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Comic N-032: “Frisk drops an F-bomb”

A second comic??

EDIT: Added word bubble, changed undyne’s face, and fixed some coloring issues!

A Unholy Trinity: Kylo, Ben and Matt

Three short sexual encounters with the three versions of our favorite man: Kylo Ren, Ben Solo and Matt the Radar Technician

A/N: Wrote this during finals week. You’re welcome. 

Warnings: (NSFW, extreme sexual language, slight bondage, spankings)

Kylo Ren

Preface: Kylo is aggressive and constantly craves being in control of the environment around him. These traits surface greatly during sex with him.

           “I don’t think you want this,” Kylo growls out, dragging the full length of his member along the sopping slit of your pussy. You’re bounded with torn leather straps to the metal structure of his bed, a mewling mess of sweat and longing. You yelp with tears of frustration in your eyes when he slaps at the hood of your clit with the angry red tip of his cock. “I don’t even think you deserve this fucking I was going to give you.” As he begins to walk away, you find your voice, desperate for him to be inside you pounding away, so you plea wholeheartedly.

           “Commander, no! I do, I do want it,” you cry out straining against the ties around you wrists and ankles. Surely he wouldn’t leave you here spread open and ready to be used as he pleased. And it doesn’t seem like he is as he turns back to grab your face roughly in his gloved palm, digging his thumb and index finger into your cheeks. “You want what, princess?” Kylo asks, his dark eyes size you up, your flushed face and pebbling nipples he sucked on earlier. “Tell me how I like it.

           You moisten your dried lips with a pink tongue before giving in, “I want the commander to ravage my tiny pink cunt. I don’t want to walk after! I want him to come all ov-”

           Your mind can barely compute that Kylo Ren has ripped off the straps of leather before he is turning you on your side, his still clothed chest against tucked to your back. He rocks his cock into you, gripping the softness of your thigh as he holds it up to get the best access to your dripping hole. The mixture of your moans and his snarls, the rapid slapping sound of skin make your fucking all the more animalistic. You love every single minute of it.

           From a mirror he has placed in the corner of his room, you can see your tits bouncing and the slickness in which his penis is entering and exiting you. You watch as one corded arm comes around to pinch at your sensitive nipples and the other to rub shamelessly at your clit. Kylo’s breath is scalding on your ear as he demands to know whose pussy is this.

You respond gladly, “Yours commander, this pussy is yours!”

He delivers a slap to your clit with his fingers making you scream, “Say my name!”

“Kylo Ren! This pussy belongs to Kylo Ren,” you scream as your vision erupts into a collection of colors. Your body is left to hum in satisfaction as Kylo comes down from his own high, lazily bucks inside of you a few more times, spreading his seed into every crevice. When he lifts his head above yours and asks in a panted breath, “Whose just came inside of you?”

Your blush prettily, but answer back, “My commander, Kylo Ren did.”

Ben Solo

Preface: Ben Solo, is an adventurous being. Along with an unlimited supply of cockiness from being the only child of the great general Organa, he has a tendency to be ready to fuck anywhere.

“Ben, we’re gonna get caught.”

           It was a whimpered statement, strained and said in your huskiest of tones. But you couldn’t help it when you were sitting legs open, pussy completely exposed, with two of your boyfriend’s thick fingers thrusting inside you. He chuckled lightly in your ear as you moved your hips forward when he retracted his wet digits slightly. “We could,” Ben agreed amused, “but maybe not. There isn’t another meeting till tomorrow anyway.” You groaned as he pulled out his fingers completely, watching over your shoulder as he sucked them into his mouth, his large lips circling them.

           Currently the two of you were in an empty briefing room on the west wing of the resistance base. Ben Solo sat in the general’s large chair with you in his warm lap, your pants ripped off and panties pushed to the side as you straddled his muscular thighs while facing the door that could open any minute.

           He stroked your blushing face sweetly, “but I don’t think you really care anyway. Do you?” Your face turned a deeper red but you didn’t try to deny how turned on you were; no you most certainly did not care. Ben and you had fucked in more dangerous and public places before after all. When Ben gestured for you to stand you did, following his lead as he pulled you into his arms and gently groped your bottom. “How about you suck my cock like a good slut,” he said pulling away with a smirking and returned to a sitting position in the chair. You kneeled obediently, loving the way he sometimes dirty talked you. Before you unbuckled his pants, you took the time to unbutton your silky top, sensually revealing your breasts. You smiled to yourself when you heard him moan at just the sight of them and their hardened tips.

           Once his cock was in your soft hands, throbbing and hard you began firm strokes, giving special attention to the head the way he enjoyed it most. When he reached forward and buried a large hand into your locks you knew immediately he’d gotten impatient and wanted to be inside the moist heat of your mouth.  In seconds you were a mess of tears and saliva, letting Ben’s dick fuck your mouth while you gazed up at him with watery eyes. You stuck out your tongue, allowing him to slap its head against it. Afterwards you rewarded the member with slurping kisses before taking it back inside your mouth.  Ben stopped soon after, desperately lifting you upon a table covered in papers and strategy reports, placing you on your back.

           Ben descended onto you, crushing you to him with your sensitive breasts squished against his brawny chest. You locked your legs around his lithe waist as he impaled your pussy, making you both cry out together. Ben’s pace was quick but powered with confident strokes that had you breathless; you could only pant and hold on as he split you open on his dick beneath him.

Ben nuzzled his face into the side of your neck, sometimes biting or lapping at the salty skin there. He rose once again to grab your hips roughly and use his thump to circle your clit in encouragement to hurry your pleasure. You couldn’t help but bring him down into your embrace for a sloppy kiss, completely memorized by his huge frame hanging over you.

