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Fighter: *rolls a four* Interference! That hit the bag of carrots!

DM: Fine, you can re-roll.

Fighter: *rolls an eighteen*

Me: Interference; that hit my soda.

DM: If we’re playing this way, you need to re-roll.

Fighter: *rolls a four without interference*

DM: The skeleton backflips away ninjutsu style, lands in a crane position, and gives you the middle finger when you try to hit it.

i am not a prince, sasuke states matter-of-factly, or a lord. i hold no position or land - i can give you nothing of which you deserve. even my family name -

he stops abruptly and sakura’s heart breaks for him, because who in the kingdom has not heard tell of the house of uchiha and its fall from grace - of the family’s collective treason, its execution, how one young boy survived only because he had lived his six years blissfully unaware - ?

i am but a palace guard, sasuke continues.

you are guard to the prince himself, sakura corrects. and, i don’t care. not a bit. you may not be noble by birth or by name, but your character surpasses that of any title you could hold. 

she smiles brightly at him, fierce and stubborn to a fault. i choose us, okay? so, there.

she turns and pulls him along the path, and sasuke wonders, again, how this girl could give him such hope when there is so very little of it left in his eyes. he thinks:

(if you are the sun in my world, then i am no more than the pale moonlight reflected by you)

i spent so much time on this i’m mostly glad to just be done with it orz
(i’ve also recently watched the entirety of downton abbey it was a thrilling ride)

Two movies, second time I cry.
Clearly, Damien Chazelle knows how to use music….no, how to make live it.
Like the instruments of a jazz band, there is a constant dialog between the narration and the music ; the camera dances, the melodies feels, the colors sings…

Whiplash was inflamed, La La Land is solar. This movie is a call to joy and love, “It’s another day of sun” like the world is crying at the beginning.
It reminds me so much of Singing in the Rain, the kind of movie that only wants you to feel good and enjoy the music of life. 

That is definitely a Land I will want to go again.


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A lesson on Triple Axel combos.

Bonus link on how to do your Triple Axel from an outside back-counter:

Jonsa Mistress!AU headcanons:

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The first time they give into their feelings, Jon swears he won’t “dishonor” her again. But she knows exactly how he thinks and convinces him what they’ve done is the furthest thing from dishonor almost immediately.

When Daenerys arrives, Jon swears he won’t marry her. But Sansa convinces him to, for the North. She also begs him to stay with her, regardless.

They respect Daenerys too much to be dishonest. And when the situation is laid out, they all work out an agreement. It’s an arrangement that satisfies no one but hurts Jon the most.

He knows he’ll get through it, though, because living without her is worse. 

He makes sure Sansa is taken care of. Though her brothers live, he makes sure she remains Lady of Winterfell, Lord and Warden of the North. Status, position, title, lands, income of her own. He won’t let her become dependent on anyone, not even himself, ever again. She’s officially one of the most powerful lords of the Seven Realms and head of the family, why should she want or need a husband.

Sansa’s not too bothered by not marrying him. She’s learned in the worst way what that all really entails. Her first marriage was predicated entirely upon her “husband” taking Winterfell through her. As much as she loves Jon, experience and knowledge cannot just be washed away. It’s Jon who agonizes over their lack of nuptials. So she arranges a private, secret “wedding” in the godswood for them. It’s not legally binding, but it does allow them to swear themselves to one another before the gods of their ancestors.

In contrast, Jon marries Daenerys in an opulent Sept wedding for all the realm to see. He has to excuse himself several times during the banquet. Sansa puts on a brave face. And she can’t be the one to retrieve him. It would only ignite gossip and humiliate the queen further. She can’t risk it. So she sends Arya after him instead.

Everyone involved agrees they’re all better off if Sansa spends as much time in Winterfell as possible. When she departs King’s Landing after the wedding, Ghost goes with her.

Another part of the agreement is that she takes moon tea until Jon gives Daenerys an heir. And, indeed, he remains with his wife until that happens. 

It’s three agonizing years until that finally happens. When Prince Aemon bursts into the world, Sansa is the first to weep for joy and send gifts and congratulations. She immediately rides to the Red Keep to swear to uphold the rights of the new prince. Though she has come to think of gender preference as wrong, she can’t help but be especially delighted that Daenerys had a boy. Princes make more secure heirs than girls, and there’s less reason for Daenerys to ever think of Sansa’s children as a threat. Sansa doesn’t take her Moon Tea while she’s in King’s Landing. She departs for Winterfell again, ready for her life to truly begin.

Three more moons pass before Jon finally returns home. During that time, Sansa issues an edict, dispensing with the gender preference in the Stark succession altogether. 

Now, Jon wants nothing, nothing but girls. Girls are officially safer. 

Another part of the arrangement is that Jon may never officially claim Sansa’s children. It breaks his heart, but that’s the concession they have to make in order for Daenerys to allow Sansa to legitimize them— as Starks. They decide to take a leaf out of Maege Mormont’s book, and claim that their children were fathered by a direwolf.

Sansa conceives soon after he returns home. But he goes back to King’s Landing sooner than expected. Despite the circumstances, he cannot help but love his son. He is now truly torn.

