together by UCB however last night I was lucky enough to be part of one of the biggest and coolest supportive gestures to celebrate life and the triumphant spirit of one person to overcome their adversity and pursue their dreams and succeed in doing so!!! Much love to Santina and showing us how to live life to it’s fullest no matter what happens to change your path towards your dreams. Lucky to be friends with everyone on LANDLORD Devin Field​ Blake Hogue​ Beth Lepley​ Santina Muha​ Timm Sharp​ Jonny Svarzbein​ Jacob Lawrence Wysocki​. If you missed this special Harold last night, you can watch it here: Timeless black out line!

Lots of blogs show you gorgeous rooms with immaculate finishes, but what happens if you are renting your pad? White paint may be your new best friend.

A clean coat of white paint can work wonders for a rental with more basic finishes. Before you move in the landlord probably needs to repaint anyway, ask for a plain white, instead of the go to beige in many rentals and condos. It’ll give you a blank canvas and a fresh backdrop. 

If you’re looking to repaint, just remember to ask your landlord. But since when has anyone objected to a MORE neutral color?


I think of my landlord as a funny cartoon character, and when he left me a note this morning I instantly knew I had to make a font from it. Now I just have to figure out a way to get him to leave me a note with the letters FGJQUVXZ and of corse 0 through 9!?$

Recap of today:

*Cleaned the house, and I’m really happy it’s all spotless
*Went blueberry picking, gosh I love blueberries and so do my piggies
*Saw a new doctor and he was the nicest doctor I’ve ever met. He ACTUALLY listened to me, spoke compassionately, and understood the urgency of my situation. He even booked me to see him again on Wednesday for a fourty minute slot (every doctor usually makes you wait weeks for a twenty minute)
*I called the vet about Gus and he said there’s nothing more I can do so at this point I’m just continuing with his care and waiting
*I talked to my landlord about getting a dog and he has to speak with his wife so we are waiting on the answer
*Went to my sister’s to watch Nightcrawler and holy that movie is intense

I think Marta was bored so she decided to get out her tools and redo the previously carpeted, previously adequate, stairs. If this is the last Dick From Africa post you ever see, please tell the authorities that I broke my neck in the middle of some dark night due to landlord negligence. 

Our landlord knocked our door yesterday and came in and gave us a chicken snack box and oh my lord he is the best landlord like he just knew what we were thinking like we just had stoned sex and then we get chicken he is Lord saviour

How to Choose the Right Commercial Property Management Software Solution

How to Choose the Right Commercial Property Management Software Solution

In commercial real estate brokerage today the property management division of your business will need a dedicated and specialised property management software program to control asset performance for the clients that you serve.  There are many different software packages around, some of which are of the highest quality, whilst others are very average.

Quality is important

If you plan to provide a…

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Talked to our landlord about the smell when he came over to measure our windows for replacement parts.

He said to keep track of it for a couple days and if it’s bad again to let him know and he’ll talk to the guy downstairs. He’s an ex-cop, so he’s taking it pretty seriously. He said the guy downstairs has lived here for 20 years and he basically inherited him as a tenant a few years ago. Apparently he’s been looking for a legitimate reason to get him out of there, and I guess we may have found one. I’m hoping this gets resolved quickly…