When your climax hit, it was a white hot fire of a feeling. Ben’s was not too far behind as his jerks fell out of style in the last seconds before coming. With his eyes closed and the rest of his senses tuned into the sensation of pure ecstasy, Ben did not have time to hear the approaching footsteps, or your quiet warnings. It was only when the releasing pressure of the automatic sliding door sounded that Ben looked up in horror to see his father, Han, speed walking out the room, yelling “Damnit, Benjamin!”  

Matt the Radar Technician

Preface: Matt is a new employee who knows he’s bad at his job. But is also very aware of how skilled his is with his hands (and mouth) in other areas. The blond makes sure to use these advantages to the best of his abilities.

           Bent over the half-finished panel installation you were working on, you couldn’t help the strained mewl that bubbled out of your mouth. The talented tongue in your cunt had swirled around in just the right spot; you hadn’t been able to stop the sound from leaving. Instantly, the tiny outburst earned you a sharp pain across your bare ass cheek. You swallowed a cry as Matt pulled his face from between your legs his hand still raised from the spanking, “don’t make a sound, beautiful. You just keep working on that installation, and I’ll keep working on this wet pussy.” You nodded, desperate for him to keep going, as was the deal. Matt your awkward and inept co-worker had somehow found out what a sexual deviant you were. How, you had no idea. But an encounter with him at night on the lower decks of the finalizer had told you everything you needed to know.

           Matt had discovered how willing you were for a dick or finger to pump you to completion that he had jumped at the chance to make a deal with you. He had promised the most incredible head, as long as you would do all his work for him, allowing the blond to keep his job.   It was an offer your needy body couldn’t refuse.

           At that moment Matt released a humming sound as his plump lips closed around your clit and you fought not to make a peep like he had ordered of you. Your fingers trembling as you tried to hold onto the screw driver you were using as he started to lap at the full length of your slit, from top to bottom, all the while massaging you tender rear end. Oh you wished he would just sink that fat cock you knew he had into your pulsing little hole. When Matt slide the first inch of a finger inside you, again you disobeyed, squeaking in reaction to the cold sensation. Unfortunately, you had also dropped the panel, which landed with a clang. This time he delivered a spanking to both sides in punishment before standing up and pressing his chest onto your bent form.

“What did I tell you?” He whispers as his hands reached for the roundness of your tits, poking against your shirt. “You said to be quiet and finish the panel, and you’d let me come,” you whisper back, mouth open in pleasure as he tugs on your nipples.

“Exactly, you’re failing to do even that,” Matt complains while pushing the outlining of his cock against your ass. “Now that I’ve tasted this hot pink cunt, I wanna fuck it to. But now until you finish my work for me, remember that was our deal?” You nodded again as he kissed you hotly with his tongue invading your mouth, leaving the taste of your own juices. When he goes back to work on the glistening folds between your thighs, you set back to working on the tech with shaky fingers. In fifteen minutes you successfully get the job done and Matt takes instant notice

“Good girl,” he purrs in praise, “now we can get to the real fun.” He finishes by standing up and keeping you bent over. In seconds he’s balls deep with a tight hold on your hair in one sweaty palm. “Yes, your even tighter than I thought,” Matt growls. He ruts into you like a boy during his third or fourth time, slightly experienced but in need of a few pointers. And while they’re decent, you know your pussy is craving a certain skilled roughness.

           You crane your head back and let your body thrust back into him; enjoying the stinging of the slaps he continues giving your ass. But it’s not enough and you groan out, “Let me ride you.”  In moment’s you’re on top as he lies on the floor, stretching your clenching hole around the large size of his manhood. He reaches up with large wiry fingers to cup your tits as they bounce roughly with your fucking.

           “Don’t be quiet anymore, show me how much of a needy little bitch you are,” he demands and you throw your head back, releasing all the pent of moans you had. You vagina is spasming and leaking fluid all the way down his balls and you’re so close, but not just there yet. Matt sees the struggle and grips you before standing up. His strong form is able to bounce your whole frame onto his aching dick. Your force in unison with his brings about a tidal wave of pleasure and you are pushed off the edge and soon so is he.

When Matt set you down he smirks in the hazy aftermath, gripping you close commenting, “We’re going to be doing this a lot more often.” And you ask what he means, the blond shrugs and replies, “I just have a feeling Kylo Ren will be destroying a lot more panels in the future.”    

The Light Blue Blanket.

Anon requested- Hi! I was wondering if you could do a one shot where sister!reader and Dean get into a big fight and it gets really angsty?

Warnings- Swearing, Dean being a dick buuuut fluff at the end!

A/N- I legit had to google the meaning of Angst so I could get this spot on yet I still don’t think I got it aha, also, shout out to @mrtumble666 my very good friend IRL for helping me with this! They came up with the plot and was extremely helpful!

If there’s one thing you’ve learnt whilst hunting with the Winchesters is that they like to ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ you didn’t mind it when you knew the person was past saving, but when it came to people possessed by Demons you preferred a different approach. There was a way to tell if the meat suit they were possessing was still alive, all you had to do was feel for a pulse on the back of the neck, it was something your mother taught you before she died. Of course you never used this method around the brothers, you didn’t know why, you just didn’t.

This time, you knew you had to, some dickbag Demon possessed a little girl, she was only ten by the looks of it, Sam was more reluctant at first, but Dean? He just assumed she was dead which pissed you off. As you were circling the tied up girl on the chair, you quickly and discreetly placed two fingers on the back of her neck, there was a pulse but it was weak. She was alive, that’s all that mattered.

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Princess Shokora is a fantastic character and everything you need to know about her is right there in Wario Land 4. In this article I’ll go through every appearance she has - as chronologically as possible - and talk about the merits of the character that are evidenced through the game’s content and presentation.


