landing planes

January 2009 had Merriweather Post Pavilion, Obamas Inauguration and that dude landed a plane in the water and nobody died.

January 2017? The new president does crime on the daily and they discontinued my favorite potato chips

confession time, here’s what i got

Summary: In which Otabek and Yuri pine for each other a lot, and manage to drag other people into their own problems. (otayuri week day 1! prompt: confessions, otayuri, side pairings viktuuri and saramila, word count: 4095)

Otabek figures out that he loves Yuri when he is twenty-one.

It’s during Yuri’s nineteenth birthday, too. His plane lands exactly at midnight, and he’s rushing to get his baggage as quick as he can to meet his best friend. He sees him the moment he claims baggage – it isn’t hard to miss his long hair or his leopard jacket – and he stretches his arms out as Yuri bolts over to him.

In the next minute, he has him in his arms, and he hears a cheerful, “Beka!” in his ears, and, oh, he realizes. He is in love.

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honestly one of the most friggin hilarious things about bob’s burgers is how drastically the scale of the story-lines fluctuates.  like some episodes are so everyday, sit-com mundane; gene joins the cheerleading squad, tina goes on a date, linda gets another job, something funny happens at the school or the restaurant

but then some episodes are preposterously dramatic??  the family gets trapped on a crazy cruise ship or they have to fly and crash land a plane or mr fischoeder’s brother TIES BOB AND MR FISHOEDER TO THE PIER TO MURDER THEM SO HE CAN INHERIT AND SELL THE AMUSEMENT PARK 

and you never know if you’re gonna get an episode where the plot revolves around a grill not working properly or, like, bob gets threatened by the mafia 

also some episodes are inexplicably musicals 

Getting Salty About Weathering

Hey there True Believers, today we’re going to talk about how to create your own convincing weathered metallics using a really simple technique. This whole project is done using Warcolours and an airbrush, but you can use these techniques just as effectively with any acrylic craft paints and a brush. 


Coarse Salt

Hair Spray

Hot Water


First off, we’re going to need the the prepped model surface we’re going to be working on, in my case, it’s a spaceship corridor that I sculpted for a diorama out of cardstock and some other stuff. In your case, this can be for old pipes, rusted out cars, Land Raiders, junked planes, really, anywhere where enameled metals have been left to the elements. 

We begin by priming it black, in the standard fashion. Ensuring even coverage and allowing it to dry for several hours, prior to applying the next layers. Once we’ve got that established, we begin to build up the basis for our rust layers. We’re going to start with a neutral, high saturation brown, and warm it up with each step into a terracotta.

Below you can see the browns applied with an airbrush, Make an attempt to focus the warming in specific spots, but avoid allowing the redder browns to achieve 100% opacity. We’re developing “filter” layers at this stage, and will be altering the texture in the next steps.

You can see how I’ve focused the filter towards the bottom of the wall. This will be the area with the heaviest weathering, representing where it has interacted most with moisture and wear and tear. If you were doing this on a Land Raider (for instance) this focal area might be around the treads, instead. It’s important to have an idea of which areas will be most heavily influenced by the rusting out, and begin to develop them.

Next up, we’re going to be moving up into proper oranges. In my case, Warcolours Orange 4 and One Coat Orange. Were going to be applying these differently than we did the brown, as we’re going to use these to develop an erratic, rusting texture on top of the browns. We’ll need a bit of blister foam or sponge for this next step. The idea is to daub a bit on a sponge, and then stipple a paper towel or piece of carboard until you get a nice erratic pattern. It’s similar to the amount of paint you’d want on your brush, if you were drybrushing. 

Above, you can see the texture developed, post stippling. Note the areas where I’ve concentrated it, that will become important shortly. When you’re satisfied with this, it’s time to seal the project using the matte varnish of your choice. In this instance, I’m using Warcolours matte varnish.

Apply a couple of coats of varnish, and allow to dry 100% before moving on from this step. You need the layers under this to be well protected, as we’re going to be applying salt and scrubbing the model after this. If you’ve not thoroughly sealed this layer, you will work your way down to the primer/plastic, ruining the effect and all the work you’ve done so far. Learn this lesson from me, as opposed to the hard way… Trust me.