He returns North soon enough, though. Mya Stark rushes into the world, and he is overjoyed. He remains in the North for some time. He suspects Daenerys doesn’t mind too much. When the king is not around, there is only one absolute authority on the Iron Throne. When he’s there, the lords like to dismiss her. She’s more free to rule as she wishes when he’s with Lady Stark.

This belief is challenged, however, after Sansa delivers Lyanna a year after Mya. Daenerys is threatened by the quick succession of the Stark woman’s fertility. She demands Jon return to give her a spare.

Another long separation ensues, and it’s torture. Jon’s only relief is his adorable, precocious son. But he becomes known as King Jon the melancholy. He’s encouraged Daenerys to take lovers after Aemon, promising to claim any of her children. But she fears another Blackfyre Rebellion.

Rhaenyra Targaryen enters the world two years later, and Jon fears that Daenerys will decide a girl will not be an adequate spare and insist he remain until they have another boy. But she seems satisfied enough to release him again.

WHen he returns, it’s with wagons of gifts. Mya and LYanna delight him by greeting him while they ride on Ghost’s back. He’s been enhancing his warging skills since he left to watch over them. Though they were so young when he left, and are so young still, they know him.

Sansa is a fantastic ruler in the North, flawlessly leading her people through a recovery from the very worst. Her people adore her and so does Jon. When he’s in the North, he is by her side, helping her as he can. When they are apart, they confer on the governance of the country. Some start claiming that all of her success is due to him. It angers Jon more than it angers Sansa.

Not that she is devoid of nerves. She strives to be perfect constantly, “because I have to be”.

When their son, Eddard, is born, Jon has horrible nightmares. Jon and Daenerys married to neutralize all that would claim the throne was his. He is the only living son of her older brother, after all. Eddard might be called Stark, but that doesn’t free him entirely. All it would take is an ambitious, scheming, ruthless vassal who decides he’d prefer a different heir to the Iron Throne, and Eddard could be made into another Daemon Blackfyre. He knows Daenerys is aware of this as well. HIs boys… at war with each other. His worst nightmare.

After Eddard’s birth, he goes back to King’s Landing. Daenerys now takes lovers, as he suggested. She’s not discreet about it. Jon doesn’t mind, but he asks his wife to only bed men who are dark like him, or have the Valyrian coloring. He now sets a schedule for his time between KIng’s Landing and Winterfell as well, so he might be around enough for it to be plausible that any of Daenerys’s children may be his.

Daenerys surprises him one day. “Your pups, remind me of them again?”

That’s what she calls his children with Sansa, his “pups”.

“Mya is eight, Lyanna is almost seven, Eddard is four.”

“And Aemon is nine…”

He realizes where she’s going with this. “Mya is heir to Winterfell but…”

It’s not like he has any room to protest, though the possibility does unsettle him a bit. SIbling marriages are customary for House Targaryen, and he was raised as Sansa’s half-brother.

And it’s brilliant. He thinks of Eddard and Aemon. He writes to Sansa immediately.

She is resistant at first at the idea of “trading off” their daughter. It’s only when they discuss the idea in person that she comes around.

There’s an arrangement. The Starks shall visit the capital. 

When they do arrive there, Jon is overjoyed. Finally, his whole family together. He need not miss any of them. It rattles him a bit to realize this is the first time Aemon or Rhaenyra have met Ghost.

Daenerys has some news for him. He can’t be sure if the babe in her belly is his, but he’s obligated to claim it. 

Sansa and Daenerys can never be the best of friends, but they’ve developed a mutual admiration and respect for one another over the years. They are courteous, even warm, with one another. 

Sansa announces she’s pregnant a few weeks into their visit to King’s Landing. And, for health reasons, their planned two-moon stay becomes ten months. They write to Arya and Bran and tell them their regency will be extended.

Sometimes, Jon walks into a room to find his wife and his lover sitting and speaking together, both with round bellies, looking like two plump ducks in a row. Sansa dotes on Aemon and Rhaenyra, who take to calling her “Aunt Sansa.”

When Princess Daena Targaryen arrives, it only takes one look to know she’s Jon’s. Daenerys shocks the world by asking the Lady of Winterfell to be there during the delivery.

A couple moons later, when Serena Stark arrives, pretty much identical to her half-sister, her mother returns the gesture. The two girls are nicknamed “The Twins”. Their bond lasts throughout their life.

People are aware that he’s not faithful to his wife. But what they don’t realize is why. They decide he’s simply “a man” and that he’ll tire of Lady Stark and her “power hungry, grasping, ambition” (the fact that all of her titles are in fact her rightful inheritance is conveniently ignored) and that their pretty maiden daughter/niece/granddaughter/whatever can be the next royal mistress. They are wrong. Jon just pities the girls. But it takes far too long for some to give up. Surely, this will be their year. Lady Stark has not been able to regain her figure since her son was born. She’s getting older, now, she’s nearly in her fortieth year!

Daena may be his, but little Prince Rhaegar is certainly not. 