Before I get started on anything else, something has to be established so that the rest of the article makes sense to those unfamiliar:

These three are the same person. They’re all Princess Shokora, the former two being her in her cursed state, the third being her true form. Just making sure of this now so that the rest of this article is cohesive. The Shopkeeper in the centre there is shown on-screen to turn into the cat, and the cat is shown turning into Shokora. This frees me up to explain the rest.

As for how this happened, I’ll let the game’s instruction manual explain.  This is the only time in this article where I’ll use a source from outside of the game’s content itself:

“Cursed sleep” isn’t exactly correct. Princess Shokora was actually cursed to take on another form, but I take this as inaccuracy on behalf of the newspaper, who must not have known about the exact nature of the spell. Regardless, Princess Shokora was cursed by the Golden Diva. With those details out of the way, let’s proceed.


Let’s start with the intro. Here is every shot in the skippable pre-title cutscene.

Now, for specifics…

There she is! Right off the bat, Shokora’s in the first frame in the game,  appearing in an alleyway. In general, it’s worth noting that before Wario Land 4, Wario’s base environments were more fantasy-oriented, living  in castles, burgling pirate islands and flying around in a small biplane. Here though, it establishes that Wario now lives in a city. What this means for Shokora is told in the next shot:

Cardboard boxes, trash cans and other stray animals such as this dog. Shokora’s been living rough! Life as an alley cat has probably worn her down, as we can tell by how angry she looks in the next shot that she’s in, after Wario begins driving his car.

This particular sprite of the black cat isn’t used anywhere else in the game, so it isn’t as if this was the only walk made for her and the expression was more justified in another circumstance. No, the angered look to her implies how she feels as a whole, given that there isn’t anybody or anything for her to interact with. Her typical mood is implied through this scene-exclusive graphic.

I’d say this demonstrates a fear of being run over by a car, but… Well, I think every living being has that, really, let’s move on.

A newspaper then blows into Shokora’s face…

…Which she then reads. If she’s able to and willing to read the article, and stops to do so, this immediately states that despite now having the body of a cat, Shokora still possesses her own human mind, and has perceived the world like that for as long as she’s been a cat, which makes her homelessness all the sadder as she would retain the memories of what her life was like before the curse. That in itself is evidenced here:

She’s shown reading the article, and two pictures are included of relevant characters. Though they aren’t named or given stated occupations, their character designs and the topic of the paper’s article set their roles. The top photograph is of Dr. Arewo Stein, and based on his comically-styled ‘mad scientist’ appearance, you can deduce that he is the man behind the pyramid’s discovery. Any inclinations of this are confirmed when players see him wandering around the Pyramid’s interior and areas with a magnifying glass.

As for the painting at the bottom, obviously coming into this article you know it’s Shokora, but even without that much, given her clothing you can piece together that whoever it is, she’s meant to be the ruler of the Pyramid that the article mentions. The fact that the article talks of the pyramid’s actual discovery tells that it’s been around for a very long time.

When you bear in mind that Shokora was the ruler of this pyramid that was only recently discovered and contains legendary treasure, and that she’s still alive, you realise that she’s spent life as a stray cat for a depressing length of time.


Here is the game’s prologue, as I suppose it can be called. This is shown after a new save file is created and isn’t skippable.

Wario begins by finding the pyramid in the jungle and celebrates his discovery. He then enters the pyramid and goes through a corridor to find the black cat.

Shokora leads him through to the next room…

…and down this hole, ensuring him that the way is safe. This friendly approach and direction assures the player that the black cat is their ally. If you know and bear in mind her true identity, it becomes apparent that Shokora doesn’t protest Wario’s exploration of the pyramid, most likely in hopes that he will help her overcome the Golden Diva, who is referenced for the first time in-game in the next shot.

Take notice of the kabuki masks on either side of the chute’s entrance. While the player won’t yet know it, these mark the first of the Diva’s recurring appearances.

Here we also get the pleasure of listening to the first of Wario’s many 'WAAAAAAH!’s whenever he’s flung to another location. Wonderful.

This next shot shows a giant wall carving with an open mouth and a large tongue…

…which acts as a safe slide for Wario to enter the pyramid’s depths. This detail is actually pretty important considering who led him here, as you’ll see later.

For now, Wario has made it inside the game’s HUB world and can begin his adventure in the Entry Passage.

So, thus far Shokora has found out that Wario’s heading for the pyramid, and has proactively made her way there to help guide him through it. This assigns her with a role wherein she’s taught Wario as a character by sharing her knowledge, but seeing as this sequence is an automated cutscene and is inevitable, this aspect to her doesn’t really concern the player.

…Except it does.

Look, there she is!

These inscriptions not only give the player instructions on how to play the game, but are also placed as contextual aspects of Wario’s world. This not only serves as an indication of Shokora tutoring Wario, but it’s also relevant to the player as, in the process, Shokora is also tutoring them. She doesn’t do this through dialogue or in any way that interferes with the player’s control over Wario, just simple diagrams to explain certain necessary functions that wouldn’t otherwise be self-explanatory, meaning there’s no typical tutorials in any other level in the game. 

Shokora ensures that the player is armed with the knowledge to fairly step to any challenges the game presents, and this is themed through Wario being able to read messages left to him on the pyramid’s walls. This is simply brilliant. No animation is played to make Wario stop and turn to Shokora’s hieroglyphs, or anything like that. Wario’s learning happens at the same rate as the player, as their very act of interpreting the graphics equates to a character’s action in their story, and it happens seamlessly.

Of course, either from prior knowledge or the note at the start of this article, you know that it’s Shokora’s cursed state that’s conveyed in the inscriptions, but a first time player would be forgiven for it shrugging off as a simplistic character designed solely for easy tutorial conveyance, or a Mr. Game and Watch look-alike as a cute reference to Nintendo’s history. 

It’s when access is granted to the Entry Passage’s boss that this teaching point becomes concrete, and it’s also where it becomes apparent that Shokora wears many hats.