Next up, the real meat and potatoes of this technique, coarse salt and hairspray.

We’re going to be using the hairspray as a temporary glue, to hold the salt crystals in place. To that end, decant a little into a dixie cup by turning the hairspray upside down and spraying it into the container. This will smell like the 80’s, so it’s best to do it in a well ventilated area. After you’ve got enough liquid hairspray in the cup for your needs, take an old brush and start to apply it to the model, sprinkling the coarse salt over the top, and knocking away any excess. Focus these sticky salt piles on top of the regions of heaviest wear, where you developed the texture with the oranges. 

When you’ve developed enough sticky salt piles to satisfy, allow it to dry and then apply the paint/wall/enamel color. In my case, I’ll be using a mixture of Warcolours One Coat Yellow Green with a little One Coat Green mixed in.

Now it’s magic time! 

Dip an old toothbrush in hot water, and allow it to saturated the salt crystals. When they begin to loosen, scrub them away. You’ll immediately begin to see the rust pattern develop. In addition to the salt texture, you can scratch or rub any amount of weathering into the paint. Since the lower layers are well sealed, and this layer is sitting on top of a water soluable hairspray base, it is very easy to manipulate. You want to make sure that you’ve removed all the salt from the peice, even going so far as to rinse it in cold water. Any residue left over will dry a chalky white and damage the paint over time. 

After that, it’s a simple issue of sealing it with another layer of Matte Varnish. And you’re ready to move onto the rest of your project. This method is not only simple, but provides a higher degree of verisimilitude than painting the rust effect over the green. Not only is it actually beneath the paint (like rust would be), but it ends up with a randomness that is near impossible to replicate with the brush, and is far closer to the actual effect for it.

That’s it for today, true believers. I hope you find this useful. Keep your bristles damp!


Little Bit in Love

A lil fic about a tearful, cheesy airport reunion because I am a sucker for those. c:

Shifting your feet, you resisted the urge to check your watch again. You’d been waiting for maybe ten minutes, but it felt so much longer. Maybe it was because there were families reuniting all around you, children hugging their parents and couples laughing tearfully as they embraced. You watched a girl fling herself into a guy’s arms and giggle as he spun her around.

You wondered if you would act like that if you had a boyfriend picking you up from the airport.

The business trip had been a long one, exhausting even. It had been fun getting away for a while and seeing new places, but in all honesty, you were much happier to be home. Home was where your family was and where Lin was. He had promised to pick you up from the airport when your plane landed, as he insisted that “the best friend had to be the first person you saw when you got home.” You decided that you didn’t mind. He was your closest friend, after all, and had been for a while. Not to mention the fact that you might’ve been a little bit in love with him.

“Shut up,” you muttered to yourself, fiddling with the hem of your black Hamilton hoodie. Unreturned feelings were only going to get you hurt in the end and you’d been trying to forget them for some time now.

You realized how bad of a job you were doing at that when you finally spotted him.

A happy gasp escaped you and you tightened your grip on the handle of your suitcase. Lin hadn’t seen you yet, but you could see him, weaving between people with hands stuck in his jeans pockets. Your heart fluttered. He looked better than you’d remembered, dark hair charmingly tousled and wearing a navy shirt. He had the sleeves pushed up (he always did that, you remembered fondly) and it had a couple buttons at the neckline that he hadn’t bothered to button.

“Wow,” you breathed to yourself. A blush was already starting to creep up your neck and you scolded yourself to reacting to him so much. He hadn’t even come over yet, for God’s sake!

A soft chuckle from next to you brought your attention away from him for a moment; an old woman was waiting patiently for her family beside you and she smiled up at you with gentle blue eyes. Pointing in the direction of Lin, she asked, “is that your boyfriend, dear?”

Your blush deepened, but you smiled. People did that all the time when they saw you two together and you HAD just been gawking at him, after all. Honestly, you kinda expected the mistake by now. “Oh, um, he’s actually just—LIN!”