Sansa’s second son and fourth daughter are, though.

Despite all the good she does, all the people she’s helped, some people still insist on calling her a whore for the rest of her life. No one dares say it within earshot of the king, though.

It’s a proud day when Aemon weds Lyanna before the eyes of gods and men. The succession is more secure than ever. His children are safe.

There are periods, throughout the years, when Daenerys is called away to attend to her eastern domains. Jon takes the Iron Throne while she is gone. But he doesn’t dare request that Sansa visit him until well into their reign. Daenerys agrees, eventually. “But I will not be humiliated. If I arrive home to find my throne room draped in white and grey, you will burn.”

Sansa carefully and firmly assumes no more than her usual place as Lady of the North even when Daenerys is absent. COnveniently, though, she’s still one of the chief vassals in Westeros and his closest living kin, so he’s free to escort her to dinner on his arm and keep her close. She does, however, take on some household duties in the Red Keep, and the benefits to the royal court is such that when Dany does return, she jokes about making Lady Stark her Lady Chamberlain and Mistress of Revels. Daenerys, who is pretty much a king, rather than a traditional queen, has never been able to run her court as much as she wishes, so she appreciates the help, regardless of the source.

But both women feel the strain. Both are burdened with setting a precedent and retaining their power in the face of prejudice and doubt, so both must be perfect at everything. They bear it bravely. Once, though, Sansa finally loses it one day, lashes out horribly at them all, and smashes a vase against a wall. It is so shocking and out of character that Jon decides to take her away for a few weeks to one of her prettier properties in the South.

When her first grey hair appears, she cuts a lock of auburn and gives it to him in a locket. “So you will never forget the color, never forget how beautiful I was.”

Jon loves the red, but she’ll always be beautiful. And he loves the grey as well. To prove it, he collects locks of her hair for the rest of their lives, from burning red to shimmering silver.

They make it a project in later years to restore Summerhall, something fun and creative they do together. They take their time, both to reduce costs, but also prolong the enjoyment.

As he approaches his forty-fifth year, the old injury in his thigh starts to haunt him again. HIs mistress begins applying salve every morning and evening. But it gets worse.Some years on, he starts requiring to be moved on occasion. Sansa gets him a wheeled chair, and jokes about literally pushing him around. He needs it more and more as the years go on.

At the age of seventy, Daenerys falls from the back of her dragon and is lost. There is brief confusion about the throne. After all, Jon is technically king in his own right. But for him, it’s a no brainer. He quickly signs some papers and his son and daughter, now with children and even a grandchild of their own, are crowned. They’re more than ready. King Jon becomes Prince Jon of Summerhall.

The death does shake Jon, though. He finds himself doing the unthinkable: asking Sansa to abdicate in favor of their brilliant eldest and marry him at last. They only have so many years left, and they’ve earned the right to spend them unburdened and enjoying their family as much as possible.

She actually agrees, stunning him. They marry in the godswood and she’s Princess of Summerhall. They move down to the palace they rebuilt together. The southern air is better for his joints anyways.

And it’s like they’re finally claiming the youth that was stolen from them. For the first time in their lives, they’re truly carefree. 

Jon does eventually stop walking altogether, preferring to use what energy he has left in his hips and thighs for… other activities. Sansa starts calling him a “dirty old man”. He grins at this.

Her court at Summerhall becomes renowned for its gaiety and splendor, for Sansa loves to entertain. She’s in incredible shape, full of life. He adores watching her at it. Especially when she dances. 

Another of his favorite things: grabbing her by the waist, pulling her into his lap, and wheeling them through the halls as fast as he can. She squeals like a girl.

Then, one day, she retires from a feast early. And age finally seems to catch up with her. She entertains less and less, tires, stops dancing. 

He never would have guessed she’d be the first one to become confined to her bed. 

He spends his days wheeling around the chamber, fetching objects and performing tasks according to her needs. He goes from “dirty old man” to “nursemaid”, and he’s eager to do it.

Neither of them could actually stand to leave without the other. After all they’ve suffered, it’s only right when they get to die in one another’s arms.

I keep trying to re-find this but there was a behind the scenes clip from the hobbit movies where Orlando compares the elves to cats just in terms of their fluid motion. Like he made a comparison w elves in the way a cat pounces and lands somewhere it’ll just stay put in that landing position all graceful.

Which like that’s fuckin cool and shit like cats are super stealthy cunning predators but I immediately thought about all the dumb shit cats do when they’re not being graceful hunters. Like all I can think of is legolas falling out of a tree and playing it off like he meant for it to happen. Like he falls on his ass and gets up and just casually brushes his hair or some shit.

Or legolas being a lazy shit all day and then going fucking nuts at 1 in the morning. Or elf eyes dilating when they see something they either like or want to kill omg.

I wanna draw all this help.

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Fuck coworkers! I have a wide range of mental disorders, but I've fought incredibly hard get by and finally landed myself a management position. This requires me to be a lot more social with my coworkers and they make fun of me because my face tends to turn red when I talk to them??? Then them pointing it out embarrasses me and makes it even worse. It's an endless cycle.