Once the Hall of Hieroglyphs is completed, the player moves Wario further into the Entry Passage, where more of the game’s core elements are shown. Here’s where we first get to see how much of a fucking badass Shokora is.

The first thing you come to next is the Mini-Game Shop, which contains three Mini-Games for you to play, as accessed by these… Rocket-robot-arcadey things. You pay coins gathered to the levels to play them, and playing well nets you Frog Medals.

Next along the corridor is the Boss door.

…With this Item Shop just before the boss’ domain, which is there to sell you items to damage the bosses before the clock starts, in exchange for Frog Medals.

Not bad, eh?

As you can see, it’s run by Shokora. This particular one is for Spoiled Rotten only, and features only the weaker four of the Items, which are all weapons with a rainbow pattern. They are the Apple Bomb, Blast Cannon, Vizorman and Bugle.

While you’re in here, Shokora can also give you a free smile.

…Which she’s delighted to do, clearly! I think this speaks for how happy she is to finally have a companion, someone aiding her in her own battle against the Golden Diva. Her enthusiastic dialogue and offer of a smile to him is a good indicator of how grateful she is for his support, which once again backs up how lonely she’s been in the past.

She even seems pretty miffed when you don’t want anything.

Sometimes, before you enter the shop, the black cat will be standing outside, and then run into the shop. Since there’s no trace of the cat once you’re inside, and the only other person in there is the shopkeeper, this is the first clue that they’re one and the same. While we’re here, about that sign…

Believe it or not, this very sign confirms many details about Shokora.

It serves as evidence that Shokora is indeed responsible for the hieroglyphs of the previous level, take note that here she’s demonstrated that she can draw a likeness of her cursed self by way of this sign. Granted, it shows that she’s capable of recreating that likeness, thus giving the hieroglyph observation some backbone.

As well as that, take note of the multiple bright colours this sign has…

…and how much it resembles the rainbow motif on these weapons in the shop. I take this as a sign that Shokora is inventing her own weaponry, as her sign and items have the same decorative theme going on and thus qualifies her as an expert technician. And that she likes rainbows.

In addition, take note of how the sign resembles this unused graphic for another sign:

As you can probably guess, this was supposed to advertise the Mini-Game Shop we saw earlier, but selecting to enter the room on the map brings you straight inside, rather than setting you along a hallway for you to then enter it through a door that this sign would be above. I think this was the only reason that this sign wasn’t used, as it had no place.

Nevertheless, the fact it’s in the exact same style as the other one implies that the Mini-Game Shop, or Game Corner, is also Shokora’s work, which then logically means she’s the creator of the Game-bots as well. In fact, let’s take another look at the room.

Notice how the dialogue box is in a similar style to the speech bubble in the Item Shop, and how the manner of speech is pretty similar to how the shopkeeper speaks. I would say that all of the robotics and inventions in the pyramid’s HUB that are outside of the levels are all Shokora’s own handiwork.

Hell, if you’d been around as long as she has, you’d have time to brush up on your skills, right?

Before we move on, just a quick note that Shokora as the black cat can also randomly appear in the pyramid’s main map HUB. You can’t interact with her when this happens, but it does help the impression along that she’s always in here with you, in the same way as Dr. Arewo Stein is, as mentioned before.

Now, let’s talk about the Shop once it’s expanded.


This is the Item Shop for every boss after Spoiled Rotten, featuring four new selections: the Black Dog, Large Lips, Big Fist and Black Dragon. What’s interesting about these is that whereas the other four are weapons, these are  powerful transformations that Shokora takes on to fight the boss. As a demonstration, here’s the Black Dragon up against Cractus, guardian of the Legendary Crown.

All of the bosses have weaknesses to a particular transformation, hence why they’re all given the same price. It’s up to the player to decide which form is likely to fare best against which boss. In this case, for example, Cractus is a plant, so it makes sense that the Black Dragon’s fire breath is most effective against him.

The basic thing to take away as it that, given enough Frog Medals, Shokora can take on lethal forms and absolutely pulverize those bosses. Given that the transformations are not a physical item to be given on her behalf, I deduce that the Frog Medals themselves have magical qualities that give her the ability to shapeshift and build weapons. Frog symbols have certainly demonstrated magical capabilities in this game already, such as every time you enter or exit a level.

Indeed, the Frog statues are what create the warp holes to and from the Golden Pyramid. Based on this, I’d say that Shokora needs those Medals out of necessity rather than greed. Money is literally power in this game, and I’ll elaborate on that later on.

And that actually leads me onto another point about why Shokora is such an effective and important character.

It can’t be denied that she’s a total badass; she copes with living rough, builds and handles weaponry, has experience as a rocket scientist and shapeshifts into extremely powerful.forms. But here’s the distinction and what’s important to the player:

She needs you.

Let’s take a look at another boss fight to examplify this point.

This is Cuckoo Condor, the boss of the Ruby Passage and guardian of the Legendary Earrings. As you can see, he has two forms in the fight, Form 1 on the left and Form 2 on the right. They are very different from oneanother in how they’re fought and require different skills learned in the game. If one of them was included but not the other, it would make the fight a lot more shallow and a lot less engaging.

Now, if you choose to battle Cuckoo Condor without enlisting Shokora’s help, he turns from Form 1 to Form 2 when seven pegs of his health bar remain. This is exactly halfway through the fight, as he begins with fourteen pegs in total. Now, let’s take a look at what happens when you have Shokora transform into a Big Fist for the battle.

Now, that’s a massive wallop she just gave him, but what exactly did it do?

That’s right! Shokora can lay down an intense amount of hurt, but she’s never quite strong enough to finish them off. That’s your job.