You interrupted your own sentence with a gleeful shout, as you glanced up and saw that he’d found you. A brilliant smile spread across his face and he picked up the pace, almost jogging to meet you. The old lady beside you laughed when you immediately broke into a run. You were aware that you probably looked a little insane right now, but who cared? You were home, Lin was home, and it had been so damn long.

Your suitcase thudded to the ground when you were within a foot of him and you threw yourself into his arms without a second thought. He caught you, arms secure around your waist and you looped your legs loosely around his hips to keep yourself upright. “(Y/N), (Y/N)…” He mumbled it into your hair, staggering back a step. You giggled like a schoolgirl just from being near him again and tears pricked your eyes. Oh god, you had really missed him.

“Hi,” you managed in a small voice. Adjusting your arms around his neck, you rubbed your sleeve over your eyes. “I’m back.”

He gave a rueful laugh, the sound vibrating in his chest and making you grin like a fool. “God, I missed you,” he murmured breathlessly. “No vuelvas a salir de nuevo.” The emotion in his voice made you hold him tighter. One of your hands wandered up into his hair, threading it between your fingers, and aching to be as close to him as possible. His arms tightened around you and he buried his face in the crook of your neck. The warmth of his breath on your skin made you shiver. Suddenly, pushing your feelings aside seemed much more difficult than it had before he’d gotten here.

“Lin?” you asked, snickering when his response was to slide a hand protectively up your back, like he didn’t want to let you go. “I’m gonna get down now, okay? My legs are starting to go numb.”

“Sorry,” he chuckled ruefully. He let you go and you slipped back down to the ground. His hands retreated, but only to your arms. You’d thought being held by him was bad for your heart rate, but now you were faced by his gentle brown eyes. He looked at you like you were everything in this moment and you scolded yourself for thinking such things. It wasn’t healthy, not when he probably didn’t feel the same.

“Hey, by the way,” you began, pointing over your shoulder, “you see that old lady back there?”

Lips curling up at your joking tone, he peered behind you. “Yeah?”

“She thought we were dating.”

“Oh my god.”


“This has to be the twentieth time that’s happened.”

“I know!” You grinned up at him, brimming with happiness from being able to share those inside jokes with him again.

His smile softened and he ran his hands fondly up and down your arms. “You wanna prove her right?” he asked, quiet.

You blinked, sure that you had heard him wrong. He didn’t mean….did he? “What?”

“Do you wanna prove her right?” he repeated.

Oh my god, he was serious. You dropped your eyes to the floor, unable to think when he looked at you like that. “Are you…are you sure?” you asked, twisting your hands in the hem of your hoodie. You’d never thought Lin would notice you like this, but if he had…

“Yes,” he answered you softly, his hand skimming up your arm to touch a strand of your hair. His expression was affectionate, lovestruck even, when he looked at you and it had your heart pounding.

His fingertips were touching your jaw now, thumb brushing your cheek, and his gaze flicked down to your mouth. You swallowed nervously and when he leaned in toward you, your hands flew up to his chest to stop him. “Wait, Lin,” you stammered. “I just… If this is some kind of joke—”

“(Y/N),” he interrupted, and you blinked up at him. He stroked his thumb over your cheek and it instantly relaxed you. You found yourself leaning into his touch with a sigh, his fingers soft where they cradled your jaw. “(Y/N), please just kiss me now,” he whispered. “I’ve been waiting for so long.”

You grinned giddily, unable to form words.

Nodding once, you stretched up on tiptoe to meet him halfway.

After a year long ride full of crazy theories and amazing music Got7 and AHGASE really bout to land this plane

Kim Seokjin's Shoulders

anonymous asked: I don’t know if this is closed and if it is I’m sorry but what about a Jin shoulder appreciation? You could land a plane on them… And they’re great leg rests😘

omg sorry this was so late AND YES U RITE they would be great leg rests 

u can land a plane on here my god 

shit blew me up

Jen djdnd

just look at the shoulder difference my god i mean i love jimins shoulders too they great but jin’s…

all my sins r forgiven 

well damn


closer pic



two things are in this photo….both equally satisfying 




oh hELL NO


oh my what a cutie 




look he knows what he’s doing to us 

just stOP

i hope u liked it

gifs and pics aren’t mine