dont you love/hate when you freak out about something.....

And in the end you didn’t really need too?

we (my boyfriend and I) super duper cleaned our house since Monday when we heard our landlord was “coming over too fix a few things and resign the lease” so we assumed he would ya know, look in every room at the least.

so we super cleaned (We have 3 cats and a dog, its easy too get behind on cleaning) and my boyfriend is the best and let me spend some money on a few cute decorations (pics later) and the place look’s better than when we moved in.

so 3pm rolls around he comes over, comes in, asks us if everything works && if we wanted to release, we said yes, signed the papers and he left.


tl;dr stressed the fuck over nothing and worked my ass off for 3 days too end up talking too my landlord for 3 Second ,but now i have a clean car house, some new cute stuff, and im gonna be in abilene, tx for another year.