Look at Cuckoo Condor; He’s left with two pegs, and remains in Form 1. Which means you still need to figure out and execute the attack on Form 1…

…before you’re given Form 2 for the final peg! Game design at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

Regardless of how much more time you have left on that clock upon your victory, everything you learn is exactly the same as you would’ve had you gone without Shokora’s support; You figure out the measures you must take and you put them into practice.

What this means for Shokora is that, despite how powerful she can be, the one to make all the difference is Wario, the avatar of the player.

Now, just before we get to the game’s finale, I think we should discuss the Sound Room.


Music is a very important part of Wario Land 4. The soundtrack speeds up and slows down, distorts, diverges, it really does tie itself up in knots, proving to be one of the most dynamic and impressive soundtracks in the history of video games. How is it important to Shokora, though? Let’s see…

These music CDs you can find throughout the levels are WL4′s equivalent of hidden treasures from the past games, having the most in common with those of the first Wario Land. As you can probably guess, they actually function based on their form, and will give you a piece of music to listen to as a bonus if you manage to find one. You can do this by going to the game’s Sound Room, on the main map.

First of all, recognise where it’s located? That’s right! This is where Wario fell in from at the beginning of the game, having slid down the wall carving’s tongue. So, this is where Shokora led him in through, and also where you go to listen to the CDs you find… Keep that in mind.

Welcome to the Sound Room! As you can see, all the game’s CDs are lined up here in rows to represent the passages you found them in. You might think the first time around that this must simply be a Sound Test to listen to the level tracks, but you’d be mistaken. In actual fact, they’re short, experimental songs mainly dabbling in everyday sounds, reworked tracks from the game such as the Puzzle Room theme and Shokora’s boss intro, and a variety of genres. Most of them create a sort of narrative, as you listen. If you’ve never heard them before, just imagine if fever dreams were nothing but audio. They’re absolutely terrific to listen to and are one of the best takes on treasure, serving as both a trophy and an unlockable.

When you start listening to one, you are given the song’s title, album art, and a TV in the top right that plays random two-frame GIFs. Each song features its own animation of someone dressed up as Wario clowning about, and all of them share a common pool of other bizarre things.

…Such as this goofy, bobbing dog head. But the real reason I bring this up is the fact that Shokora someitmes appears in that screen…

…mixing the tracks. This detail is amazing, as it consolidates Shokora’s savviness with technology, but also demonstrates another interest of hers: Making music! If you’re to examine the two animations’ implications, and remember that this room is in the way Shokora let Wario into the pyramid, you can deduce that all the CDs are actually her own creations, not even to speak of the relevence some of the tracks hold in particular.

To properly make some points, I’m going to skip around to different parts of the game.

Wario Land 4 keeps track of high scores, in that it’ll keep a record of how many coins you’ve managed to collect on each level. If you manage to collect over 10,000 coins, you’ll earn a Gold Crown for the level.

If you manage to do this with all 18 levels, a new option will open up in the Sound Room.

Yes, Karaoke! This feature allows you to sing along with one of the game’s most memorable music tracks, Medamayaki, or Sunny Side Up. This song is actually the music played in the level, Palm Tree Paradise, and features vocals in both the level and Karaoke (though in the latter it can be switched off).

You can listen to the song and see the Karaoke mode in action here.

As the song plays, all 16 of the Wario cosplayer animations will play at random, and the little cat on the album art will move its mouth to sing, if you have the vocals switched on. The song is in Japanese, but I have a rough translation of it here that has it flow properly in English:

Ukulele echoes,
As we roam our new home.
On barefoot we go,
Searching for the moon in whole,
We find it split in half.

We can sketch out a map on canvas,
With a drop of a rainbow,
Let’s colour it in.
And if we don’t return for sunrise,
Stop the clocks and we’ll leave them together for good.

I want your sighs and worries to dissolve in the sea,
I want your voice forever carved into in a stone.
When the moon comes floating by in your bowl of soup,
Hold your head up, the clouds printed like leopards will smile

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about the lyrics themselves, but once more, consider that Sunny Side Up is in the Sound Room at all…

…and also that one of the CD songs, The Moon’s Lamppost is a remix of it in reverse, with a contrasting title.

Long story short, there’s plenty to indicate that Shokora is the DJ behind everything in this musical room, but I could still use some evidence linking a song directly to her, and not just her cursed shopkeeper form, if we’re being picky. Once again, bank that for the time being.

For now, with all this talk of music, I’d like to briefly return to the intro cutscene, and the song that I neglected to mention the first time around. It too features vocals, and these lyrics are in English. You can hear the song here.

The important lyrics here are the first ones, as put by the female vocalist:

You wanna test it now?

Your time is over,
I’ve had enough.
Here I come,
Look out, here I come!

Now, what could that be referring to? Well, time to find out!


I’m going to go into a lot of detail about the final part of the game, so buckle up.

The point of beating all of the bosses is to nab the treasure that they guard, each a piece of royal jewellery. Given that I’ve been talking about a princess the whole time, I think you can immediately understand the significance of this, regardless if you’ve played the game or not.

Here’s what happens each time you beat one of the bosses:

The boss’ treasure levitates before you, alongside however many chests you managed to save, based on how quickly you beat the boss. They then fly into the the central pyramid, and light up the corner of the passage you just completed.

When you manage this with all four passage bosses, this will happen:

The central pyramid will rise, and reveal an entrance, leading to the Golden Passage, a final level that puts all of your skills to the test. This helps to further establish that the treasure has some real power behind it, in this case the ability to raise a crypt. This broadens the ‘money is power’ motif that the game has set in place, which is the main reason Wario feels so at-home in the scenario the game presents.

Once the Golden Passage is completed, it’s time to face off against the evil one behind Shokora’s curse, the selfish hoarder of the legendary treasure, the Golden Diva herself.

Right away, with the boss icon the recurring kabuki mask that’s been seen throughout the game on the Jewel chests now makes sense.

It’s also the same that was featured on Shokora’s entrance to the pyramid, too.

Now, for the fight, I’ve enlisted Shokora’s help, having her use the Black Dog transformation, because this will confirm something I’ve seen mislabelled as speculation.

This is it. This is what the intro song was referring to: The Golden Diva’s time is over and Shokora’s had enough. This is the confrontation that could only happen with Wario’s help. Wario was Shokora’s chance to finally make things right.

The Diva enters through a shroud of mist, in a room full of gold, jewels and the treasure chests salvaged from the other boss rooms. She’s wearing all the treasures of the bosses, too.

Shokora strides in and stares her enemy down, as usual.

She becomes the Black Dog…

…and starts chomping away at the Diva’s face. The Golden Diva’s mask changes whenever she takes damage, to explain the change.

However, instead of leaving after her attack, she stands beside Wario, still as the Black Dog.

…But the Diva transforms her back into the much weaker cat.

This is important, as it proves for certain that the shopkeeper, black cat and Shokora are all the same, without any need for theory or interpretation. It might’ve been implied earlier on, but here is where the fact is made concrete. Regardless…

Even when reverted to her powerless form, Shokora’s still up for the fight.

She tries one last attack…

But it proves ineffective, and she’s captured inside the Diva’s lips, after which the fight begins. This scene is genius in how it’s constructed, with the Diva differing from the other bosses by being the only one to harm Shokora. Hell, let alone harm her, she completely imprisons her! Being shown all of this provides a greater incentive to overcome the Golden Diva and serves as fantastic character development for Wario. The story to begin with was that Wario was only in on this adventure for the sake of graverobbing, and up until now, that was the only incentive he had. Each boss gives you treasure, and nobody’s really been threatened. But this scene changes things.

This little black cat has been the player’s guide and partner throughout the game, and now, out of nowhere, they’ve been put in grave danger. Even with the vast amount of treasure that’s at stake, seen in the background, the fact that a friendly character is put at risk gives the player, and Wario by association, much more to fight for. Not only is this gaseous horror in the way of the treasure you’ve fought for, but now they’ve taken your buddy captive.

This change happens to Wario because it happens to you.

The player then battles the Diva and her vast array of tricks. Notice the look of complete worry on the second mask.

…And eventually, her final mask breaks off, revealing her true appearance. This is where her patience evidently begins to wane, as instead of weaponry, the Diva starts slamming into the ground to break it. This illustrates that she’s beginning to comprehend exactly what’s happening. After years and years of reigning over little else than this single, isolated room in the pyramid, all alone with her gold, her time is coming to an end, and in the name of the one she was so desperate to keep held down, no less.

Fantastic storytelling via simple animations. Take notes.

Once the player hits her head enough times, her treasure will float into the air as she bursts, leaving nothing but her lips, where Shokora was held. Wario gives her a final attack, and seals her fate once and for all.


Now, the beginning of the ending sequence is something I find very interesting. Just after all the chests are counted in, and Wario poses in celebration, the pyramid begins to fall apart. Arewo Stein drops in from the ceiling and Shokora seems adamant on them getting the hell out. The way that the screen fades to black gives the impression that Wario is faced with a dilemma…

…Being Wario, though, he negotiates the situation through an insane display of power! Given her expression, Shokora here’s either determined to escape, or questioning to herself if he’s out of his mind.

Shokora expresses concern for Wario, and Stein gets his own back before running off. Shokora scolds him for this and keeps waiting for Wario. Just as she did in the beginning, once he catches up to her she leads him right back out.

Wario and Shokora manage to escape the pyramid, just before it crumbles into the ground…

…and together, they share a hearty laugh, probably just happy to still be alive.

This whole scene plays out over a specific piece of music, listen in.

Recognise it? Indeed, Shokora’s theme in her final moments is none other than Sunny Side Up, reworked into a triumphant and beautiful arrangement.

The four boss treasures are returned to the little black cat, and this twist I’ve rumbled throughout the article finally occurs…

…as she begins to take on human form. The black cat and the shopkeeper are both Princess Shokora.

She was with you the whole time.

After she has transformed, Shokora kisses Wario and thanks him, her compassion expressed through a little heart.

To this day, this scene brings a smile to my face.

Probably the most well-known aspect to Shokora is her four different possible forms, one of which she takes on depending on how many chests you managed to recover during the fight with the Golden Diva. Granted, this features works well to reward those who played well and poke fun at those who didn’t, but what’s particularly interesting is what’s her true form. Remember the newspaper article?

This picture (presumably a painting from her own time) features Shokora as she appears in the standard Good ending, the second-best that’s possible. So why then is her true, Best ending form not shown? Well, there’s nothing that can pinpoint the reason other than not spoiling the surprise of the Best ending, but I do have a plausible explanation.

This picture is of Shokora as she was last known, before the curse was placed upon her by the Golden Diva. When you consider the other forms, and the order they’re in, with her as a baby being the Worst ending, I theorise that these forms showcase her appearance at different ages. As for the Best ending’s form, I will explain that shortly, but first…

Moments after expressing her gratitude, Shokora’s spirit ascends into heaven, so that at long last, she may finally rest in peace.

I have talked about this particular aspect to the scene before, as I was once asked a question about it. For an elaboration, read here.

Once Shokora has departed, Wario lays there for a while, in awe of what just happened.

Soon though, he stands up, looking invigorated…

…and leaves, with his treasure in tow.

Shokora’s treasure? No, Wario’s. Not even Wario’s, really… yours.


Princess Shokora is not just a damsel in distress, nor is she the means to an excuse plot. She’s not a parody or a joke, and she’s not even the things I mentioned, such as a tutor, a robotician or a musician.

No, Princess Shokora is an incredible character, and far, far more than the sum of her parts.

This is something you can truely realise when you know what’s inside of those chests.

These aren’t treasures because they’re made from gold and jewels, and have a value in currency. These are treasures because, long ago, they held significance in somebody‘s life, and that person is Princess Shokora. The more of these you manage to recover, the more of Shokora’s life can be remembered, hence how progressively grown she is shown to be.

But if the picture in the newspaper shows the latest account of her in life, would that not make her true form?


Through your ability as the player, you become the sum of Shokora’s efforts. The form she takes on in the game’s Best ending, accessed only by recovering every single chest, stands for all the time she’s spent under the Golden Diva’s curse. All the time she’s spent on the city streets as a stray cat, learning to make music from her surroundings and preparing herself to battle her captor alongside you as an ally, that is what makes this version of Shokora the true one. It’s your capability to learn from what she taught in the very first level and succeed where she could not. It’s your ability to master the game.

Wario and the player are what complete her.

Shokora’s memories are sealed inside those golden treasures, so why did she accept a successor so willingly? Why did she allow and even assist Wario in taking every treasure, that she’s only just rightfully gotten back?

Well, it’s because Shokora must understand what a phenomenal video game is bound to do.

It will leave you with memories.

Henry and the Ink Machine Part 3

Thanks everyone so much for all the support you’ve been giving my stories this past week, it’s been amazing, and a dream. A special thank you to everyone who’s been reblogging them as well; you guys are awesome and I love you all!

I’m continuing @thelostmoongazer‘s Reverse Bendy AU today, and it’s a bit longer than the last two (I think). I’ll probably be putting it on AO3 soon, and I will post a link here when I have.

Inspired by @thelostmoongazer‘s sketches here and here, and @the-vampire-inside-me’s, here.

Quick Summary: Bendy, having been living in the human world for the past 30 years, received a note from his creator, and is lured back to his once home. But what will he find there? And will he ever leave again?

First Part  Previous Part  Next Part

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One Piece 854 thoughts

You know when you’re home alone and quarrelling with anybodyand  in the middle of finals and pretty much everything’s going but then THIS

appears, like a ray of divine light in the midst of stormy clouds poiting right at you and saying: 

Chill out. Take it easy. Be like Zoro. Everything’s gonna be fine.

And the day takes a turn for the better. Honestly, I think Roronoa Natsuki might be my guardian angel, somewhere in the Sunrise Land. 

This panel doesn’t tell us much that we couldn’t have imagined ourselves, but the fact that the dudes fighting back, in particular the one bottom right, seem like Capone’s men, is rather revelant. Remember all the theories, back then  we last saw the Gangster shooting down Pekoms, that he would betray Big Mom? I’m still a fan of those or, to be more specific, fan o the possibility that Capone is not just simply an underling of Big Mom’s. That would leave us with just three factions: 

  • the Mugiwaras and affiliates
  • the Hyperglycemia pirates
  • the Vinsmokes who, despite having the most massive forces, are pretty much incapacitated rn - So much for the brilliant planning, Judge. 

And it seems a little too simple. 

Ah. I love the combo Carrot + Bropper. Nami’s faces get better by the day, it’s

all Luffy’s merit, thank you very much. 

Now basically they all - except for well, Brook, Sanji, Luffy and Luffy’s missing tooth -are safe and sound in the Mirror World. It was already some massive deus ex machina when they used to communicate, figures now…! I wonder it they will do the same with Mont D’Or book world.

Now we know Jinbei refused to spin the well. The question on everyone’s minds is HOW: when we last saw him he was just in front of Mama and the Wheel, so … did he just run for it? Did he distract her with a sweet bait? All of these lessen the figure of the only female Yonkou impressively. I didn’t expect her to be incredibly strong or incredibly smart… from her very first introduction in Fishmen Island it was clear. But! A little smarter than this? 

This proves that Mama’s an unloyal bi … woman. An unloyal, disrespectful woman. She likes games, tricks, hates the play on the fair side of the board, abd hates to be played. The worst kind of pirate you can find, basically, the one of common culture, not a Shanks or a Whitebeard. And this doesn’t automatically mean she’s more dangerous, but at the very least more unpredictable. 

They’re like a bus school now, picking up people. Next stop, Luffy, Sanji or Brook? I think none of them. Luffy is outside the castle, not in the vicinities of mirrors; Brook’s with Big Mom and it would be unpleasant to let her or Pudding’s third eye see the merry compagy; Sanji is, HOPEFULLY, coming up with a plan. 

Poor Brook, it must be terrible to be hold like a keychain. At least he proved his worth fully, he injured Mama’s very soul. Way to go, Bag of Bones

And Btw, this arc rules with nicknames. 

Now: the fact that the signal for the slaughter is the moment Sanji lifts up the veil, makes the very presence of the bride fundamental. The role if the bride fundamental. And why? Mama said she got barmaids to put the Vinsmokes to sleep - in what manners, is left to the reader’s imagination, cause we’re reading something with an audience of minors -, so why not just let something slip in their drinks and kill them a little later? Because she wants the suspense and the surprise. Something very theatrical, extremely dramatic - she lives in a fricking fantasy world, why wouldn’t she? 

But this also makes the role of the bride fundamental. If from under the veil you cannot see a third eye, you cannot see the face. You cannot see the whole bride. So why not putting another bride under that same veil, one that doesn’t fancy becoming a widow shortly after?

Yes, I’m talking about a huge Thriller Bark parallel called Nami

We’ll know soon enough. 

Now Mama’s clearly understimating the psycho triplets. They don’t need weapons, they are weapons. It is hinted that most of their strenght comes from their Power Ranger battlesuits, but also from their bodies and from the unwavering loyalty of soldiers who literally lay down their lives for them. If Mama intends to shoot them, thei first thing they’ll do is just a couple of soldiers to die - IF there any around, obviously. 

Kudos to me for reading this splatter stuff and still craving the Cake and Black Tea. It’s starting to remind me of Sweeney Todd, honestly - while Pudding’s all like “Splattered brains and cake, such a lovely wedding.”

While the Nasu guard is sleeping - and continues to sleep, just like me when I’m avoiding my responsabilities - Sanji out there somewhere, and the family is having a meeting. This panel is amazing. 

We have, from left to right

  • the former Baron Tamago, now Viscount Chick
  • a punk dude from the early 2000′s
  • a … pumpkin head? 
  • a miss with her back exposed - is it because of the trend?
  • a kid with a bowler
  • an adult with a bowler
  • two more kids with bowlers
  • a FRICKING GIANT HEAD with a body attached to it
  • Mont D’Or, aka the Guy Whose Devil Fruit I’d Kill To Have
  • Charlotte Galette
  • Charlotte Amande la Mad Moiselle, aka the Girl Whose Hat I’d Kill To Wear - and that’s probably how she obtained it
  • a lady with a spiky head
  • a lady with a laarge head
  • Opera, aka the Dude Whose Standing Nobody Envies RN

Such a lovely family. And it’s not even all of them.

The fact that Opera is being monitored tells us that Luffy and Nami’s fake deaths will soon be found out, and that Sanji’s UMPTEENTH plan to let them escape easily will be rubbish. All the while Luffy wanders like a lonely dog in the company of a lonely dog. These are the little things that break your heart. Slowly. I can imagine Reiju being reminded of her little brother under the rain many years before as she watches him.

To makes us feel even worse, Oda switches to Sanji’s interal strifes, as he struggles to understand what do?

 Nope. as he decides, once again, to sacrifice himself. It’s like the 14th time? 

Also, Sanji’s logic:

I can’t let Reiju die - chapter 853- , but if I die along with her it’s fine -  chapter 854. 


More of Sanji’s logic:

I will die a pointless death, but after I’ve fed my captain. 

Countless words have been spent by blogger better than me on the character of Sanji. We get it. He’s willing to die for them, because they are amongst those people who demonstrated to him he deserved to live. But let me point out that this is an extreme sacrifice: if he went along with it, his sister would die too, he wouldn’t be assured of the well-being of the Baratie people, and he wouldn’t even be sure his friends would be safe in the first place, because he knows they have already made Mama way too angry for her to forgive them. He’s being delusional… for those who read it,  he reminds a bit of a certain Kaneki scene in Tokyo Ghoul, when the protagonist lies to himself, saying his friends have already escaped, when he knows perfectly well they haven’t, but is way too disheartened and tired to fight on for either of their sakes. 

And then something shakes him

Oh, food!

Talk about reading the atmosphere, Bobbin -.- but it works. And he won’t let anyone have the food he subconsciously made for his starving captain. 

So he loses it. And that’s it, before he even realizes all his careful planning went awry: point of no return. 

Now  you gotta fight, Cook.

And let me express a fucking liberating


Where he heads? To Luffy, I hope. 


Pairings: Dean x Reader
Words: 1,191
Warnings: Angst, violence
Summary: Dean is going through a breakdown, but reader is there to keep him sane 
A/N: I missed writing so badly, that I decided to take a break from studying and there we go: short story or should I say, a reimagination based on Brother’s Keeper. This scene is so powerful and makes my heart weak, so I decided to work on it and properly write it down. New chapters of the stories are coming when I’m finished with my finals. Hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is a priceless! 

Originally posted by acklesjensen

It was one of those days. The Mark of Cain was manifesting its presence in most terrible ways; toying with Dean’s emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Picking on his weak and doubtful self esteem.

He was standing in front of the sink, washing his hands, not really knowing why. They weren’t dirty, but they certainly felt this way, the weight of lives they took away was almost unbearable. The water was way too hot, a burning sensation on his skin. But he didn’t seem to be bothered at all. The high temperature, along with the noise of the running water served as a perfect distraction. Or at least the best one he could count on in that moment.
The memories were hidden in the dark corner of his mind, swept away by his coping mechanism, but threatening to surface without a warning at any time. He wouldn’t endure it. Those images, premonitions that were constantly haunting his dreams, became too much for him to handle. It was getting worse with every passing hour. Dean didn’t want to think about tomorrow, afraid what it may bring into his miserable existence. 

Then he made a mistake. He looked up in the mirror and met his own gaze. His emerald eyes, ever so livid and hopeful, were now hollow, lifeless and bloodshot. As if someone took his soul from him, dragging it out through his iris, making the colour fade away. One glance at this man could suggest that he’d lost his will to fight long time ago. And maybe it wasn’t so far from becoming true. 

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There is a big lack of Captain Syrup in Wind Waker style and that is sinful because its like the winnenest of ideas

So I tried my best to supply this mighty need clearly everyone craves I mean even added silly interpretations of her gang to go along with it and make it COMPLEEETE

Not sure how well it turned out but at least I can at least call it a pirated version of the style and that alone makes it worth it hEE

Thanks to @askthegoombas for makin the idea click! <3

anonymous asked:

Wait did the mig 27 normally come with a 30mm?

Yep, a single GSh-6-30 30mm Gatling gun, a derivative of a naval gun no less.

And fun fact: Soviet and russian Gatling guns are gas-operated, rather than electrical like their american counterparts, and as such tend to be lighter, more compact and easier to maintain, but with the downside that the RoF cannot be controlled like in electrical guns. 

But back to the plane, the problem with this cannon, which was very similar to that of the A-10′s Avenger, was that the recoil and vibrations on the airframe of the MiG-27 were so bad, it constantly fractured external fuel tanks, jammed landing gear doors, broke landing lights, shook control panels off, cracked gunsights, and in a couple of occasions, even managed to jettison the cockpit’s canopy! Basically severely limiting its use, where more often than not pilots just didn’t bother and never carried ammo for it, instead opting for more fuel or ordinance.